AOTC Kit Fisto 

Most stores have done a reasonable job keeping the Attack of the Clones figures off the shelf.  Oh sure, it looks like more than their fair share of Walmarts and Kmarts messed up, but Toys R Us, Target, Kaybee, and certainly the on-line stores have followed the rules for the most part.

But there's another store in town that's carrying these, and putting them all right out - Kohl's!  Heck, I didn't know they carried ANY toys, but sure enough, the AOTC figures were over with the few preschool toys they had.

However, at nine bucks each they are certainly charging a premium.  I only picked up a couple at that price, but I couldn't resist them all - I don't have that much will power.  This is a review of one of them, the Jedi Knight Kit Fisto.  No spoilers here of any sort if you're worried about hearing something about the movie early.

Packaging - ***
New movie means new packaging, and the blue is certainly eye catching.  The larger bubbles allow these figures to fit with their action poses.  The text on the back outlines each of the characters in the series, has some text about the particular figure, and now each of the figures themselves are numbered.  Overall it's a decent looking card, with some nice graphics.

Sculpting - **
The sculpting on this figure is great - if you don't compare him to the photo at all.  He has this dynamic, rough and tough look to him.  But it doesn't match up well with the source material.

The lower half of the face is too thin, with too pronounced of a chin and neck.  It's as if both these characters are of the same race, but certainly not the same person. 

Paint - ***
The paint ops are decent, with clean lines around the eyes, teeth and clothes.  If you want to be picky, it appears that the spots on his head are far darker on the figure than on the character himself, but that may just be due to the basic photo.

Also, there's something about the facial and head coloring that leaves me a bit cold.  Unfortunately I can't quite put my finger on it, but he's not as sharp looking as I thought he would be.

Articulation - ***
There's 9 points here - it's surprising how you can have that many points and so little poseability.

There's neck, shoulders, waist, wrists, hips, and the right elbow.  But the neck is restricted by the hair sculpt, and the left shoulder is only useful for the chopping action.

The most important joints here are the wrists.  Because they are articulated, they can hold the lightsaber together, as well as separately.

Accessories - ***
You get the usual light saber, although the work on the handle is extremely good on this one.  There's lots of detail, and the shine makes it look just like metal.  UPDATE! After a reader pointed out that I should look again, I've come to realize that they are metal.  Duh!

Action Features - ***
There are really two action features with this figure.  First is the aforementioned chopping motion.  Lift the left arm and a spring brings it back down in a chop.  It's not a complicated thing, but the spring seems tight and it works as advertised.

The other feature is the 'force' feature.  There's a magnet in the right hand, and one in the handle of the light saber.  Place the hand close - very, very close - to the handle and it sticks.  It also works, and is strong enough to hold the light saber in the air with just the magnet.

Value - *1/2
If you pay nine bucks for these, you're getting ripped.  Okay, I admit that I bought a few, but I'm often weak.  The smart money is in waiting until next Tuesday, when these boys are going to be ALL over the place.

Overall - **1/2
Kit is a little disappointing.  His sculpt is so-so, and at the higher price point he isn't as cool as a Jedi should be.  

It is important to note though that he wasn't the best of the lot - there were several figures which were much better looking, and a couple that were worse.  The pre-posed nature of these figures doesn't bother me too much, since they've always been pretty pre-posed - before it wasn't a very dynamic pose.

Where to Buy
Kohl's has them now.  You might stumble on them at Walmart or Target.  Or you could be smart and wait until next Tuesday.  Hey, save yourself some money - you're going to need it by the time this line is finished!

- you can also order at Entertainment Earth, and actually pick it up next Monday night at midnight.  Check out their web page for details.  (MROTW Affiliate)

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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