Mummy Returns

The Mummy was a surprise summer hit, and that means one thing - sequel.  So this summer we'll be treated to the aptly named Mummy Returns, once again starring Brendan Fraser.  New to this film will be the Rock, and I think I smell what's cooking. 

I'm being too harsh - the previews for this film don't look all that bad, if you keep in mind that it's summer time fun fare, not academy award stuff.  But what about the toys?  You knew we'd get some, and this time they are from Jakk's, the makers of all those well known wrestling figures.

I saw these at Wal-mart, where they were under six bucks.  They are popping up at Meijers and Media Play as well.  There are three figures so far - Rick O'Connell, the Scorpion King (Rock) and Imhotep.

Packaging - ***
This is actually quite a surprise - this is some great on-card packaging!  The graphics are good, the text on the back along with pictures of the other figures are excellent, and the embossing on the bubble and around the main logo is a great touch.

Too bad the figures don't quite live up to the packaging...

Articulation - **
Have they gotten Hasbroitis?  Five points - neck, shoulders and hips.  No knees or elbows, which would have greatly improved the figures.  The posing on these figures tends to the extreme as well, which certainly doesn't help.  UPDATE - there are actually some hidden joints here.  Some of the figures have cut joints at the wrists and boots, and the Scorpion King has ball joints at the hips under that loin cloth.  I won't comment further on his loin cloth...

Accessories - ***
Each figure comes with a couple or more accessories.  They're appropriate, the swords are cool, but they aren't great.  The worst is O'Connell's hat - why didn't we get a nice sculpted version?  Nope, instead we got the cheaper, cloth, floppy version - weak.

Sculpting - **
What happened with the Real Scan technology?  It must have been on the fritz that day.  Imhotep is the best of the set, although his torso looks like he's been taking it easy since the last movie.  The poor Rock has been given a terrible facial expression, one somewhere between constipation and advanced lock jaw.  The O'Connell sculpt isn't terrible, if Fraser was about 18. 

Value - ***
Considering the size of the figures and the accessories, these are well worth the $6 Wal-mart is charging.  I wouldn't spend more than that though, and if you're smart you'll wait for clearance.  My Toys R Us still has figures from the first movie on the peg...

Overall - **1/2
Okay, they don't stink up the place the way the first movie figures did.  But perhaps because those first figures were so awful, I'm cutting these slack I shouldn't.  These will definitely be warming pegs for months to come, since once again we are getting a bunch of humans from a movie that isn't likely to drive many toy sales.  When will they learn from the mistakes of the past?

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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