12" AOTC Mace Windu 

Another day, another AOTC review!  Just can't seem to get away from it right now, although that's not too surprising.  Don't worry - I promise no Star Wars on Wednesday!

The fourth 12" figure to be released under the Attack of the Clones banner is the second Mace Windu.  This version has been Real Scanned, in an attempt to improve the sculpting (and put more sculptors out of work).  It is a Toys R Us exclusive, at least in theory - there's no mention of it on the packaging.  I picked it up at for about $16 including shipping, using some helpful coupons.  More on that below.

Packaging - ***1/2
I like this new 12" packaging quite a bit.  It looks good on the shelf, but has very little wasted space.  It seems to hold up pretty good, and is actually collector friendly if you don't mind retying a few twisties.  That's a pretty major change for Hasbro.

This figure is marked with a 'Jedi Council' seal on the front, which neither Anakin or Obi-Wan have, obviously because they aren't on the Council.

Sculpting - ***
I really wanted to give this a better score in this area.  Let's face it, it's Real Scanned, so in theory it should be excellent.

And above the mouth it is.  The shape of the head, the eyes, and especially the nose, all look just like Samuel Jackson.  There's much more detail in the wrinkles and contours than the previous sculpt, making it quite an improvement.  At least above the mouth.

For some reason, Hasbro felt the need to go with a psuedo-bad ass look.  You know the type - some sort of contorted mouth position to make it appear as though he's screaming or yelling or something.

And as usually, it looks simply stupid.  Since the look doesn't translate to his eyes (which is crucial if you expect this to work) it ends up looking like the director just told a bad joke.  He's not grimacing, he's not gritting his teeth - he's simply being polite.

Paint - ***1/2
The eyes are really the only paint ops, and they seem to be hit or miss.  Some folks have reported pretty poorly done eyes, but the two I saw were both decent.

I'm also counting the skin tone this time though, although that's the color of the plastic.  It's much closer to what you expect this time around.

Articulation - **
Same as always, which is all the more disappointing with a character who is intended for battle stances.  I realize that the license cost itself has really burned Hasbro here, and made it very difficult for them to improve the figures.  But with the much better bodies in the Joe line, there really is no excuse.

Accessories - ***
Mace only comes with one, and it's no surprise that it's a light saber.  What might be a surprise is the color - it's purple.  Mace is certainly the first Jedi I've seen with this particular color, although if it had been Shaak Ti or Luminara I wouldn't have been quite as suprised.

The blade is removable of course, and the hilt is very detailed.  Also, there's a peg on the hilt that fits perfectly into a new style holder on the belt.  It's a nice improvement.

Outfit - ***
I'm giving what is in reality a rehashed outfit a pretty good score.  But although we've seen this before, it's still nicely done.

The boots, pants and tunic all look great, particularly the boots.  The sculpt is excellent with lots of detail, unlike some of the earlier boots.

There's an improvement too - the belt is quite a bit nicer this time around, with lots of little bags and goodies sculpted on it.

On the bad side, we're missing the cloak this time, which couldn't have been that much more to include.  I realize that Hasbro is trying to keep costs down to around twenty bucks on the 12" line, but they have to keep in mind the quality and accessories we're getting from the competition at $25.

Value - **1/2
I've mentioned value a few times now, and with only the light saber, no cloak, and a lot of rehash in the costume, this figure isn't a great deal at $20.  Still, if you missed out on the first Mace, or if you can get over his silly smile, he's a decent buy. 

Overall - **1/2
I actually like the figure, even though the score is on the lower side.  But I have to be honest - with continued poor articulation, a mostly reused costume, only one accessory, he's not THAT great of a figure.  And one decision can make so much difference - if he'd simply dropped the silly grin and gone with a nice tough looking closed mouth expression, he would have gotten at least another half star or more.

Where to Buy
These should show up at Toys R Us soon, but you can get a great value right now at  Here's what I did - I bought two to get my cost up over $35, then tapped into some of the coupons currently out there - 

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Using some of these, I was able to get two Mace's shipped for $32, at least $6 each less than it will cost me at the store!

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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