Slimer Head Knocker

King Randor is back tonight with the follow up to his Stay Puft Marshmallow Man review - this time it's the Slimer!  It's all yours, King!

Since its release in 1984, Ghostbusters has had probably one of the most successful, and most well-known franchises in existence. Itís had almost every piece of merchandise you could possibly think of, a movie sequel, and a cartoon spin-off( which had two of its OWN spin offs, the first two years later, and the second, 11 years later). However, the ONE thing the movies never DID have were the one things most fan boys and other geeks crave most of all: good toys- action figures, to be exact. Well, those are coming, finally, later this year from NECA. For now, however, theyíve decided to whet our appetites with the release of the Ghostbusters Body Knockers. The two to choose from are the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and Slimer.  This review is for Slimer.

Sculpting - ****
First, weíll begin with the sculpt- ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. I didnít find a SINGLE problem with it, ANYWHERE. From the giant green glob that IS Slimer, to all that wonderful food sculpted onto his base, this is probably one of the most PERFECTLY done body knockers Iíve ever seen. 

One minor side note, that Iíd like to mention- Slimer IS a bit fragile, and be VERY careful upon opening him. Upon trying to get him out of his inner-plastic prison, he flew out of it, hit my desk, and his finger broke off. Luckily though, I was able to glue it back on with ease- from the pictures, youíd never even know it broke off- yeah, they did it JUST that good! Regardless, be EXTREMELY careful.

Paint - ****
Next, the paint job. For the most part, itís priceless. There are some MINOR bleed issues in his gums, and with the food on the bottom, but for the most part, the piece was SO well done, you REALLY have to look for it to notice it- now THATíS quality! Paint wash- they messed this up RIDICULOUSLY with Stay Puft. Slimer, however, they did it PERFECT. Iím literally mesmerized with the job they did on him. Seriously- you just CANíT ask for more with this one!

Body Knocking Action - ****
Slimer can knock back and forth, shake and groove like itís NOBODYíS business. And THATíS one of the most important features for this piece!

Packaging - **
The packaging is much the same as with Stay Puft- unfortunately, not very eye-catching. Itís the type of packaging Iíd expect to see for something in 1989, but not now. Keep your eyes peeled for these, when you go into stores. I found Ďem because I was putting out the freight at work. But I doubt most of YOU will be so lucky.

Overall - ****
This piece was perfect- just absolutely perfect in every way. The flaws that it DID have, in my opinion, are easily excusable. It was just THAT well done. Ok, NECA, weíve seen what you can do with Ghostbusters, now please, I beg of you- give us the Scoleri Brothers, and Lord Vigo! 

Where To Buy:
When I bought this piece, I was still working at Suncoast, so youíll definitely wanna check there, as well as the other Musicland Affiliates. They have them for around $14.99 each, I believe. Not a bad value, really. Entertainment Earth currently has them for $16.99/piece. currently has them for $10.99 each!


Figures from the collection of King Randor.

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