Scorch, Cody, and the Utapau Trooper

Matt is back with another great guest review of three recent troopers - tell us all about it, Matt!

The Saga 2 line has brought more of what we collectors want. It has given us minor characters weíve been wanting for a while, new sculpts with better articulation of dated figures and most of all now, Commander Cody. 

Clone Commander Cody seemed to be something major overlooked in the ROTS line. With more minor Commanders produced such as Bacara and Deviss (who never appeared in the movie anyways), the only clone with multiple bits of dialogue, a small personality and a face, was left out of the toy line. Since the movie, (almost a year ago now), Fans online have done nothing but simply demand the production of a Commander Cody figure. They waited until December. Back then, Hasbro produced a kitbashed animated figure of Cody in a Walmart exclusive three pack. Now finally, in wave 4 of the Saga Collection, the movie version of Commander Cody is officially available. Good luck finding him. 

Also reviewed today along with Cody himself, are Scorch and the Utapau Clone Troopers. The orange legion troopers are befitting because they happen to be Codyís legion in the movie. Scorch might not be as widely recognized. He appeared solely in the video game, Republic Commando and is the first EU figure other then Clone Wars ones, in quite some time. Scorch and the Legion Trooper are shipping in wave 3 (though Scorch is very hard to find) and Cody ships in wave 4. Itís worth mentioning that two out of three of these figures (Cody and Scorch) also come in Ultimate Galactic Hunt variants. 

Packaging - ***
The saga line packaging is the same as it has been for all 4 waves. There shouldnít be any surprises here. I like the logos, character pictures and most of all, the befitting backgrounds. Commander Cody is actually in the background picture of Legion grunt. The Legion Gruntís left leg has been stretched in its socket thanks to the packaging. This is not just the case on mine, but on all of them. Note his wider stance then the last release. 

The UGH packaging is slightly different. It will have a stormtrooper silver sticker on it that says ďUltimate Galactic HuntĒ and the logo will be silver. The only other differences on these versions of the figures will be mentioned in the accessories section. 

Sculpting - Cody ***, Utapau Trooper ***1/2, Scorch ***3/4
Letís start with the best sculptÖCommando Scorch. Iím not entirely sure about the source material but I can tell this is a good sculpt. Scorch is blocky and not entirely true-to-life looking, even for a clone. I like this effect. The video game character is seen here. He looks like something from a video game screen in his sculpt mannerisms and Iím fond of that effect giving you some variety for your army. It seems like little details have been accounted for on Scorch. He has a new helmet design and everything witch looks transitional between Clone Wars and ROTS era. My only complaint is the oddness of the limbs at his sides. They appear a tad lanky. As far as body type, the figure closely resembles Durge from the Clone Wars line. 

The Utapau Trooper is simply a repaint, but itís different enough that itís worth buying. That should be accounted for in the paint section. This figure has been seen before in the #41 ROTS Clone Trooper, #59 Commander Gree, Covert OPS trooper and I believe, Shadow trooper. Still, this mold can be used over and over again and Iíll never get tired of it. It has superior articulation to any other type of clone figure. Itís sculpt is dead on. The only difference this time as I mentioned is the wider stance thanks to the packaging. 

How does the main man himself stack up? Commander Cody, probably one of the most important Clone Troopers, is not perfect. He is far from it but still he is not by any means a bad sculpt. His sculpt is decent but still flawed. I expected flaws from Cody. Obviously people will notice minute details on this figure that were left out. The main sculpting flaw to most fans, is the head. Codyís head is smaller then any other clone head released (those were the Ep2 Speeder clone heads, Jango Fett Kamino head and Tank Gunner/evo head). This head, to accommodate either the appearance of neck or the helmet size, is smaller then it should be. Thus, Cody is also shorter then he should be. This doesnít bother me as much as the next problem does. Still, Commander Cody has a unique and wonderfully done head sculpt itself despite the size and it looks quite on target. 

Cody has however, a wide odd-looking leg stance. Either the legs are more spread out or they are spread too far at the knees or ankle joints are really needed. You can still pose him but his legs are contorted almost making it more difficult to get cool leg poses out of him then other clone releases. You have to fiddle with his legs somewhat to get good stances. 

He is different from other clones in small details such as the shoulder pads, antennas, jetpack (more about that in the accessories section) and he is also the first clone to feature actual grooves and cuts on his armor. His armor looks more battle damaged then the other clones because of the ragged scars on it. 

Paint - Cody ***1/2, Utapau Trooper ***1/2, Scorch ***
Commando Scorch has a pretty true to the game paint application from what I can tell. He is mostly cast in grey plastic but the white and blue and yellow is painted. This is done very well, especially on the helmet. Still, there is overspray and not really definition between the fine lines of yellow and blue and in other areas. Mine had little slop at all but it was still more noticeable on this figure then the others. He has battle damage brown spots on him in a few places. Iíd be fine with or without them. They look fine. 

The Utapau legion grunt trooper is a total repaint. He is accurately painted as one of Commander Codyís soldiers and because of that, his orange stripes are similar looking to Cody. They are nicely done and even nicer is the weathering, which might be one of the most complex weathering jobs on a Star Wars figure. He has scratches and scuffs galore on his armor thanks to the paint job. The only thing holding him back here is the over-glossy look of the paint. He may be a repaint but the change is quite large so the figure is worth looking in to. 

Commander Cody is nicely painted but also has some minor problems. He has dirt on his boots and a significant amount of weathering. He also has some nice looking details in the weathering and paint application. The skin on the face is painted well and the insignias are also done nicely. Even the scars on his face are painted. 

His boots remind me of the Tactical Ops trooper with dust on them. The paint problems are in some minor bleed in the stripes and the underside of the visor (which isnít articulated) is unpainted. The helmet paint is a bit low on the detail. Other then that Iím pretty pleased with the quality of Commander Codyís paint apps. 

Articulation - Cody***, Utapau Trooper ****, Scorch ***
The Republic Commando Scorch has a decent amount of articulation to satisfy collectors. Still, he is missing some joints that wouldíve been beneficial. He has a limited ball-jointed neck, swivel shoulders, ball jointed elbows, swivel wrists, ball jointed torso and swivel hips. Thatís a decent amount but a few joints such as ball jointed knees, shoulders and ankles wouldíve made him perfect and SA. Still, he stands just fine and I didnít have any real problems with too loose joints or too tight joints. 

The Utapau Clone Trooper has just what we wanted. Heís SA from head to toe just like the original release reviewed on this site (not by me). Weíve also seen this articulation used on Commander Gree. Heís perfect. The difference, to me which is neutral, is that the joints are not as tight this time around. They arenít loose, theyíre just easier to move. 

Commander Cody is better then Scorch by a hair but he still falls somewhat short. Cody features a restricted ball-jointed neck, swivel shoulders, ball jointed elbows, ball jointed waist, swivel wrists, swivel hips and ball jointed knees. This is good articulation but there are a few joints which wouldíve been very helpful. The first is obviously ball jointed shoulders. I realize why these were left out due to the antenna on his left arm but I think still, they couldíve done it like Commander Bacara with one ball jointed shoulder and one swivel. The other joints left out were the ankle joints. The legs are in a weird stance on this figure that require some work to get any cool poses out of them with the knees. They legs are spread out far apart and finding cool poses with this stance and no ankle joints can be fairly tricky. The jetpack isnít articulated but weíll get to that in a minute. 

Accessories - Cody ***1/2, Utapau Trooper **, Scorch ***1/2
Both Cody and Commando Scorch have nearly perfect accessory scores. The only one of the three that falls short in this category is the Utapau Clone Trooper which only has his stand, holo, antenna and blaster. This is fairly unimpressive considering weíve seen all of these accessories before and this also makes him a straight repaint of the #41 from the ROTS line who had the same accessories. Still, we should at least be glad we didnít get the big crappy rocket launcher that came with Commander Gree. 

Scorch has three Republic Commando specific accessories in addition to the stand and holo. The stand and holo can also be found in Ultimate Galactic Hunt silver variants. Scorch has a back pack with is well sculpted and painted and fits onto his pack thanks to a peg. He also has a fairly large and nasty looking rifle that he can hold in either one hand or two but holding it in one loosens his wrist joint somewhat so I suggest you have him hold it in one hand and support it with the other. This weapon, like the other two accessories, youíve never seen released before. The final accessory which I consider a really neat add-on is the ďammo clipĒ which snaps into a hole on his right leg. It canít be used for anything else but it shows an attention to detail to make things like this removable. 

Commander Cody probably does just as well as Scorch in this category. He has the standard stand and holo (which also come in UGH variants). In addition to this he has fairly reused clone trooper guns. He has a pistol and a rifle (not pictured in the review but Iím sure youíve seen it before). He also has a removable helmet, which while lacking visor detail, is still a nice thing to see, especially since you actually got to see Cody without a helmet. He even has a removable jetpack. Itís small but itís an appreciated touch. It snaps in and out of a peg hole just fine. The only thing else I would have liked to have seen with Cody is a Palpatine holo. While it is possibly to get one of these included with the figure, getting a small one for him to hold as an accessory would also be nice. 

Quality - ***
I didnít have really any problems. There might be a loose joint or something on ones you buy. These are mass market toys. Mine didnít really have problems. 

Value - **1/2
The holos bring down the value to me. These figures should be in the $5 range the way the used to be. However, thanks to the same repetitive holos the marketing strategy is defeated. We are paying more for duplicate holos. Still, upped price aside, this is a decent value for figures these days. 

Fun Factor - ****
These are all clone troopers. Kids and collectors should have fun setting up armies and staging battles with themÖassuming they can find them. 

Overall - Cody ***, Utapau Clone ***, Scorch ***
These are all decent figures that are certainly worth picking up. Commander Cody has been highly requested among fans and while this figure isnít all that it could have been, itís still a solid addition to the Saga 2 line. There are a few areas, mostly articulation where he couldíve been better. 

The Utapau Clone Trooper is an effective repaint that gives us more variety for our clone army so itís an appreciated figure. Itís a bit more of the same at this point and as far as troopers go itís a bit boring but it fills out your ranks. 

Scorch is a surprise of a figure here. Heís certainly a good effort on Hasbroís part and an unexpected character. Not too many EU figures are produced so Scorch is a welcome surprise. Iím glad they chose a character thatís a clone if they were doing EU characters. Many fans are pushing for Quinlan Vos so weíll see what happens. 

These have been the only three clones in the saga line and I can safely say all of them are decent.

Score Recap- 
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - Cody ***, Utapau Trooper ***1/2, Scorch ***3/4
Paint - Cody ***1/2, Utapau Trooper ***1/2, Scorch ***
Articulation - Cody***, Utapau Trooper ****, Scorch ***
Accessories - Cody ***1/2, Utapau Trooper **, Scorch ***1/2
Fun Factor - ****
Value - **1/2
Overall - Cody ***, Utapau Clone ***, Scorch ***

Figure from the collection of Matt Landsman.

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