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As always, a million thanks to Mr Crawford for making one of my dreams come true, to become a Toy Reviewer.
A very Happy New Year to all readers as this is my first review of 2014.

In the last decade we saw the Big Bang of the toy industry when it comes to Sixth scale collectibles. Initially it was companies like Dragon, Hot Toys and Sideshow producing most of the stuff in the market, but as the competition grew, so did the quality of products and the prices, and eventually companies like Hot Toys became the Lamborghini of the One Sixth line.

During this phase, some new companies came into existence with their original lines, characters, accessories and vehicles as well, presence of whose changed the Sixth scale collection from a hobby to a whole new lifestyle. Geeks like me started saving for the expensive Suit for his 1/6 Bruce Wayne by spending less on their own clothes… and started saving to buy a new 1/6 Batmobile by not buying a new REAL car. But that’s OK, I like my old stuff. Seriously man… At times I make myself sick… what have I come to? (Right now my collector conscience is telling me “It’s all good… You should lead with examples”)




Modern life is one of those companies that stood out as the makers of High-end designer products for sixth scale figures. I am saying that they ‘Stood Out’ because the clothes tailored by the co-owner Toria Cassaro and the choice of characters she stitched for made her name spread like forest fire. Her work got noticed by one of the top companies and she got herself working on one of her favourite characters made in sixth scale by that company as well……. Sweet life….

Today I am reviewing the first head sculpt produced by Modern Life under their Visage line, named VH01-GR.

Packaging - ***
The box does compliment the fact that the product comes from a company which is into “designer” products. The box is a bright Red cube with the Modern Life logo. It has some paper shreds inside to save the products from getting damaged. Simple, beautiful and collector friendly.

Sculpting - *** 3/4
Modern Life has named this head sculpt VH01-GR so evidently it is a generic head sculpt…..Alright, who am I kidding. So considering the head sculpt to be that of Henry Cavill’s, there is no doubt that it has a spot on resemblance. The thing that you will notice first is that its colour and the material used make it look like it has fallen off an ancient marble statue. The sculpt is very sharply carved, especially noticeable are the nostrils and the ears (I know it’s a bit weird to mention the nostrils). The hair strands are detailed and the rest of the sculpting is also outstanding with the texture, wrinkles etc. I do personally feel that a bit more skin texture would have been better as it is unpainted and the layer of paint would reduce the overall texture.

Now if I have to consider that this is NOT Henry Cavill (Ahem…), I would still give it the same score as the sculpt is truly top notch in itself.

Paint - N/A
I wonder why did I even include this category for an unpainted head. Still, it’s worth mentioning that choosing a white base colour instead of the prototype skin tone is a very good decision.

Value - **1/2
At the time when the sixth scale figures are hovering around the $200 mark and the custom heads are themselves around $40 - $50, this designer item is priced at $54 which is quite good in my opinion, but I would have rather loved to pay $55 - $60 for a painted head as it’s a fact that a poor paint job might make an excellent head sculpt look like an 80’s GI Joe.

Overall - ***
This is a very beautiful head sculpt and does not feel like it is the first ever sculpt from a new company. The material used and the masterful sculpting would not disappoint you at its price point. Nevertheless, I really wish that Modern Life introduces painted heads as well in the coming future.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - *** 3/4
Paint - N/A
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
You can order it from the company itself at or from their official distributor at

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This product was provided for the review by the manufacturer. Photos and text by Arinjoy Mitra.

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