Plastic Ape comes in tonight with a guest review of the latest Monty Python figure released by Sideshow, Patsy!  Take it away, Ape!

This review is a month or so late, but Sideshow recently released their Monty Python ďHoly GrailĒ Patsy figure. He is a limited release of 7,500 figures.

Most of this review will not be anything new as I doubt anyone buying Patsy would be buying their first Sideshow figure. I would think most of you are like me and are buying him because you already bought the other Holy Grail figures. I view 2 out of 4 as an average score so my grades may seem a bit harsh at first blush. While Patsy isn't a bad toy, he did bring a few disappointments once I got him out of the package and started fiddling with him. If you wanted a Patsy figure you will be satisfied, but I donít think he win anyone over who doesnít want one in the first place.

Packaging - **
Unlike the regular reviewer (Mr. Crawford - henceforth MWC) I really donít care about the packaging -- but I do appreciate when a company goes the extra mile to make the MIB collectors happy. If you are a MIB collector you will be quite disappointed in Patsy's packaging. It is the exact same as the packaging that came with the knights (complete with the "Patsy coming soon!" text on the back). All that you will get new with Patsy in way of packaging is a sticker on the front plastic stating "Terry Gilliam as Patsy". I doubt there are many people who care about the packaging on these figures, but itís part of the review.

Sculpting - **
Patsy comes with nice, new hand sculpts (with coconut shells glued in them -- but I will rant about that later).

Normally Sideshow does a very nice job with their head sculpts, but it seems they have missed on this one. The sculpt seems almost like a caricature compared to their normal work. Maybe they were trying a little too hard to make him like the actor, but they made him a bit too apeman-like. His brow seems to be a bit too far out (or his eyes too sunken) and the face looks older than the actor (this could be due to the paint, I am not sure). It isn't bad, but it isnít their best work.

Paint - ***
While Patsy has the same sepia-ish skintone problem many Sideshow figures seem have, the paint applications are well done.

His face has very nice detail (including very small lines to emphasize some of his wrinkles) and most of his pack is also very well painted. They could have held back on the pink on the knuckles (for my taste) and my backpack did have a bit of sloppy painting on the second bedroll from the top but the paintjob is quite nice.

Articulation - **
The articulation on this body is the standard Sideshow articulation (aside from the odd ankle angles). I find these bodies neither better, nor worse, than most other 1/6 scale bodies on the market and would say they are decent, but not anything amazing.

Patsy suffers from the same strange ankle angle articulation that my knights have (see former review for pictures and a description). I have heard that these ankles can be turned to fix this problem, but with the difficulty it looks like it would be to get the leg warmers off of Patsy I donít see me trying this in the near future (if at all). His head has a decent range of motion (better than some Sideshow figures, not quite as a good as others).

Value - **
For $30 he is a decent value but nothing to get excited about. I would never pay $40 for him. His backpack is too big of a hassle, he cannot hold anything, and he is really not that exciting a character. He looks nice with the King Arthur, but he isnít really all that impressive on his own. Itís nice to have him to go with the others and for $30 I donít feel bad for having bought him.

Accessories - *
The main failing with Patsy (aside from his slightly off head sculpt) are his accessories. He comes with his backpack and a knife (that he cannot hold).

Sideshow needed to provide Patsy with his backpack or he just wouldn't have been Patsy. There are a few nice points about it, but overall it is a problem with this figure. The nice aspects of it are that the crown is removable (not that you have anyone except Patsy to put it on as the King's helmet/crown is part of his head), so are the bugle and the lance with the flag on it. So what is the downside to this backpack since it has all of these neat features? Well there are several.

First, it is heavy! To give you an idea of what I mean, Patsyís backpack weighs 308.564 grams and a naked Dragon Kater weighs 120.636 grams (the pack is roughly equal to 2 Ĺ Katers). This makes it very difficult to make Patsy stand (even if you buy a separate figure stand). It isnít just the weight, it is the fact that a heavy backpack shifts the center of gravity up, making standing even more difficult for a person -- let alone an action figure. The bottom two items on the pack (a bedroll and some squared cloth thing) are made of cloth and reduce the weight of the backpack quite a bit. The top is all cast plastic (and lifts like it is solid). This odd weight distribution shifts the weight balance even higher in the backpack and on the figure. I guess they made the top out of plastic to make it look better (and it does look nice) but I am not sure it is worth the price of making a shelf diver out of poor Patsy.

Second, I like the bugle and the lance but they only compound my aggravation that Patsy canít hold anything! I think there should be a rule that states that no company can release a figure that cannot hold its accessories. I wish they had given Patsy a second set of hands (the ones he has come off easily enough, I donít know if that is on purpose or not) so he could have held some of the things that came with him. (Of course I also wish the King had a removable helmet/crown so the one that came with Patsy could be placed on his head.)

Thirdly, the straps for Patsyís backpack are in large part made up of elastic. This works great for putting it on him, but how long do you think it will hold up under the strain of the backpack? I suspect in a year (or less) weíll have a bunch of Patsys slogging along on shelves with their backpacks dangling down near their calves.

His knife and sheath are nice (even if his coconuts make them useless) and the backpack does look quite nice and is very accurate to the one on the movie.

Outfit - ***
Since Patsy is basically a peasant there isn't much kitbash potential here but the outfit is done pretty nicely.

As with the knights, the crest emblazoned on his chest is a bit large (compared to the movie) but the choice of colors really makes him seem like the dingy pack mule he is used as in the movie. He has a shirt (with false second sleeves), a belt (like the ones the knights had except his belt buckle is gold colored), a pair of "wool" pants, some leg warmers, and shoes. I don't know if shoes or the leg warmers can be removed, they seem to be attached quite well and the leg warmers cover the ankle section of the shoe so you can't simply slip the shoe off. The tie on his hood is also awfully big compared to the movie. It should have just been string, not a scarf-like piece of cloth.

There really isn't much that could have been done with his clothing, but they did a nice job with it.

Overall - **
Patsy is a bit of a riddle for me to decide on his overall score. On one hand he is an obscure character from a goofy film made over 25 years ago. On the other hand he has a few failings that make him a bit of a disappointment. I guess I would have to say that with him you get what you pay for. He isnít a great value, but he isnít an overpriced piece of junk. If you want odd characters like him made, you have to expect to pay a little more for a little less and that is the case here. I like him, it is just that his backpack, the coconuts glued in his hands, and his somewhat simian features leave me wanting a little more.

Where to Buy
I bought my Patsy at Atlantic Toys, but many online e-tailers carry him.

- Atlantic Toys has the best price I've seen at $28 plus shipping.

- Sideshow themselves of course.  Retail is $40 plus shipping.

TNC Universe has Patsy at $32.99 plus shipping.

- Entertainment Earth has Patsy listed at $38 plus shipping. (MROTW affiliate)

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He also has larger pictures available, without the review, on a separate site. - Monty Python Figure gallery.

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