Star Destroyer Wave
Bossk, Ozzel and Dengar

Coheteboy is back tonight with a great guest review of the newly released Bossk, Dengar and Ozzel.  Take it away, CB!

Star Wars comes chugging along in 2004 with three new figures, two of which are resculpts and one entirely new. We've seen both bounty hunters Bossk and Dengar under the Power of the Force 2 brand but this is the first anyone has seen of the clumsy and stupid Ozzel. 

Packaging - ***
The "Gold Stripe" packaging continues to work for me but it's still the standard card and bubble. Contents are clearly displayed and good details can be found on the back of the blister card. 

Sculpting - Admiral Ozzel ** 1/2; Bossk ***; Dengar *** 1/2
The ratings are across the board with this wave. Sculpting is generally pretty good but I had to give them different ratings to give you an idea which figures were given the proper care. Dengar is probably the best of the bunch in my opinion because it is simply light years ahead of his POTF2 counterpart. Dengar is completely new and it shows. The wrinkles in his shirt and head-piece as well as the intricate details of the armor, all is done perfectly. Although he does look a bit like actor Tom Wilkinson.

Bossk actually has an amazing sculpt, but the reason I only gave it three stars is because he's part rehash, and some of the "improvements" really aren't improvements at all. But it might just be a matter of opinion. The new head is indeed better than the old and the only significant difference is that the mouth is open instead of closed. The body of Bossk is actually the same as the POTF2 release of Bossk which is one main reason I couldn't score this Bossk as high. But that just goes to show how good the original is. Another problem I have with this sculpt is in the legs. I don't care for the action position that they are put in. It's rather awkward and just doesn't look as good as him standing straight up. But I'm sure you customizers will have fun making your own favorite version of this popular bounty hunter.

Then we have Admiral Ozzel, the poor officer was just trying to do his job, but it apparently wasn't good enough for Vader. Fans have been crying for one of his likeness for quite some time so it's always exciting to see a brand new figure. Unfortunately, this figure just doesn't sit quite well with me. I don't think the sculptor caught the likeness of the actor very well. I mean, is this really the same toy company that gave us great sculpts of Grand Moff Tarkin and General Rieekan? It just seems to me that someone dropped the ball with Ozzel and then let it roll all the way to the stores. He looks to me more like Hitler than Ozzel... perhaps the sculptor was watching Last Crusade instead of Empire? But even so, the face just isn't fat enough to be Ozzel. The body construction of Ozzel is also completely new and it's a hit and miss for the character, but customizers should be happy...

Paint - Ozzel **; Bossk ***; Dengar *** 1/2
Ok perhaps Ozzel's problem isn't entirely the sculptor's fault (90% of it is his fault though). The blame can also be put on paint since his face is a mess. I don't recall Ozzel to have such a bright orange mustache!! And what's with his eyes? This is probably the worst I've seen Hasbro do in some time, and it looks as if nothing was improved from initial images from Hasbro. The imperial outfit is also not dark enough. Booo!!!!

Bossk is and should be the norm for Hasbro. Consistent paint and colors, everything looks just fine for this guy, which is why he gets such a mediocre score. Dengar on the other hand blew his old potf2 counterpart out of the sky with details, details, details! We have scarred skin and dirty laundry on his head. Everything on this figure was also done with precision so bravo to Hasbro on this one. 

Articulation - *** 
The Star Destroyer wave is pretty close in articulation count so I'll just give a lump grade for all of them. But for those keeping track, Ozzel has 10 points, Dengar has 11, and Bossk has 12. The articulation count isn't bad on these guys but I'm definitely more satisfied with Dengar, who is in the middle of the pack as far as articulation count goes. Dengar has the standard neck, waist, and legs but it's the arms that are great. Double articulation in the shoulders giving him 360 range along with extra articulation in his elbows and left wrist. So YES, he can grasp his rifle with both hands finally! I have to say that the shoulder joints are so well hidden, I didn't even know they were there. Very well done!

Bossk has the most points of articulation but doesn't mean best. Since this wookiee-hater has the same body as the POTF2 Bossk, the arms and legs are both standard Star Wars, as well as the neck and waist. The added points are in his elbows which is the same type of joints found in the Rebel Trooper, with articulation in his upper wrists and lower legs. 

Ozzel has a ball jointed head, and cut articulation in his elbows and rotating wrists on top of the standard joints. 

Accessories - Dengar ***; the rest **
Each figure in this batch has at least two accessories: a blaster or pistol and a base. Dengar is the only one who goes above that count with his long awaited BACKPACK! The backpack plugs in comfortably into his back and that's that! The stand is a decent functionable accessory but really... does it have to be so poorly designed? They're so huge and I dunno, just a personal stance. I'd prefer something a little flatter. Oh well, good to have. 

Value - ***
At about $5 a figure, it's still a good deal and all of these figures are worth getting despite my complaints. 

Overall - Dengar *** 1/2; Bossk ***; Ozzel ** 1/2
When it comes right down to it, Star Wars toys are Star Wars toys and there's not much you can say that would really influence the collector. But if I HAD to choose one I had to have, it would be Dengar hands down. Yes, it's a resculpt but it's done so well that he would significantly improve the look of my bounty hunter line up. Bossk is somewhat improved but give me the old legs any day. Bossk also has some trouble holding onto his blaster without the rubber band so that's a real issue for me as well. Weapons shouldn't be easily warped. They should be strong and sturdy to SNAP into the hands of the toy. Poor Ozzel just does not impress me. He has a lousy sculpt and lousy paint job making him look really out of place next to the other leading Imperials. But of course, what collection wouldn't be complete without all three?

Where to Buy - 
Toys'R'Us, Target, and Wal-Mart are the usual suspects. These three were found at both Toys'R'Us and Target.


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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