Bendy Bender
Posted 04/22/01
Overall score - *
*1/2 out of ****

(Originally posted at the Comic Book Galaxy)

Seems like Bender is everywhere you look these days.  We've got the windup version, the Moore Action Collectibles action figure, the little die-cast version, and now the bendy version.

These are available at comic shops both real and on-line.  Also, some Sam Goody/Media Play/Suncoast stores have them in stock.  I picked mine up from Comics Infinity for $9 plus shipping.

Packaging - ***
The packaging has that retro yet futuristic look that the show has managed to pull of so well.  On the back, we're treated to more of the good Professor's ramblings.  It's attractive packaging, but isn't particularly sturdy.

Sculpt - **
Of the Benders produced so far, this one is the weakest sculpt.  The body is shorter and narrower than the others, which means that the arms and legs are longer.  It's the same height as the MAC version, but with narrower shoulders and longer legs and arms, doesn't have the correct proportions.

Articulation - ***
Hey, it's a bendy!  You can pose the arms and legs just about any way you'd like, but that doesn't give you any neck poses.  Of course, you don't really expect that level of articulation with a bendy, so I'll cut them some slack.

Accessories - *
I suppose getting any sort of accessory with a bendy is pretty special, but this is still weak.  They've included a piece of very thin, floppy piece of rubber, intended as a 'bar' for him to bend.

Paint - **1/2
The paint work here is mostly the eyes and mouth.  The paint work isn't bad, but it isn't the same quality we've seen on some of the other versions.  In particular, the black around the eyes was a bit sloppy on the ones I saw.

Value - **
Bendy figures shouldn't cost more than $5.  Call it a rule if you will.  At $9 this bugger is over priced, most likely because the license is considered so cool right now.

Overall - **1/2
Not a terrible bendy, but if you're really looking for a great Bender, spend a couple bucks more at the comic shop and buy the MAC version.  You'll get a stand, accessories, and a great figure.

There is also a glow-in-the-dark version of this bendy coming out.  It's a limited run of 2000 I believe, and you can expect to spend a few bucks more on that one. 

Where to Buy
As I said, I picked mine up at Comics Infinity for $9.  Most on-line comic shops have these available.  Definitely do not pay more than $11!

- Comics Infinity has the best price, and they shipped very fast.  $9.  They also have the glow-in-the-dark version for only $9!
- Things From Another World has the slightly higher at $10.
- has them in stock as well, but slightly higher at $11, and they have the GITD version for the awful price of $20.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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