Battlestar Galactica Gold Cylon

King Randor is a huge BG fan, and tonight he checks in with his review of the 12" Gold Cylon from Majestic Studios.  I'll be reviewing the regular version of the Cylon and Apollo later this week - take it away, King Randor!

Cylons- you know I love 'em, folks! Back in February, I reviewed Joyride's 7" scale Battlestar Galactica Cylon figure. At the time, I said I'd quickly be on the hunt for the Majestic Studios 12" Cylons up on their release. Well, I'm a man of my word, and I'm currently in the midst of that, and as luck would have it, I successfully managed to snag the Gold Cylon- exclusive to Tower Records. I'd like to briefly add that, thanks to my ever-growing love of Cylons, I may soon pick up the original mini-series, and am likely to hunt out ALL the Cylon figures ever made- INCLUDING the Hanger 18 ones, and the '70s Mattel figures. I might even consider picking up the 12" Starbuck figure, too. Yeah, I'M HOOKED! Anyway, back to the review. So, since I loved my Joyride Cylon so much, how did the Majestic Studios GOLD Cylon do? 

Packaging - ****
WOW! Joyride's packaging I simply found adequate. But Majestic Studios' absolutely blows me away! Gorgeous artwork on the front of the box- most likely from an episode of the TV show. The shot captured on the box gives the Cylon a cheezy "Harryhausen"-styled look to it, but hey, it was the '70s, so no biggie there. However, the shadowy "holographic" image of the Cylon head in the background against the stars is simply to die for. 

Now, here's a real treat- the inside flap of the box has some shots of Richard Hatch ENDORSING the figures- they even put his personal quote about the toys beneath the shots of him, along with a few promotional shots from the show beneath the text. So far, I'm so blown away as it is, I wish I could give THIS category alone 5 stars- it's that impressive.

The back of the box has some more great shots, with information about the classic show. The figure looks mind-blowing in the packaging and that's right they even went a step further and put some stuff on the cardboard insert! The cardboard insert has the Origin Story for the show, and on the left and right flaps of the insert are amazing shots of the Cylon head. Folks, if you want attention to detail- and you want it in packaging- LOOK NO FURTHER THAN THIS FIGURE! 

Oh yeah, I was getting so carried away telling you how amazing the packaging is that I DID forget to mention it has several twisty ties, but do ya really want me to go into the whole scene on like 5 twisty ties? Do you REALLY want me to spoil such an impressive packaging statement telling you about 5 twisty ties? I didn't think so. I can live with them, and so can you.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Ok, here's one area where Joyride's figure "one-ups" Majestic's- at least a little bit. When Mike( the almighty master and webmaster of this site) reviewed the 18" Sin City Marv, he was right about something- when figures are done in larger scales, sometimes the detail you get on the smaller piece does not translate as well into bigger figures. This is unfortunately one of those times. Don't get me wrong- the figure looks absolutely mind-blowingly gorgeous...but it just seems so plain compared to the 7" figure. I'm actually trying to explain a little bit better, here, the scenario, but I wind up being at a loss for words- I just don't know how else to explain it. It just looks a bit too plain. What isn't sculpted is the black felt material used for the rest of his body, which allows for plenty of articulation, but I'll get into that later. I WILL say right now, though, that Velcro on that body is what keeps his armor on- some may have issues with that, some may not. I'll just accept it and move on.

Paint - ***1/2
What there was to paint they pretty much did a great job with. And for those wondering why all my shots came out not so clear, I'd officially like to congratulate this figure on being, to date, my MOST challenging photography subject YET! Give 'im a round of applause folks( second place goes to the 7" figure).

ANYWHO, back to the important stuff- there is unfortunately a bit of paint bleed on the boots- the gold crosses into the black, etc, but nothing really terrible. It's still noticeable though, which is why I took half the star off, but it shouldn't bother ya too much. Oh, and some really good news- unlike Joyride's figure, THIS one doesn't suffer from "evil eye". The visor look like it's meant to, and that's VERY important. The "control panel" on the back of the figure is colored appropriately( from what I'm guessing) and looks nice- all good.

Articulation - ****
12 points- neck, ball-jointed shoulders, wrist, waist, ball-jointed legs, knees, and calves. Ironically THIS figure does come with a base. But unlike the Joyride figure, if you don't mind trying a few poses, he actually stands pretty well on his own. I'd recommend using the stand though- it'll only make him look THAT much cooler. 

Accessories - ****
He comes with two guns, that sword, and a display base( as I've already mentioned). The guns are well-detailed, fit in his hands nicely, and (unlike Joyride's) feel very sturdy. I have faith that they likely won't break anytime soon- and that's always important. 

Value - ****
I paid $29.99 plus shipping for this figure, and I must say for that price it's an AMAZING value. Definitely worth every penny I spent on it, and THEN some. 

Overall -* ***
Face it- the piece is virtually unbeatable. Great license, amazing job on almost everything, loads of articulation- what more COULD one ask for? It's literally one of the most perfect figures ever made- even if it IS next to impossible to photograph. And now, I'm getting even GIDDIER about finally watching Battlestar Galactica- pretty impressive for something that came out a few years before I was born( I know- ego MUCH?).

Score recap
Packaging: ****
Sculpting: ***1/2
Paint: *** 1/2
Articulation: ****
Accessories: ****
Value: ****
Overall: ****

Where to Buy - 
Folks, this is a Tower Records exclusive. And if there isn't one near ya, order 'em online. They have very good shipping prices, might I add- but order soon, the quantities ARE limited. And we all know where to head once they sell out. 

Figure from the collection of King Randor.

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