Princess Leia Unleashed

Since most of my Star Wars reviews end up over at Yakface, I love it when guest reviewers send in their thoughts on their latest Lucas love dolls.  Tonight's review is from Greg Easton, and covers a true love doll, the Unleashed version of Princess Leia.  On to the review!

Hasbro’s Star Wars “Unleashed” statue series continues with Princess Leia in every fan boy’s favorite outfit. Each ‘figure’ in this series has a title, and this one is aptly titled “Sultry”. The other figure shipping in this case is the second Darth Vader, titled “Redemption”.

Retail is around $15, give or take a couple of dollars, depending where you find these. I think we can all safely assume that Leia is NOT going to be an easy figure to pick up on the shelves in a brick and mortar store unless you work there. It’s a sad commentary on what Ebay has done to our hobby, but it’s true.

While some reviewers have issues with the figures in this line, I believe it is because they are reviewing them as ‘action figures’. Anyone can clearly see these are not meant to be action figures at all but instead, an inexpensive alternative to statues and busts. Therefore, to be fair to the line, I will be reviewing Star Wars Unleashed as such. 

Packaging - ***
These statues feature a lot of plastic and therefore, the packages are built heavier to handle it. The card back is thicker than other figures and displays a standard “Star Wars Unleashed” title on the front with an insert card inside the bubble showing figure close-ups and the character name. The back is well laid out, featuring a close head shot, three angles of the figure, a short bio on the character as well as images of other available statues.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting on this statue is subject to debate. If you are looking for an accurate representation of Carrie Fisher, this isn’t it. That being said, the statue is, as far as plastic can be, drop dead gorgeous. No seam lines can be found. Even mold lines that you would expect to see in all the logical places are nearly invisible. The pose is, as the title suggests, sultry. The costume is dead on to the movie. The sculpting on the base can’t be ignored. It is scarred and beaten and well weathered.  

Paint - ****
Without a doubt, this statue earned the four stars. Virtually no bleed anywhere to be found. The eyes, eyebrows, lips and facial coloring are stunning. If only Hasbro could reproduce this level of quality on their 12” figures all would be right in the toy-collecting world. This level of detail is expected on statues and busts of much higher price points. To find it on a statue so reasonably priced is a treat.

Design - ****
Four stars because I can’t give five. The design jumps out and yells “Look at me!” Is there really a male that grew up as a Star Wars fan that DIDN’T love this outfit when we first saw it? There was even an episode of “Friends” that dealt with this very issue; it’s so engrained in popular culture. The pose just drives it home. Could Hasbro have done Leia lying on Jabba’s dais? Sure. But it would have conveyed vulnerability, and not the inner strength that this pose displays. 

Value - ****
It’s not “A lot of plastic for the money” as my friend Moose would say, but the plastic you get is well worth the money.

Overall - ****
Based on the level of detail, perfect paint application, and great price, I have to give this four stars. And I'm very happy to do that. Find me another statue line this good for the money and I'll buy it, too!

Where to Buy - 
Forget brick and mortar for a while, unless you hit stores who’s merchandise comes largely from scouring the aisles and paying off stock boys. Your best bet is online and I’ve featured some great places here:

- Entertainment Earth sells Leia and Vader only as a set for $37.99

- has had them in stock on and off for a week now for $16.99

Figure from the collection of Greg Easton.

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