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We've got a new guest reviewer with us tonight - welcome Andrew Rogers!  He's going to tell us all about the Tonner Harry Potter figures...

Hi. I’m Andrew Rogers and a first time guest reviewer. I’ve never done this before, but I have always wanted to and I just really wanted to thank Mike for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Tonner came out with these Harry Potter dolls last year and has currently come out with more. So far I only have Harry, Ron, and Hermione but am expecting to get Draco soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to review him and Dobby also! Now, on to the reviewing!

Packaging - **
The boxes that these three come in are very plain with no window on the front to even look at the doll you are about to open. There is also a lack of Graphics any where on the boxes besides the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire logo. It is also not very collector friendly. They have tied the dolls into the support with ribbons and the robes are sewed onto the cardboard they are stored on. I don’t really like the boxes that much. The only thing I do like is that on the bottom it tells you which doll you are getting. That is always a plus. 

Sculpting - Harry ***, Ron**, Hermione***1/2
When I saw the first pictures of these dolls I was really excited. The Harry looked really good in the pictures and so did Hermione. Then Ron came along and my opinion changed. 

Ron has a horrible face sculpt. He looks nothing like the actor at all. He has wigged hair, which looks pretty good on him. It is identical to the movie. The only down side is that the hair flicks out in the back. It might have something to do with that stupid hair net he came in but still, that is the down side of his hair. Ron is half an inch taller than both Ron and Hermione so that is also a plus because Ron is supposed to be the tallest of the trio. Ron’s right hand is permanently enclosed in a fist so that he can hold his wand. His left hand is in and open sort of pose. The only problem with the hole in the right hand is that it goes all the way through the hand and the wand tends to go all the way through and fall out of his hand. 

Harry is the second best sculpt in my opinion. He looks a little more like the actor but still not quite. The scar on his head is painted on. It has a black line going down through it to make the scar pop out more. I thought that was a nice affect. He also has wigged hair and just like Ron, it flicks out in the back. I still think it was because of that stupid hair net that they came in to keep the hair from moving around and getting messed up. Too bad the hair net itself messed up what it was supposed to protect. Harry has the exact same hand poses and has the same problem with his wand. I do believe that some of Ron’s parts were copied onto Harry, but just made a little shorter. (Ron is bigger)

Hermione is the overall best sculpt. She looks almost perfect to the actor and is just amazing in my opinion. The pictures of Hermione did not do her justice. It made her look chubby and like a little girl. In person she is sooooo much better! Her hair is rooted into her head and very proportional to the rest of her body. At first I felt it was a little too long, but after awhile I began to like the length and soon I loved it. Her hair is very curly and Tonner has made it so it will stay that way. Her hair is very hard. It feels like someone’s hair with a lot of hair spray but much more bendable and durable. She also has the same problem with her hands. Also, her left hand has her index finger away from the rest of her hand, while Harry and Ron’s are equal with their other fingers. 

Paint - ****
There are no sloppy paint ops on these three figures at all. The eyes are amazingly painted on with so much detail and you can almost see a sort of shine in their eyes. The eyes almost make them very life-like. Harry’s are an amazing blue, Ron’s are kind of a misty blue, and Hermione’s are a nice brown/hazel color. The eyebrows also have a lot of detail. You can see each individual hair that has been painted on. Hermione’s are very thin and arched into the more feminine way. Harry’s are very bushy and absolutely fantastic! Ron’s are thin, flat, and of course red. The lips are painted a nice pink fleshy color. Hermione’s are a deeper pink than Harry and Ron’s lips. I like the tone of the skin that they used for the three dolls. Also, the eyelashes have been painted into amazing detail. This paint is the best I’ve ever seen on any Harry Potter thing ever. 

Articulation - ***
I believe these three figures have very good articulation. They have necks that can move from side to side and al little forward and backward. It is not a complete ball joint neck though. The only problem that I have is with Hermione. Her hair tends to weigh down her head and it like to lean back on me at sudden times. The shoulders are ballpoint and can move all around. The elbows are also jointed. The legs can move in all directions. The knees are also jointed. The feet can move up and down and left and right. Their hands can also move in a number of different ways for their wands to be posed. 

They can stand on the their own but with a lot of adjusting. The leg and feet joints are not the best and they tend to want to fall over. But they can stand on their own if you do not want to use the stands. Hermione is actually the hardest to make stand on her own. Her shoes are just really bad. 

They can be made into a number of different poses, especially without their robes, but I’ll get into that in the outfit section, which is next!

Outfit - ****
These are the most amazing outfits I have ever seen on any Harry potter product ever! They come in their school clothes, which includes: Harry and Ron-white shirt, pants, house sweater, tie, robe, socks, and shoes, Hermione-white shirt, skirt, house sweater, tie, robe, stockings and shoes. 

The white collared shirt is made out of real cotton, I think. They have real buttons and come with little snappers under the buttons so you are able to take the shirt off the way you would a regular shirt. 

The pants and skirt are made out of a nice linty material that looks good on the figures and makes it look like the pants from the movie. 

The house sweaters are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! They are made out of the exact same wool that is used to make the movie sweaters. They look exactly like the movie sweaters! The only problem I have with them are the little hook things in the back that is keeping the sweater on. They seem to be making a permanent holes in the back of the sweater.

The ties are different from the movie but have a nice effect with the figure. The only problem I have with these is that they are sewn onto the shirt and are not sewed on straight and tend to go lopsided a lot. Also, the tie does not form an entire loop on the neck and just cuts off where they are sewn on. It does not look good at all form the back of the figure. 

The robes are very true to the movie. They are black on the outside and maroon on the inside. They fit nicely on the dolls. They are a little bulky at first but will settle with time. They also tend to be a problem when you want to pose the arms. It seems that the robe kind of weighs on the joints a little and the pose you put the figure in might go away after awhile. There is a HUGE problem with the robes though. The crest. I hate them so much. My crests have almost been completely chipped off! Harry has a little of his crest left, Ron has only a little of his crest gone, and Hermione has half of her crest gone. For dolls of this expense I would have expected more. This made the outfit loose a star. 

Harry and Ron come wth nice black dress socks. The socks are made out of a thin black material. They go nicely with the two figures. Hermione’s has gray thick stockings that cover all of her legs and feet and also go nicely with the figure.

The shoes for the two boys are very nicely done. They are sculpted out of a nice rubber material and come with real shoelaces. I don’t like Hermione’s shoes. They are basically hard bottoms with a pleather or leather material on top. Then there is the elastic strap that keeps them on her feet. These were a pain to get on. It took me three minutes per shoe. I feel that it would have been better to have sculpted the shoes out of the same material as Harry and Ron’s shoes.

Accessories - ***
All these dolls come with are their bases and wands. The wands have no detail what so ever. They are basic black sticks made from some sort of wood-like material. The bottoms of the wands are painted the color of the hands so that it can blend in with the hole on the bottom of the wand holding hand. I think Tonner should have made each characters’ own specific wand for the film. It would have been a lot better and a lot cooler if they had made the wands more detailed. 

The bases are horrible! The metal part that holds the figure is loose in the base and it make the figures lean forward a little. Ron is the only good base that I got out of the three figures. Also, the bases cannot hold the figures weight. Because of the figures leaning forward, the bases want to lean with the figure and then bases and figure go tumbling off the shelf. This has happened to me with Harry. It was a very high shelf too. I suggest that you glue the metal into the base if you want to display the figures on the stands.

Harry also comes with his glasses. The glasses fit nicely and the lenses are not to big like a lot of the other Harry Potter figures. The glasses are not the same as in the movie though. They have black-rimmed lenses and golden ear holder pieces.

Value - **
Retail price is not good for a figure with so many problems. $125-$130 is too expensive. I got mine for $100 dollars each. It is an amazing price for these figures and I feel that it should have been the set price for the figures. They are amazing figures but not worth more than $110. 

Overall - ***
These would have been four-star figures if not for the robes, Ron’s face sculpt, and Hermione’s shoes. I feel that three stars is a fair score for each of the figures. They are truly amazing figures. They just have little things wrong with them. These things are minor and barely take away from the figure (except for the whole crest/robe thing). I would recommend them to any Harry Potter lover.

Packaging- **
Sculpt- Harry ***, Ron**, Hermione***1/2
Paint- ****
Articulation- ***
Outfit- ***
Accessories- ***
Value- **
Overall- ***

Where to Buy -
You can find some pre-orders for upcoming releases at Youbuynow, including Draco and Dobby.  And these three are available from Cornerstorecomics for $125 (and free shipping in the U.S!), plus they have pre-orders up for future releases as well.

Figure from the collection of Norm Dapito.

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