Cy Girls Shadow

After being so pleased with my A.J. McLeod Cy Girl figure from bbi, I quickly ordered another from the second series.  Shadow, the Ninja, is slightly different in terms of theme from the others.  While they are all military or police, Shadow is more mysterious.

Packaging - ***1/2
I was extremely careful this time, and I managed to get everything out without damaging the box.  The trick is with the front flap, but if your slow and careful you can separate the flap from the plastic bubble.  It might take a little work, but it's a good compromise with fighting theft and yet getting a decent package.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I've heard that some folks feel that Shadow is too light skinned, but I don't find that a problem.  Her very white skin sets off her black hair and dark uniform very nicely.

I also like the makeup better on Shadow than I did on A.J.  Perhaps it's because I can't picture a policewoman with bright lipstick, but someone like Shadow, sultry but deadly, would have this sort of look.

I could still do without the earrings though, and the face, while pretty, is still a bit on the simplistic side.

The rooted hair works well on this figure, particularly since she won't be wearing any headgear.  But from behind, her hair line is a bit odd, and I suspect that her rooted hair will have problems as time goes by.

Articulation - ***1/2
bbi hasn't given us the same level of articulation on these female figures as they did on their male figures, but it's still nicer than any other female body on the market.  The proportions are terrific, and the joints that we do have allow for just about any position.  She stands well on her own, and looks great in any pose.  Her joints are tight as well, making it possible to hold some awkward stances.

Accessories - ***1/2
bbi has done great with their accessories, except for the minor annoyance that they are almost identical for every figure.

We are treated to the same set of guns as A.J. - a SPAS assault shotgun (with three shells for her breast pocket), P7 sidearm, Desert Eagle, and Scorpion machine gun.  While nice, none of them make much sense for a Ninja.  She also comes with the Cy Girl stand, and a large ID card.

There is one new accessory though - her sword.  This weapon is very well designed, and looks great in her hands or in it's scabard.  The latter is designed to be worn on her back, and has great paint and sculpting details.  This is one of the nicest sword sets I've seen with any 12" figure.

In Shadow's closed-but-open set of hands, the sword fits perfectly.  She can hold it in a wide variety of poses.  The other two sets of hands are pretty useless for her, particularly the gloved set.  They simply don't look right with the character.

Outfit - ****
The reason I bought Shadow - her fantastic outfit!  The undergarment fits fantastically, and looks even better.  The outer pieces are all tight and form fitting, and her boots allow her to maintain just about any stance.  The costume is excellent, and looks terrific on a shelf of figures that are otherwise dressed in drab blue, black and brown.  Shadow will add a little color and flash to your current sixth scale display.

Value - ***
It depends on where you buy these of course, but at $30 they are an okay value.  At $25 or less, it's a great deal.  Shop around, and you should be able to find them reasonably priced.

Overall - ***1/2
Shadow is my favorite Cy Girl.  I don't think I'll expand beyond her and A.J. at this point, but I'm hoping to see other ladies from bbi that will catch my attention.  If you haven't picked any of them up yet, I suggest you give one a try.

Where to Buy:
I don't know if any bricks and mortar stores that are carrying the bbi Cy Girls at this point.  There are local comic shops, but you'll need to hunt them up in your area.

On line, there are lots of spots carrying them, so check around.  Here's plenty to choose from:
- Toy Maniacs.  This is where I picked mine up.  At $26, they seem cheap, but with shipping you'll end up paying about $33.  They are extremely fast and reliable however.
- Entertainment Earth.  Another store that is always fast and reliable.  They generally sell in bulk however.  You can buy the set of three series 2 figures, including Shadow, A.J. and Blaze, for about $90 including shipping.  That gets you down to $30 each.  Unfortunately, they are currently out of stock. (MROTW affiliate)
- The Toy Cellar.  They rival Entertainment Earth for price, costing $30 and that includes shipping.  They also appear to have them in stock.  I've ordered from them many times, and always had good luck.
- Justice Fighters.  They're currently available here, but with shipping they'll run you about $33 each.  I've had good luck ordering from Justice Fighters in the past.
- Small Blue Planet.  They also have them in, but are almost identical in cost to Toy Maniacs and Justice Fighters, at about $33 with shipping.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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