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Don Bledsoe checks in tonight with a look at one of the newer DiD figures - Captain Miller!  I'll be checking out several of the newer DiD figures in the coming weeks as well. Take it away, Don!

Hello everyone.  First off I want to thank Michael for giving this fanboy a chance to do another figure review for his site.  Much appreciated.  I am known as ragacin on several forum sites like Sideshow freaks, OSW, and Rebelscum.  Of late there has been a lot of product in the military and historical lines coming out from DiD, Dragon, Hot Toys, Soldier and a few smaller companies.  The details on this new age of figures are outstanding.  These guys really set the bar in the stratosphere with what can be done with 1/6 right out of the box.  These are not your daddy’s GI Joe’s.  Tonight I am looking at Dragon in Dream’s release of Captain Millers from their growing WWII line.  It should be plainly obvious that this is more a film figure than a historical one as it clearly represents Tom Hanks as Captain Miller in Saving Private Ryan.  The name of the figure on the box is Captain Millers, so don’t think that I made a typo when you see that.  This figure is a dream come true for many a customizer as the subject matter is a highly popular one.  Does it stand up to the many custom versions people have made?

Packaging - **1/2
Spoiled I am by the magnetic closures of the Sideshow Star Wars and Hot Toys figures.  The box, like most, has the standard Velcro closures.  The box is a double flap with some accessories on the flap and the figure inside the box.  The box that holds the figure has a nice plastic tray that holds and protects the figure well.  There are a few twisties to remove, but nothing crazy.  The box is fairly collector friendly as the figure can be returned to the box without much fuss.

Sculpting - ****
The sculpture is beyond perfect.   It demonstrates just what can be achieved today in 1/6.  The face is very realistic looking and is a dead on portrait of Mr. Hanks.  This sculpt beats the top contender of the customizers, which in my opinion was the Longbow Studios version.  While that sculpt was phenomenal, it was $35 for the unpainted head, and then it had to be painted by you or have a pro do it, which could be very costly.  Plus the head itself was a bit on the small side.  So for a custom head, it could cost you in the neighborhood of $100.00 or more, with the head and a professional paint job.  This whole figure retails for $89.99, no brainer here.  The hands are very well done also, and are painted and lightly weathered.

Paint - ****
The paint applications are done very, very well, as I expect from DiD.  No slop or runs.  Nice blending of skin tones.  These paint apps have hit a new plateau for what can be achieved in a production figure.  I have seen VERY FEW professional paint jobs this good.  The tones and colors are highly realistic and gives the head a very lifelike appearance.  The paint, along with the sculpting make this more a miniature person than a “doll”.  And just to crank it up a notch, DiD has a lightly flocked 5 o’clock shadow on Tom’s face to make it much more realistic than paint.  The flocked stubble actually looks more like the real thing than paint could ever achieve.  This well crafted paint app alone is worth the price of the figure.  My only MINOR pick at the paint is the eyes.  The way they have the eyes painted make Tom look horrified, which may be quite intentional.  I would have preferred a more neutral sense in the eyes, but I can see why the look of horror would work just as well.

Articulation - ***
The DiD body is one of the more articulated ones out there with double hinge elbows and knees, multi-ranged shoulder joints, ball jointed neck, and toe articulation.  The torso also has a total of three articulation points which is incredible.   Not quite up to Hot Toys True Type standards yet but very close.

Outfit – ****
This outfit is a perfect match for its film counterpart in 1/1 scale.  Now I am not into the minutiae of some military enthusiasts out there (and you know who you are) and say that this fabric or color is wrong for this battle/year/etc, but I can say that it matches Tom’s outfit in Saving Private Ryan.  Historically accurate, I don’t know, but to me, this figure is loosely historical and leans more towards a movie figure than a true military one.  Again, the ranger vest and other items were very hard to come by in 1/6 scale for the customizers making their own Captain Miller, and ended up being costly.  Once again, this figure completes that need and has a rational price point too.  The boots are well done and are leather with real laces.

Accessories - ****
The figure is decked out with many accessories.  The Thompson machine gun is actually made of metal and has a wood stock and grip.  The bolt action works on the gun as well.  The helmet and knife are also made of metal. 

Fun Factor - ***
As Michael has said a few times in his reviews, these figures are a little costly for kids to play with, but that does not detract from the fun an adult can have!  Captain Millers is a great figure, worthy of a museum showcase.

Value - ***
This is a moderately high end figure with a MSRP of $89.99, but considering the amount of detail in this miniature, it is well worth the cost if you can pony it up.

Things to Watch Out For -
Not a thing.

Overall - ***1/2
This is one of the most outstanding figures I own.  It is unbeatable in the level of detail and the intricacy of design.  I cannot imagine that anyone in the future could do a better and more true to life representation of Captain Miller from the seminal film, Saving Private Ryan.

This product was purchased for the review by the reviewer. Photos and text by Don Bledsoe

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