Disney Magical Collection Set B
Winnie the Pooh, Snow White, Woody,
Minnie Mouse, Jafar and Ariel

Coheteboy is back with another look at the Disney Magical Collection.  He recently did a guest review on Set A, and now he's back with his take on Set B.  Take it away!

Released only recently, the Disney Magical Collection is on a roll with another set of 6 figures to quench the thirst of Disney starved fans.  Set A only sparked further interest so without further ado, let's move onto the second wave of the 4" figures featuring Winnie the Pooh, Minnie Mouse (Runaway Brain), Woody (Toy Story), Snow White, Jafar (Aladdin), and Ariel (The Little Mermaid).

Packaging - ***1/2
I really like the smaller blister created for the series.  It makes for a far easier collecting experience than most other toy lines.  The packaging remains identical to its Asian counterpart, and I'm really glad they did so.  The design isn't the brightest or most colorful, but what I like about it is that what you see is what you get.  The card remains small with a large bubble allowing you to clearly view the figure and its accessories. 

The front of each card is identical, with only a sticker on the front of the bubble telling you what character you're getting and from what movie he/she appeared.  The back of the card features a photo of the animated version along with a small blurb describing the characters (in Japanese, unfortunately).  The back also details which figures are in the current series, as well as listing the figures coming in the next batch.  Keep in mind that this won't apply to US collectors since these figures have already been released in Asia. 

The packaging is simple but it really does a great job.  Now all you need is a translator and you're all set.

Sculpting - ****
I said it before, these sculpts are the best I have seen in any Disney figure.  Each character's likeness is captured so brilliantly it's as if the figure stepped right out of the animated films. 

There was no detail that wasn't included in each character.  There's usually a figure in every wave that isn't as well done as the others, but that simply isn't the case in Set B.  All of the characters presented here are amazing. 

The only one that suffers a tiny bit is Jafar for being on the short side (but then again, Woody is on the tall side isn't he?).  The top sculpts are definitely Woody and Pooh bear.  I can't say enough how great each of these figures are.

Paint - ***
The paint ops incredible in this set.  All of the colors used aren't dull but rather vivid with rich tones, which makes for a fantastic looking bunch.  I don't want to make any jokes here, but the detail on Woody is terrific.  From the small amount of blush on his cheeks to the line work on his shirt, Woody is one figure NOT to pass up on.  The other figures don't have the same level of detail, but keep in mind that the rest are two-dimensional characters.

Articulation - ***
The first set received a slightly lower grade thanks in part to The Queen and Dumbo (with zero), but this set overall is pretty decent.  

Minnie Mouse is essentially a well sculpted bendie figure with 5 limbs to flex and contort (the fifth being the tail).  Snow White has a decent 5 points of articulation as well and Winnie the Pooh is alright with 4.

The rest don't fare as well.  Woody and Ariel both have 3 points of articulation (arms and neck) but Jafar sadly only has 2 points for each arm. 

The Disney Magical Collection is really meant for display, so a lot of the articulation is only done to compliment the sculpt but it would be nice to see a little bit more on characters such as Jafar. 

Accessories - ***
While the sculpts are great, the accessories add just a small touch of detail to make these figures really worth collecting.   For starters, each figure comes with its' own stand for display.  Nice touch, though most of these figures do just fine on their own.

In the Oscar Nominated Short, Runaway Brain, Minnie Mouse is seen checking out some new swimwear for a "supposed" trip to Hawaii.  Since this version of Minnie is specifically from that cartoon, that's exactly what she comes with.  I think Mickey may prefer her 'normal' clothes better don't you think?

The ever popular Winnie the Pooh comes with some pretty decent accessories for such a large figure.  Pooh is never anywhere if there's no Honey around, which is why a large pot accessory is included.  As an extra touch, there's even a TINY bee.  Most toy companies wouldn't even bother with an accessory that small, so I give Tomy a LOT of credit here.  It's also painted!

Snow White doesn't come with too much, but a well painted bird accessory that fits in her hand is good enough as any!

Ariel doesn't come with any of her friends, but she DOES get a nicely sculpted (and painted) base for her to be placed on. 

Jafar, who was disappointing in the articulation department disappoints again!  All that is included is his staff.  Where's Iago??

There were plenty of scenes in both Toy Story movies where Woody doesn't wear his hat, so yes, the hat is removable!  Another great accessory is a unique toy army soldier.  You can't get better than that!

Value - ***
These figures should be selling for about $6-7 a piece and for that, I think it's fair.  A toyline with sculpts as great as these and with as many characters is always something to cheer about.  If you pay import prices of $8-10, then you can take away a half star.

Overall - ****
If you were wishy washy on the first set of Disney figures, Set B should be the set that hooks you in.  The sculpts are 98% dead on with great paint application and well thought out accessories.  Articulation is lacking on a few figures but these are really meant for display anyway. 

This toyline has been extremely fun to collect and it looks even better out of the package.  You can't find better detailed Disney figures anywhere else!

Where to Buy - 
Media Play and Sam Goody stores are selling them for about seven bucks each.  On-line:

- Beans Toys has a great price of just $30 for set A and $33 for set C, but are sold out of Set B right now!

About the Reviewer:
Coheteboy is an avid toy collector and now confirmed Disney nut.  He also writes for Galactic Hunter.

Figure from the collection of Sean Teeter.

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