DC Direct Batman and Robin
(Silver Age)

Coheteboy is back with another great review - this time it's the DC Direct Silver Age Batman and Robin.  I did a review of these same figures over at Movie Poop Shoot if you're looking for additional thoughts - it's interesting to compare our scores.  Take it away!

2003 appears to be a great year for DC Direct and its fans, giving us figures of classic favorites such as Batman.  Unfortunately, to get  BATMAN, you were required to purchase this box set that included circus trained Robin.  And as costly as DC Direct figures go, I wasn't exactly thrilled when I found out I couldn't just get Batman on his own. 

Coming soon is a second deluxe action figure set featuring Batgirl and The Joker.  If you're a fan of Batman but just can't afford these, Mattel's offerings later this year should be the ticket.


Packaging - ***
The box set is very similar to previous DC Direct boxed releases, which I must admit is very attractive, especially when comparing to the single carded releases.  The "Batman" title treatment is displayed boldly on the box and definitely has what it takes to catch the eye of the most casual of shoppers.  A small window allows you to inspect the merchandise, or tease you into making the purchase. 

The one complaint, which is very minor, is the size of the box.  The set could have been placed in a much shorter but thicker sized box instead of the incredibly tall one that is used now.  The set is very similar in size to a Justice League of America box set that contained FIVE figures.  Even still, the packaging is nicely done, though not very protective of the contents.  And by that I mean it's not very sturdy.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Following the trend of all previous DC Direct figures, the sculpt of Batman & his boy wonder are dead-on.  Both heroes appear to have stepped directly out of the comic book and into your hands.  Robin is even properly scaled, much shorter than Batman.  These are the best incarnations of hero and sidekick that I've seen in a long time. 

The Gotham City rooftop display base is also very well sculpted.  Most impressive.

Paint - ***
Pain applications are better than average, but there are some instances where the paint isn't applied as well as it could be.  The paint is also the type that chips off if you're not too careful.

Articulation - **1/2
Both Batman and Robin have eleven points of articulation, which is rather disappointing, but seems to be the norm with DC Direct figures.  Articulation can be found in the: neck, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, and heels.

Accessories - **1/2
There aren't too many accessories that accompany the man who supposedly has all the cool toys.  In fact, all we get are a pair of batarangs, special climbing batrope, and a Gotham City rooftop display base. 

The batarangs only fit in either Batman or Robin's right hand only.  The special climbing batrope is attached to a suction cup to stick on to any smooth surfaces. 

The rooftop display base is rather cool, as it enhances the look of the figures.  There are several holes in the base to insert pegs (included) to keep the dynamic duo standing.

Value - **1/2
I purchased this set on Ebay for only $24.99, which is far less expensive than what can be found.  Tower Records should also be carrying this set for $39.99.  You can take away a star if you pay that much.

Overall - ***
For fans of DC Direct action figures and especially Batman, this is not a set to pass up.  Although I was reluctant to pay the extra cash to get this great likeness of Batman, Robin is a decent addition to the collection.  But even saying that, if you're expecting Marvel Legends quality articulation, you won't find it here.

Where to Buy - 
I picked this up at my local KB.  On-line:

- Entertainment Earth has a whole case for $120, but that means you'll have to find some folks to share.

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Coheteboy collects many popular toy lines and writes for Galactic Hunter.

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