12" Movie Spiderman

The new Spiderman movie opened this weekend, and from the reviews it looks to be a huge hit.  With great CGI work, excellent casting, and a script that remains true to the comics with appropriate changes for pacing and style, it has all the makings of a long lasting franchise.

Toybiz has the rights to the movie figures, which is no surprise.  The smaller figures have been out for quite some time, but the new 12" figures are just now hitting stores.  I found all three - Spiderman, Green Goblin and Mary Jane - at Media Play.  The case of six is made up of 3 Spideys, 2 GG and one MJ.  Retail at Media Play was $24.95, but I'm betting they'll be about twenty bucks at TRU or Target.

Packaging - ***
The packaging is very similar to the 12" LOTR line by Toybiz.  The graphics are attractive, and the box is sturdy and well designed.  It's even collector friendly, with just a few twisty ties to re-attach.

There's not a lot of text though, and not much in terms of pictures from the movie.

Sculpting - **
I'm not sure who this is, but it's definitely not Tobey Maguire.  Sure, if you squint at him just right you can convince yourself, but you could find a way to convince yourself it was just about any late teen to early twenties brown haired guy.

Paint - ***
The only paint ops here are on the face and hands.  The hair line is a bit sloppy, but his eyes and eyebrows were decent.

The hands are also well done, and I can't knock them too much for the paint ops that ARE here, but for the ones that aren't.

They should have made the forearms red, since the costume is loose, and allows you to see his flesh colored wrists.

Articulation - **1/2
This is NOT the same body as the 12" LOTR (there's a nekkid shot of Gandalf at that review for comparison), but is very similar in many regards.

What this body really is, is a 12" version of a Famous Covers figure, with some added articulation.  The knees and elbows have double joints, and there are cut joints at the bicep and thigh.  With a waist and chest joint, ball joints at the shoulders, and the two center fingers on both hands, he would appear to be very well articulated.  But there are two glaring omissions.

First, the neck joint is very simple, and does not allow for him to look up and down.  That's crucial on Spidey - how can you pose him in any of the cool crouching poses if he can't look up?

The second negative on the number of joints is that there are simple cut joints at the wrists.  They only twist, which really makes the hand positions limited.

There's one more negative, although it isn't related to how many joints, but their tightness.  Both the knees and the ankles on my figure were extremely loose, and I had a hard time just getting him to stand.  These type of loose joint problems are usually not limited to only one or two figures, but are often a problem with the manufacture.

Outfit - ***
The costume is very much like the film, and reflects the source material really well. The webbing is applied to the suit, so that it stands out, as is the spider symbol on the chest.  But there are a couple more glaring errors here as well.

The suit fits extremely well from the waist down, but the upper half is simply terrible.  The arms and chest are baggy, and the velcro in the back doesn't hold the costume tightly enough around the chest.

The biggest flaw though is the shoulders.  Like an Famous Cover figure, the ball joints stick out from the body.  But that was never a problem on FC's because of the way the outfit was cut and stitched.  This time, they placed the stitches right on top of the ball joints, rather than up higher on the shoulders.  This makes them stand out in a very obvious way, and makes the shoulders look broader and pointer than they already are.

The final piece of the outfit is his mask.  It's made of a rubber material, that's very strong, and a great material.  I goes on an off easily, and is thick enough not to rip easily.  It fits tightly, and looks great.  It could have been a little longer in back, since it only goes below the ears and jaw line, allowing you to see some of the neck, but it still is much nicer than I anticipated.

Accessories - Bupkis
No accessories here.  Nada, zippo, nothing.  at this price point something is really necessary - some sort of webbing, or wall stand like the smaller figures have.

Value - **
I paid $24.95, so that brings this score down.  Even at $20, they aren't worth the price.  With no accessories, and some pretty serious flaws, these are much more in the $15 ball park.

Overall - **1/2
It's too bad that Toybiz can't get the 12" figures right.  This is definitely not a scale they do great with, but they are improving.  I was one of the defenders of the LOTR's figures, but these are a step back in several ways.  Too bad too, since the movie is so terrific.

I also saw the GG and MJ figures - do yourself a favor and stay way clear of MJ.  She's simply awful, with a Barbie style body and little resemblance to Kirsten Dunst.  The GG figure though looked pretty good, if you don't mind that the head sculpt looks nothing like Willem Dafoe.

Where to Buy
As I mentioned, I picked them up at Media Play for $25.  You'll probably find them at Toys R Us and Target very soon, and at a lower price point than that.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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