Dragon's Kent

Here's another great guest review today, this time from Mark D.  Take it away Mark!

Item Reviewed: Dragon Models, Kay Bee exclusive figure of "Kent", the Gulf War Tank Commander. This guy has been available for some time in Kay Bee stores and over the internet at I passed on him numerous times until the dot-com had him on sale for $15.

Packaging - **1/2
The figure comes in a "tray" window box. The box feature's Dragon's usual great graphics. For purist, the box is very nice because the figure is easy to remove (only 1 twist tie!!) without destroying the packaging. For others like me, the box is a functional carrier for an action figure. Nice but nothing mind blowing.

Sculpting - ****
This figure comes with two heads. One has a molded tanker's helmet and the other is helmet free. To be honest with you, I love the helmet-free head so much that it is one of the main reasons why I bought this figure. The head has so much character that in my humble opinion, it is one of the best sculpts to date. He will make a great detective, mafia hit man or other bad guy. I see a great Max Payne type figure coming out of the spare head.

Paint - ***1/2
The two heads are the main things with paint. They have Dragon's usual exceptional detail. The only beef I have with the paint is the helmet is very boring. I figured Dragon would have weathered it a bit or given it some emblems or something. Maybe all tankers keep their helmets bland and emblem free, but I want flash from Dragon. The jungle boots also are painted but pretty much just a straight solo color paint job.

Articulation - ***1/2
Dragon has set the standard for 12" action figures and this one keeps up the tradition. Tremendous flexibility but always the potential for loose joints and ….gasp…shelf diving!!

Uniform/Accessories - ***
The uniform is a pretty plain desert camo set of
BDU's. Very plain. Name tag, Army tag and one small collar emblem. All are pretty bland. When I sat them next to a set of Soldier of the World $7 BDU's, there was basically no difference. Some may argue with me but this was one of Dragon's weaker uniforms.

Now, the weapons that come with him are very nice. He comes with a grease gun that is nice. It has a removable clip, extending stock and an opening door on the ejection port. It's not as detailed as some rifles but very nice. He also
comes with a 9mm pistol in an EXCELLENT shoulder holster. The photo doesn't do it justice. The pistol is nothing great but the holster is one of the finest mass-produced shoulder rigs I've ever seen and is the other main reason why I wanted him.

Play Factor - **1/2 
As much as Dragon has done to improve action figure articulation and detail it has taken away in toy strength. This guy would probably explode after one little "adventure" in my back yard with my son's Action Man crew.

Value - ***1/2
Dragon quality for $15 is pretty much unheard of.  He was listed at $25 to $29, which is normal for Dragon. Joe World On-line had
notice of sale price and I was all over it (after I verified the stores kept the higher price). The spare head and shoulder rig are destined to make a pretty cool looking kitbash cop.

Overall - a very solid ***
Not up to the usual standards I expect in a Dragon figure but then again I only had to pay $15 !!! The great head sculpt and holster helped the score too.

Where to buy -
As I mentioned earlier, this figure is a Kay Bee exclusive, available in both their stores and at their dot-com.

The Rater: Mark D is an avid action figure collector old enough to have gotten vintage GI Joes for Christmas as a kid, but still young enough to play with his toys. He collects mostly vintage AT GI Joe stuff but still likes to grab the cool stuff that comes out now, especially law enforcement figures and accessories. He's been a regular at The Sandbox ( since he first came on line about five years ago. He's always looking to swap with other Joe-head and assist them in finding the hard to find stuff. You can contact him at

Figure from the collection of Mark D.

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