Fisher Price Miniture Popper

Just about everyone had one of the Fisher Price 'corn poppers' as a kid.  Push them around, and the balls would pop annoyingly, just the thing to drive your parents wacko.

Basic Fun, the company that makes a wide variety of key chains, has released this neat licensed version of that classic toy.  The keychain works just like the original!

But why the heck am I reviewing it?  Well, if you remember, the good Professor Frink from the show the Simpsons pushed one of these around in an episode.  Since this is just about in scale with those figures, and since we'll be getting a Frink later on this year, it makes a perfect accessory!

Packaging - ***
It gets the point across, it's attractive, and its simple.  You couldn't ask for much more in this particular case.

Quality - ***1/2
The popper works terrific, and is very sturdy.  My only complaint would be that the key chain will wear the red paint off the handle pretty quickly.

Paint - **1/2
While the paint looks good to start, it isn't applied particularly well.  As I mentioned, the key chain is going to wear it off fast, but even without it you'll have to be careful not to rub the red off the handle.

Scale - ***
This is the reason I bought it, so that's why I'm judging it.  The scale is just a little too big for the Simpsons figures, but it's not terrible, particularly if you ignore the fact that the popper should be scaled for a child in the Simpsons figures.

Value - ***
At around $4 most places, it's not a bad value.  Key chains that actually do something are always a little more expensive than the basic PVC style, and this one is truly a childhood classic.

Overall - ***
If the quality of the red paint on the handle had just been a little better, and the scale just a little smaller, it would have received a perfect rating.

Where to Buy:
Bricks and mortar stores have these, but you'll really have to do some hunting.  Other Basic Fun key chains sell at Toys R Us, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast, Spencers, and other gift and novelty stores.

On-line, there are a ton of options:
- Play Things Past.  I bought mine here, along with several other key chains.  It was $5.
- - they have it for $4.99 plus shipping.
- Or just check the Basic Fun site for a full list of retailers.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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