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Brandon is back tonight with a quick comparison of the Caucasian and Cuban-American Hot Toys female bodies. Take it away, Brandon!

I want to thank Michael for this opportunity to review the new 2010 first edition TrueType Female figures by Hot Toys! Yes by Hot Toys, makers of such expensive but truly fantastic 1/6 scale figures like Alien, Predator, Terminator and Resident Evil to name only a few. The two females are nearly identical but are different in several ways. One is a blond Caucasian and the other is a Cuban-American and these figures, like the company that makes them, are hot in more ways than one!

These figures were released in February 2010. Anyone familiar with Hot Toys knows how spectacular their sculpting is and anyone familiar with their generic male TrueType figures will have some idea how these gals are. But there are some big differences between the two genders of figures.  I love Hot Toys and they are arguably the best in the 1/6 market today. Read on and find out what I think about them!

Packaging - ***1/2
The packaging is a nice sturdy clamshell and can be popped open and closed to store the figure. It's fairly easy to do, its not like the NECA or McFarlane clamshells that you need to cut them open, no sharp tools required here. This kind of packaging has been seen many times from Hot Toys and other companies like ZC Girl and Triad and has become a trend over the last several years.In fact I prefer these over the ones you gotta cut open.

It's completely translucent so you can see the figure included and its accessories. It can be stored and act as protection for the figure and it also displays well. While its attractive with the paper slip within, there's not a gob that can be said about it. What can be said is as I already mentioned it being sturdy, also that each babe is got her own distinctive color on the insert, the blond is got purple and the Cuban has pink. There is the TrueType logo, and the item code and the Hot Toys information on the back that is in English and in Japanese.

There are no twisty ties so you can get them out faster than usual which is a plus. One important note that most will notice is that unlike the TrueType male figures these women have clothing on.

Sculpting - ****
Let's just say this - these gals are some of the most realistic female figuresout there. I mean Sideshow and Triad makes really cool females but I think Hot Toys is the ultra-cool realism maker! Like I previously mentioned, these gals are very similar, their faces are very much alike.

Hot Toys went with the rooted hair instead of the sculpted hair on both They use the same bodies and clothing but they do have their own stuff in order to make them not the exact same figure. The Caucasian is a blond with light colored skin and the Cuban has caramel color hair and much darker skin. While some may consider these gals not to be beautiful, they are quite good looking. Their faces are astonishing with open eyes full of action and big noses but not too big. They have nice big, luscious lips and their ears are sculpted nicely, not sticking out at all.

The texturing is uncanny, they look so life-like as it appears they were miniaturized and taxidermied for admiration. These women are young looking in the age range between the years of twenty-five and thirty.

These ladies may look nice but looking at their expressions and into their eyes you know these babes mean some serious business!

Now as for their bodies, like I said the only difference is the skin color, everything else is the same, the articulation and even the alternate hands and feet. Their bodies are completely female, there is absolutely no doubt about that, its impossible to deny it! These women are slim but they aren't super model thin, these gals are thick. They have the newer rubber skin over skeleton technology that Hot Toys has been using for a while similar to Marcus Wright, Alan "Dutch" Schaeffer and Jack Krauser. However, this only registers from neck to stomach, as the arms and legs are regular. I dig this new trend because I feel it adds more realism and a cooler effective look on the figure.

The rubberized torso is quite good. The neck is thin and a good length. The sternal head and clavicle is nicely visible and the shoulders are also nice. The breasts are sculpted to look very natural and being a good size and the nipples are also sculpted but being a bit large.

Beneath the boobs is a nice formed ribcage, making the upper section of the stomach inward but the lower part where the sculpted naval is sticks out making the belly looking flabby and making the women look overall chunky, but man is it nice. The back of the two women is similar, with the small of the back curved inward with visible shoulder blades and the lower section of the back a bit flabb,y but again its a cool look for a woman especially for these Gals! Their lower front and back sections are not detailed at all but do match the torso's shape well. Their arms and wrists are thin and their hands with sculpted finger nails look very feminine. Their legs are very nice looking as well, very seductive, and like their hands, their feet have sculpted toe nails. These female figures actually deserve more than four stars as they look way more cooler than most 1/6 scale female figures, these gals are some tuff chicks!

Paint - ****
Absolutely four stars! There isn't much but that isn't the point, the point is to make these gals great looking and the paint application does that flawlessly! Their eyes are the stars of the paint job, they look marvelous but they aren't the same color. The blond has bright blue eyes and the Cuban has teal colored eyes. It's unbelievable how real these eyes look!

They both have dark eyeliner above and below their eyes which makes gives them a modern appearance. Their lips are a nice glossy light colored red, but the Cuban's are a bit darker. Their eyebrows and eye lashes are painted quite realistically. I loved Hot Toy's Machiko (another great looking female by Hot Toys) the She-Predator's eyes and make up but boy, she's got competition now!

Articulation - ***
This might be the only disappointing aspect of these great figures. They have twenty-eight points of articulation, which may seem like a lot but for these girls they should have more. Here is the articdown:
Cut upper neck & ball jointed lower neck.
2x Ball jointed and hinged shoulders.
Hinge stomach: for back and forth motion, works excellently under the rubber skin.
Cut waist that swivels, works excellently under the rubber skin.
2x Cut Biceps.
2x Double jointed elbows.
2x Cut wrists.
2x Swivel hands for up and down and back and forth motion.
2x Hinged hips.
2x Cut thighs.
2x Single jointed knees.
2x Cut lower shins.
2x Hinged ankles.
I am quite pleased how the articulation is in the torso and wrists but the legs should be way better. They look just fine but the knees should be double jointed plus the hips doesn't have as much motion as they should because you really can't raise them up high nor can you spread them out far.

The ankles should be double cut similar to the wrists and also needa rocker joint, but all of this is missing.  I'm not too pleased with these important joints being absent. Its really the missing double knees that got me plus there is a turning peg visible from the back of the hinged knees that doesn't turn and this flaw shouldn't be present.

Arguably, women can move more and do things way better then men canand these figures ARE women for cry'in out loud so why are they missing these joints? Hopefully Hot Toys will improve upon this matter in the near future with upcoming female figures. The articulation is very useful and does allow these beauties to pose in dozens of ways.

Outfit – ****
For a figure of this nature, intended for kitbashers and customizers alike, they actually have clothing that's really cool. They both have these sports bras and panties/shorts. The tops are nice and tight, not slipping down or over. They're sleeveless and cut just below the breast with no belly part at all with a good portion of the clavicle showing. The shorts are also tight around the waist and upper hips. They are cut directly on the waist line and upper hips which allows a fine amount of the tummy and upper legs to show, but it's really good at hiding the buttocks. It's rad that Hot Toys chose to give these figures these clothes and I really dig this type of style of clothing and these female figures prove that women can look great in something like this!

Accessories - ****
Both of the TrueType gals include the same items, a pair of alternate hands and a pair of alternate feet. The hands & feet are different than their regular ones. The right alternate hand is a trigger finger hand to hold a gun and the left alternate hand is to grip the stock of a gun such as a rifle. The feet are in an intense position with the toes down and the heel up as it is running, on the tip-toes or pushing an object. These alternates are sculpted quite well! These additional parts are easy to swap but read in the Things to Watch Out For section for more on that.

The babes also come with a generic Hot Toys stand with only a painted copyright on the bottom of it. The clip is like the others Hot Toys includes with their other figures, including a slide out adjustable metal clamp with two safety pods on the ends. These are the regular clamps, not the newer crotch style that was with Marcus Wright. While it's always good that a stand is included with 12 inch figures, these gals can stand on their own nicely and I'm glad that Hot Toys chose to have the stands and especially the alternate hands and feet, its a cool bonus!

Special Features - ****
The rubber torso over these gals' bodies are such an astounding asset to them and I definitely count it as a big feature here because it looks and feels close to the real thing. You can actually lift it up under the belly and back see the jointed skeleton and push it back down, its a newer kind of feature that I really dig, I enjoyed this type of technology on the Xenomorphs and guys such as Dutch and Krauser and it's makes Machiko look good and like her, these gals join the ranks!  
Scale Comparison - Compared to other Hot Toys 1/6 figures - ****, compared to others, varies
First, both of these gals seem like they are different heights, the blond is a bit taller than the Cuban even though they are nearly alike. The scale between these gals and other Hot Toys is very good compared to guys like John Connor and Marcus Wright, their shorter than them but not too much and compared to other females by Hot Toys like Machiko, they are slightly shorter. Compared to Hot Toys figures like the alien Predators and the Xenomorphs they are way shorter and seem like they should because the extraterrestrials are giants! Now, compared to figures like Sideshow, Triad, ZC Girl, Dragon, BBI and others, it really varies especially with ZC Girl and Triad because Triad's gals are shorter and ZC Girls are quite tall. While if you are OK with these heights whether you accept it and/or pretend it they do look quite tubular with others, it doesn't make a different to Me because I think its cool to have a bunch of different gals together no matter who and what they are as long as they are in the same scale but it's you that's gotta make your call! I have included some comparison photos so look on for them!
Quality - ***
While the TrueType honeys aren't indestructible, they are made well. However, the arms and legs are made out of a thinner type of plastic that could be thicker especially the hinged knees because the plastic is quite weak there. Otherwise they are made well.

Value - ***1/2
I obtained these gals from the Big Bad Toy Store at $39.99 each plus $9.19 shipping totaling $89.17 and while to some that may seem a bit much, they are well worth it because of the ultra realistic rubber skin and the fantastic rooted hair and of course the super sculpting, not to mention the cool extra alternate hands & feet plus the stand and the nice clothing. As I speak, BBTS currently has only the Caucasian Blonde meaning the Cuban-American IS SOLD OUT! If you like these gals and want them I suggest to get them or one of them at the price that I did because that's quite fair. If you gotta go to the eBay route and pay more for them I wouldn't pay to much more than that for them. If you pay fifty bucks for one of them not including the shipping then drop the score down a star, each additional ten you spend, just knock off a star but say if you some how get lucky and get them for a price lower than I did than dude, you are quite lucky and getting a bargain - no, make that a steal!

Fun Factor - ****
Without a single doubt, these gals are a lot of fun. I love posing them and looking at them with each other, displaying their beauty and also with other figures because they add such an alternate dream display. I think that these gals look great the way they are but the cool thing is that its an option of dressing them up and giving them weapons and I'm sure they'd look good that way too because just look at them, these babes just ain't good lookin', they can pack a whallop and are truly some of the coolest female figures out there!

Things to Watch Out For -
Well, of course you want to handle these gals like any precious 1/6 figure, their arms are thin and their wrists are even thinner so be careful turning them. Also a big note is their hinged knees because there is a visible peg that looks like it could turn, DON'T let it FOOL you, it DOESN'T turn! One other thing is if you put the them on their stands and clamp the clamps around their waists, make sure the clamp pods doesn't clamp or pinch their rubber torso because it will dent them and possibly make some visible scuffs or marks on them. The dents will slowly come up and the rubber will regenerate or reshape itself but the marks are harder to remove. If you have to do that just rub them gently with your thumb or fingers until it is gone but if it does come to that and if you do rub them, I only recommend that you do so very briefly otherwise the color will fade and the rubber skin will deteriorate. Also, by moving the figures' torso back and forth, you can lift up the skin under the belly and back by doing this you can see the jointed skeleton but it can be a bit tricky to put it back in place. Push it back gently down with your fingers so nothing is hurt and tuck it under and in the hips.

I recommend keeping the extra hands and feet in their package or a zip lock bag to make sure you don't lose them. Also, if you have kids, a boy or a girl or both and they want to play with them or just look at them I'd only recommend letting them do it if they are a teenager or someone who takes good care of their own stuff and knows how valuable these are. Other than that, that is all!

Overall - ****
Despite my gripes which are really small, these gals are just a ball! Sculpted excellently, with wonderful paint apps that makes them great looking plus sporting a decent amount of articulation with some extras. These gals are such a great addition to the Hot Toys line up and look quite fine with other 1/6 scale figures. I'm looking forward for Hot Toys to improve the leg and ankle articulation and possibly making an African-American female, Asian female and a Caucasian ginger red haired female in the near future with different face sculpts. There's nothin' like adding a female figure to your display, they're the perfect sweet things to improve a display no matter what kind it may be and make it way more interesting. if you like women in your 1/6 scale display then there's no way you can go wrong with these two gals!

Packaging - ***1/2
Sculpting - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ***
Accessories - ****
Outfit - ****
Special Features - ****
Scale Comparison - Compared to other Hot Toys 1/6 figures - ****, compared to others, varies
Quality - ***
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ****
Overall - ****

Where to Buy -
I bought Mine at Big Bad Toy Store, they only have the Caucasian now but you can also go to eBay to get the Cuban-American.

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