Jar-Jar, R2-Q5, Lando and Tessek

The furor of Star Wars collecting has not been what it once was, but Hasbro keeps cranking out the new waves.  The regularity and quality of the waves has also increased since last year, and the collectors that are still plugging along are being rewarded handsomely.

This latest wave contains four figures.  Tatooine Jar-Jar, R2-Q5, Tessek (Squid Face), and Lando Calrissian.  Depending on where you find them, they are running $6-$7 each, although Targets, Meijers and Wal-marts seem the hot locations right now.

I picked this wave up at a local Target, and Lando was clearly the one that was either shortpacked, or more desirable.  He was in short supply on the peg, and that could easily be due to the fact that it's been so long since we saw a Lando figure, and this Lando figure is such a standout.

Packaging - **
I don't think there's anything new I can say about this packaging.  Oh wait, there is.  Since these are all on .03 cards right now, you don't even see them on the back of the package.  This generic packaging, with the silly little insert card, must be saving Hasbro quite a bit of cash.

Also of note - the word 'imperial' is misspelled 'imperal' on the R2-Q5 force file.  It's pretty good odds that they'll correct it, but as all variation hunters know, it's impossible to predict which version will be in shorter supply.

Articulation - ***
Hasbro has improved the articulation on this line, at least for certain figures.  The R2 unit has a rotating top, jointed legs, and the center leg extends and retracts slightly.  The feet are also jointed.

Tessek has hips, waist, neck shoulders and one elbow cut joint.  He stands well on his own.

Lando could have used some elbow joints, but he stands well on his own.  He only has neck, shoulders, hips and waist.  That limits his poseability.

And good old Jar-Jar has neck, ball jointed shoulders, waist and hips.  The ball joints are nice, and I wish more figures got this treatment.

Accessories - ***1/2
Each figure comes with an accessory - excellent!  The R2 unit has the holographic death star, Tessek a blaster, Lando a blaster and his ultra-cool cloth cape, and Jar-jar comes with one of the collapsed droids.  

Tessek's blaster is extremely soft, and I think Hasbro is going way too light on the PVC mix for the weapons lately.  But Lando's cape is fantastic, with a beautiful liner and great stitching.  For a cloth item on this scale, it is terrific work.

The droid that Jar-Jar comes with, and the Death Star hologram are both decent accessories, and certainly an improvement over the pitiful items we've seen in the past.

Sculpting - ****
I'm really surprised - we get an entire set of four figures in a single wave that really stand out!  Jar-Jar is my least favorite character in the entire Star Wars universe, but even I have to admit that this is a great version.  Lando's sculpt is wonderful, but Tessek is simply amazing.  He shows terrific attention to detail all the way around, and the face sculpt is amazing for this scale.  Kudos to Hasbro for improving their work.

Paint Ops - ***1/2
All four figures looked good, and the paint ops on the R2 unit really make that figure.  Tessek is extremely well done as well, and overall there appeared to be no paint problems on any of the figures I saw.

Value - ***
Six bucks feels right - the seven I paid is a little too much.  But with decent accessories for a change, I don't feel like I'm being monetarily abused.

Overall - ***1/2
If I were grading these individually, Jar-Jar would be at the bottom with perhaps ***, and Tessek at the top with ****.  Things even out across the line though, and I highly recommend that you pick up these versions.

Where To Buy - a new feature of the reviews, I'll get more specific on where you can find the items I'm reviewing, and what the best buys are.

For the Tessek wave, I recommend Wal-mart wholeheartedly if possible.  At about six bucks each, this is definitely the best deal you're going to find.  Target and Meijers are the other two bricks and mortar stores that seem to be getting these right now, but at $7 each, you'll be paying slightly more.

On-line you aren't going to find them that cheap, but you'll save searching.

 - Entertainment Earth has these for about $40 plus shipping for the full set. (MROTW affiliate)
 They are the only on-line store that I could find them at right now that is still taking pre-orders.  I couldn't find anyone that has them in stock.  If you know of another, or of a better price, please let me know!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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