DC Direct Dr. Mid-nite, Hourman and Sandman
Posted 04/06/01
Overall score - *
*1/2 out of ****

(Originally posted at Comic Book Galaxy)

DC Direct returns to the Golden Age this month with three figures from the JSA - Hourman, Sandman, and Dr. Mid-nite.

These hit comic shops on Wednesday of this week, and are generally priced from $12-$20, depending on where you pick them up.  I grabbed these from Stadium Comics, where they go for #14.95.  Plenty of on-line comic shops also have these available.  Keep in mind that it appears that Dr. Mid-nite is the most popular initially in this bunch.

Packaging - ***
Been there, done that.  At some point, there simply isn't any more to say on a particular subject.  Decent graphics, good character background text on the back, nice colors, dead horse, smacking it again.

Sculpt - ***
Nice work, as we've come to expect from any DC Direct product.  In particular, I like the Hourman sculpt, and the work done on Dr. Mid-nite's owl accessory.  This isn't quite the stand out work that some of the figures in the last assortment displayed, but they are good enough to fit in with the rest of the line.

Articulation - **1/2
They are loosing a little here, and that's never good to see.  No ankle joints, no waist or wrists for Hourman or the good doctor, and that hurts.  They do have a new hip joint on those two however, that is sorta, kinda a ball joint.  Its motion is slightly restricted, but it's certainly an improvement over the usual cut joint.  I don't remember seeing this on previous figures...

Accessories - **
The accessories that are here are great.  There just isn't much here.  Sure, Sandman comes loaded, but he's just a re-issue of a figure we already got once.  Hourman has his hour glass I suppose, and Mid-nite has his version of Hedwig.  But for these bucks, at least we could get a stand!

Paint - ***
The paint ops on the figures I've seen has been pretty good.  I've heard some complaints about the black and yellow of Hourman, but those are two tough colors to put close together.  Also, be a little careful with the faces - both Hourman and Mid-nite had some eye/mask problems.

Value - *
At $15 or more, ouch!  Give me a stand at least, or drop the price.  I'm not trying to be ungrateful here, but when you give me a figure like Cheetah or Ares with great accessorizing, and then I get so little on the next wave, it's pretty obvious.

Overall - **1/2
This is one of the weaker releases so far.  Since Sandman is the same figure as the earlier variant, there's very little value there unless you missed out the first time.  Hourman is my personal pick of this set, but it looks like Dr. Mid-nite will be the pick of the litter for most others.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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