Disney Park Exclusive Temple of Doom Indiana Jones

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Indy fan Guy Klender is back tonight with another look at Indiana Jones - take it away, Guy!

Without a new film, a new ride, game or even comic book, a new Indiana Jones figure exclusive to Disney Parks seems unexpected, however it is also uninspired.   He is based on the look of the character in The Temple of Doom however the accessories are from all of the films and the base is the same one we were given in the last figure.  Much of this seems to be repacked and somehow they were able to make it worse than before rather than improving on it.  I love the Indiana Jones films, I love the comics the books, the Young Chronicles and often the toys, but this line of toys misses on so many things it is difficult to become excited about them.  This figure appeared this week at both Disneyland and DisneyWorld Parks and I fear will be sitting on the shelf there for a long time to come.  Let us get to the review so you can understand why finding this won’t be difficult at all.

Packaging - *1/2
Boring and ugly.  I did not care at all for the packaging used over and over on the Indiana Jones toys from Sideshow, Gentle Giant and the like that Lucasfilm demanded but this oversized boring rectangle makes those others look like Degas painting next to 3rd graders finger paintings.  It is oversized and the color is a cross of pea soup and public restroom.   

The back art is even worse with the pose of the figure making it out to be something you would laugh at when you saw it in the 99 cent store.   

The massive tray that hold the figure and accessories does not even fit the card properly and after looking at 30 of them mine seemed to have the least amount of fall off the bottom of the card.  The WARNING  CHOAKING HAZZARD text is as large as the words TEMPLE OF DOOM ACTION FIGURE. It is not collector friendly packaging at all but I can not for the life of me thnk of anyone who would want to keep this thing on card.  

The lack of twist ties and the tray showing all the accessories are its only good points and that is a stretch to say it is a plus.

Sculpting - **
Seventy five percent of this figure we have seen before.  The pants, the torso, the hat, the boots, the bag, gun and holster, all repeats of the last bad figure.  The head and the arms are the only things changed on this one and they are not helping to make this a better figure at all.

Harrison Ford hit the gym hard before doing Temple of Doom and he did get bigger arms but this is silly. My bet is that the naked arm on the right arm is being used on a super hero figure in another line somewhere,  and the left was done with the shirt sleeve only for a bit of change. 

The head sculpt perhaps looks more like Harrison but with inch of paint on it that is hard to tell.  The shankara stone, the machete, the voodoo doll and the antidote view are the only other new sculpts. 

The doll is the only one worth mentioning. The stones seem too small and the veil is a plastic stick, there was no “sculpting” going on there.  The playset is also the same one we saw before with only a different paint job.

Paint - **
I said the paint was bad, and it is but in some ways they made improvements. The color of the pants, the boots, the holster and satchel all are more screen accurate, getting the tan color of the pants right was an improvement. The shirt stayed the same color and that was a saving grace here. The playset of pillars and columns is now a yellow tan color and the base in an awful green to represent grass I would suspect but it makes even the cheapest Astroturf seem realistic. The journal appears the same as does the Cairo Swordsmans blade that has no business being in here. The journal appears to be more from The Last Crusade and even so, he did not use a notebook in Temple of Doom. 

The head paint is where things go from awful to gut wrenchingly horrific. The hat is the same sculpt but now a reddish tan that is further off than the last time they did this figure.  The eyes this time were given white around the pupil, the only improvement but the hairline has so much slop a drunken monkey with a brush could have done the same task.  I am not sure of they are to be cuts on his face, or dirt, or claw marks but there are brown lines going in multiple directions on his cheek and forehead.  Indy did not fight a Bengal tiger in Temple of Doom as I recall.  True it is the one I watch least but I still pretty sure that scene was not in it.  The head is more Ford but with the thick slop paint it is too hard to notice if you really are seeing something closer to Indy or not.

Articulation - **1/2
Again we are given some improvement but the worst parts stay the same.  the odd socket design of the hips does not allow for any real poses and looks strange.  The feet again only swivel right to left not up and down so getting him to balance, good luck. 

The head is able jointed so her can look up and down and a tiny movement from side to side but I am not sure if mine was just broken or loose or if that is part of the design.  The arms, well this is the only area they did  any real changes so that’s what we need to talk about most. 

Ball jointed shoulder sockets this time are not hindered by the jacket design so you have more options this time.  Cut bicep makes for a bit more as well as elbow joints that are 3 pieces and a cut wrist.  There is more realism to the movement of the arm this time and I give them credit for that.

Accessories - **1/2 if you DO NOT have first figure,  *1/2 of you own other figure
Most all of this is a repeat of the first figure so even though you get 9 pieces and a stand all but 3 of them you have and better versions as well. 

The Cairo Swordsmans blade from Raiders of the Lost Ark has no business in this set and appears to be exactly what it is, filler to make you think your getting something better than it is.   The stone is too small and does not fit in his hand making it pointless.  Here is an idea, take out the Raiders sword and give me THREE stones like there were in the film.  The Antidote, while it was from the second film, he drank it while wearing a white jacket tuxedo not a torn shirt khaki ensemble we know him to wear so often.  The voodoo doll is the best park of the whole figure and may have been the only reason I bought this figure other than to show all of you.  The machete is a nice choice and put in his hand and with the white bandage on the hand does make him stand out from the last one if you saw them next to one another on the shelves. 

The playset and stand you may want to get to Home Depot and pick a spray paint color that looks more like grass if you want to salvage this piece.  If you did not pick up the first figure they did you may see this as pretty good as far as accessories go but if you have the first, enjoy your voodoo doll and machete, the only piece you will bother using at all.

Fun Factor -
You will not pose him much, and as the base is a bad repaint and most of the accessories are repeats or make no sense there is little fun to be had.  The younger kid who wants a Indy figure for sandbox play will have hours of fun but the adult collector hoping for something great no luck.  The excitement I did have was riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland and finding this figure as I left the park but without that experience he misses by miles.

Value - ** of you DO NOT have first figure,  * if you have first one
As I mentioned in the accessories section, of you do not have the first one he comes with lots of stuff but if you do have it, all but a few things are new at all.  At $15.00 the price is not awful but there are so many ways this could have been better and I would have found myself buying more than one.

Things to Watch Out For -
You see what you’re getting and there is no way you could think you were getting anything more than it is when you see it.  Enjoy it for what it is.  Set in on the shelf and enjoy its bi annual dusting as that is all you will ever do with it.

Overall - **
I was lucky enough to see what Gentle Giant wanted to do with this figure from a person working on it and what can now be purchased is 180 degrees different from that.  Somewhere along all the corporate lines and cost cutting and lost interest in product we received this.  Get rid of the big bad base give him a smaller more exciting package and accurate accessories, charge a few dollars less and watch us pick these up Disney.

Score Recap:
Packaging -  *
Scuplting - **
Paint - **
Articulation - **
Accessories - **1/2 if new to you, * if you bought first one
Fun factor - * 1/2
Value - ** of you DO NOT have first figure,  * if you have first one
Overall - **

This product was purchased for the review by the reviewer. Photos and text by Guy Klender.

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