Masters of the Universe Classics Faker

   "The following is a guest review.  The review and photos do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Michael Crawford or Michael's Review of the Week, and are the opinion and work of the guest author."

Brandon Courtney Miller is back tonight with a review of a figure I covered a little while back - MOTUC Faker! Brandon is a big fan...take it away, Brandon!

First and foremost, thanks goes to Michael for allowing Me to guest review once again on his great page! Now, what you are about to read and see is a figure from a saga that I have never reviewed before but have always wanted to. I always wanted to because I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of this saga, a saga that is in My view an underrated one that deserves way more attention than it has received and a much better understanding of the property as whole. I'm talking about the Masters of the Universe! Yes, the terrific story many know as He-man and The Masters of the Universe. MOTU also coincides with She-Ra: Princess of Power. The figure is none other than Faker from the new great series called Masters of the Universe Classics! Yep, that's right the new web exclusive series by Mattel. The series has a special stipulation: there will only be one character each month and so far the selections have been decent where there has not yet been any duplicate characters (knock on wood that there hasn't & won't be)! The timings of the characters released so far is odd, though. I mean Beast Man before Skeletor, Stratos before Man-At-Arms? The series made its debut or preview during the SDCC 08 with an awesome King Grayskull (a big thanks to Michael for helping Me out big time!) and the King was available for a short time at as well. The line was scheduled to be in full force starting with He-Man available in October & Beast Man in November but Mattel delayed them until December to perfect their armor so it could be removable to match the classic vintage action figures of the 1980s. Though they were supposed to be available during the fall season, they made it to a release date of December 1st nearing winter in time for Christmas and I patiently waited because I didn't want anything to go wrong with the series especially with these guys since they are really the first additions to show what they are really going to be like and I wanted them to be as close as the vintage ones as possible so I realized with extra time things can be better. In January, Skeletor was released and Stratos came out in February and of course Faker in March. As I write this Mer-Man is coming out this month in April, on the 15th to be exact, Zodac in May and Hordak in June which all of these upcomers look just fabulous, especially Mer-Man because this figure of the Ocean Warlord has two alternate heads making him arguably the best version thus far! Very recently, Mattel announced a great looking Man-At-Arms figure with two alternate heads, an astounding Tri-Klops figure and an unbelievable He-Ro figure to be an exclusive at the San Diego Comic Con & at! Oh My goodness, when I read that He-Ro for the first time in the history of the MOTU figures, there has never been a figure of He-Ro EVER! How about that, King Grayskull in 08 and now He-Ro in 09, both together finally after all of these years in figure form! If you notice there is a good rotation here releasing hero, villain, hero, villain where there is an even amount of both sides and I like that.

I ordered Faker on March the 16th and he was out of stock and sold out within less than a day!!! Skeletor sold out fast but Stratos sold out faster and Faker must hold the record of the fastest sold out MOTU figure of all-time or at least is one of the record holders. Faker was originally available at the New York Comic Con and I'm sure he was a huge hit there as well.  

Thank goodness Mattel put him on sale on the MattyCollector store page so people like Myself who couldn't go to the NYCC and snag him up first hand but you'd have to be right there at your computer when they put him up for grabs on the web page otherwise you're SOL! When a MOTUC figure is sold out, that means that they are sold out for good meaning that they are out of production and will never have them in their web store. Be sure to check out near the bottom of the page for Faker's history, My take on Faker and special information about Now, before I get into reviewing the figure, please allow Me to explain My love for this saga. A long time ago when I was little I constantly watched the original animated series along with She-Ra: Princess of Power as well as Bravestar, all three were really great Filmation animation series. My Mom & Grandparents knew I loved He-man so they got Me many of the vintage MOTU figures by Mattel and like any young kid who is destructive and doesn't think about the future and how precious these can be, I simply abused these great figures of the 80s and I regret that to this day. I always watched the original animated classic and in fact I still watch it today as a grown up and I believe that it was the greatest animated series ever! I loved everything about it like the stories, characters, creatures, scenery, music, animation, all of the great colors used, character voices and the morals. Some may think He-man is just a tame Conan wannabe but this is just SO NOT THE CASE! It is just way different!

The MOTU live action motion picture film took a different take on the storyline which really was a good film and it had one of the greatest musical scores ever! The new 2002 animated series was a great one and had tons of awesome moments, great characters, storylines that shed more light of the originals & the music was great but nothing is like the classics. Okay, The new millennium figures were very good but after the major mess up that Mattel caused during the resurrection of He-Man in 2002, I was quite pleased what NECA was doing with the stactions since Mattel didn't allow them to make action figures as these were tremendous pieces and gave true justice yet this incredible dominance. Sadly, Mattel no longer wanted NECA to make them in the later part of 2008 and the awesome AFX exclusive of Kobra Khan & Faker were scraped so these phenomenal hybrid sculptures never saw the light of day and no one had the pleasure of owning them. However, Mattel revealed during the summer of 2008 that they planned on relaunching yet again MOTU in action figure form but this time around in a classicly styled series with modern articulation plus fantastic sculpting titled "Masters of the Universe Classics" to be available only at their new web store, the Mattel Online Store otherwise known as Even though the staction of Faker got canned fear not because an all-new, astoundingly excellent version of him is available which I'll tell you all about......Now!

Packaging -
Now this is really good packaging! I am impressed! Many of today's packaging is attractive and protective but usually not informative. They have this modern appearance but they have this vintage design to resemble how the originals were well over twenty years ago. The cards has some of the planets of the universe with lightning bolts in the sky. There are two inserts, one has the neat Masters of the Universe Classics logo and the other displaying the name and subtitle of the figure included. The inserts are nice and they are removable if you wanted to take them out of the bubble. It also says Adult Collector telling the buyer that this is for an adult collector and is not intended for children even though this was originally a child's figure series two decades ago.

The Mattel logo is only on the insert which is odd because they usually put their logo on the front and back of the card. I like it when a company puts their logo all over the card, front and back so you'll definitely know who made it and all the important things to know about the company and like I said I find this to be a different decision. Now the back of the card is a much different and more exciting. The back is more vintage in appearance and this is one of the big reasons why I really like this style. It shows you the other figures in the series that you can get with their names and subtitle listed. All of these figures on Faker's card back are sold out on but they were once available, and with future character packaging it'll show upcoming figures though it doesn't say the release dates. 

Another feature I really like is the information of the character whom is in enclosed in the package with a very vintage but original comic picture of the character. I absolutely love the one chosen for Faker as it gives him a very good comparison for the figure and also appears to be very colorfully restored! Most figure companies tend to skip out on real pictures of the character whether they are from a movie, cartoon, comic, video game or whatever and they just place prototype photos of the figure on the sides, front and back but with Me, I don't want to see prototype photos because I'm already looking at the figure. This only helps when you don't know where a certain accessory goes on the figure or something of that sort. To Me you should have at least one authentic picture of the character from whatever they are from whether it'd be from a scene or a just profile picture so you can clearly compare the figure from what he/she is from, and at least some info about the character just in case you don't know anything about the character or want to know more about the character. This type of packaging has good protection for the people who want to take the figure out and for some of the MOCs. I say some because they may accept non-perfect packaging due to the card itself being not extremely stiff and it can be bent which quite a few if not most of these MOTUC figures won't have perfect packaging and even the bubbles will have a dent here and there but for the people who want to take the figure out of the packaging the bubble does do a great job defending its prisoner from danger. One other tidbit about the packaging, them annoying twisty ties are no longer present which they are replaced by the clear rubber bands to hold the figure and accessories intact. These clear rubber bands can come in handy if you want to wrap a weapon in a figure's hand or torso or tie somebody's hair in a style such as a 1/6 scale female and you couldn't have enough of em' so these things are always welcomed in My books. Here is Faker's bio on the card:
Evil Robot of Skeletor
Real Name: N/A
Originally built by Man-At-Arms to cover for He-Man when Prince Adam is needed, Faker was abandoned after his first mission in the royal junk yard and salvaged by the evil warrior Tri-Klops. At the request of Skeletor, Faker was reprogrammed to replace He-Man and convince the people of Eternia that He-Man had betrayed King Randor and turned to evil. 

Sculpting - ****
A four star rating all they way! Like most if not all MOTU figures sculpted by the Four Horsemen, he looks awesome. The Four Horsemen has arguably the best sculpting in action figures today and placse them in the same ranks with Sideshow and Hot Toys! 

Like the MOTUC series name sounds and like the previous entries in the series itself, Faker is based of the original comic appearance, especially on the classic 1983 figure of the vintage MOTU action figure line. This means that Faker appears like his first incarnation seen nearly two decades ago! Though he looks a lot like his original self, there are many but cool and exciting updated differences when you compare him to his original and newer figurinemorphs.  This figure of Faker is about six inches tall. His stature is huge though in real size he stands in between five foot, eleven inches tall to six feet, three inches tall with biceps around twenty-three inches weighing in at an impressive two-hundred and eighty-eight pounds! The sculpting of his body matches this look. He really has this body structure and shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger of old. 

Even though Faker is a big, big villain, he is actually a very handsome individual. His face is sculpted beautifully with a small downward nose and a really mean expression with the right eye brow posed down and the left eye brow is more upward in a thinking position. Of course he is He-Man's opposite which is evil so he wouldn't and shouldn't be the same in appearance. So, his expression is a very good one with his squared jawed mouth opened more, eyes straight forward with a determined brow bringing fear into his opponent. His hair is a separately sculpted piece that is near shoulder length and wavy as if it is blowing in the wind. His upper body is tremendous. His chest is huge with sculpted nipples, big protruding rib muscles, large abdominals and a sculpted naval. The arms of Faker, like his torso, has great definition. The shoulders are wide and as you move downward the biceps are very rounded reaching an incredible size with much strength and as you move down further his forearms are absolutely thick! His hands are a decent size that depicts a muscle man's hands quite well as both hands are in a great pose showing nicely trimmed fingernails. His legs, like the rest of his body, have an astounding amount of muscle that appears extremely strong. His clothing is the same that was used for He-Man and Faker's looks great. His loin cloth looks like some kind of fur from some type of animal, blowing in the wind slightly. His boots seems to be made from the same kind of animal that his loin cloth is made from but his boots have these straps to tighten them up so they stay on during his brutal activities. There is a separation at the middle of the end of the boots in between the four small toes and the big toe revealing that the material that the boots are made out of is not that thick of a cloth. There is no sculpted copyright information on either boot like usually seen in many action figures of this scale but there is only a painted code located under his left boot.

There is also a peg hole in each foot just in case you would want to place him on a display stand but Faker stands good on his own in many poses without falling or toppling over. His belt is very reminiscent of his vintage counterpart, having a large jewel in the middle of the belt front and the rest of the rivets being much smaller as the belt progresses on either side. The front of the belt is the largest section, allowing for the large jewel to stand out. His wrist gauntlets are quite impressive. His right wrist guard is thick and somewhat bracelet-like while his left wrist protector has some armor design to it and it is way different as it straps on the forearm rather than clamping. 

His torso armor, which is very much like Skeletor's, is also a nicely sculpted piece but unlike his other armor this part is removable. It covers the upper part of the body mostly between his neck and chest and along the shoulders. The shoulder armor has a dozen ,small animal bones. On the inner part of the armor like the collar region, there is a large sculpted bat with out-streched wings reminding one that this is just not a design that was randomly chosen but it has a purpose and that purpose is that it is a variation of Hordak's insignia! Connecting from below the collar is two large bones forming in an X with a large red jewel in between plus there is two straps with ten rivets wrapping around the rib cage area to the back. The upper portion of the back of the armor has a slot sheath to hold the power sword of Faker. 

The power sword of Faker is of a great length. The long sword reaching about three inches seems a bit bulky though its obviously thick and deadly but in real size it would be over forty inches, reaching a length of over four feet! The sword has the appearance that looks to be made in two pieces where the blade is molded into the specialized hilt as the hilt's elongated holder piece securely holds the blade intact. The sculpting of the other power sword is identical except that the other side is missing to place He-man's or Skeletor's into it making it into a complete sword or possibly even a second one for Faker to have a full second weapon and/or accessory.

I am quite pleased with all of this great sculpting. Since King Grayskull was made first and then He-man arrived second and Skeletor appeared fourth on the scene, they had to base Faker off of them since he looks much like both of the heroes and wears Skeletor's torso armor. But the Four Horsemen made Faker stand out from the others. In fact I'm always pleased with how their sculpting is and even though they have impressed Me many, many times, I am still impressed with each additional upcoming figure that they sculp.

Paint - ***1/2
The paint application is one of the things that makes Faker stand out. His blue skin is just completely neat with a brighter blue color than Skeletor making his skin color far different. The armor and clothing paint apps is especially done greatly as I just love that his belt and wrist gauntlets are silver and black which this is one of the many things that I just love about this particular Faker figure because if you remember the vintage version's arm guards were not painted and the belt was solid black so this was a big treat for Me. Also this goes for the greatly sculpted 03 Faker as well. 

His torso armor is also painted quite well where the armor is dark shaded orange, the straps are a lighter orange with the ten rivets of the shoulders being a darker color and the X bones are a shiny looking orange making them look like polished trophies blending in with the armor. One thing that I have always liked about Faker is the colors of his armor and clothing along his big blue frame. His loin cloth and boots are purple with shades of black throughout which this is one heck of a coincidence since Prince Adam wears purple clothing!  In case people are wondering about this, Faker does have purple trunks on under his loin cloth so he is prepared in case of being exposed during battle. I noted that because sometimes figures aren't painted under a loin cloth, a dress or something of that effect, because this may be important to some. 

The painting of his eyes is good as they are straight and not cockeyed. They are not extremely bright and some will be even dimmer. His eye brows are black and applied well and there is a white space in his mouth appearing to be showing some teeth. His head is painted very good, and all I noticed was one small little speck of blue on the top of his head and a couple small dark marks on his face and here and there. 

The straps on his boots are applied OK, there is some tiny tiny places on the boot straps where the paint either wasn't applied or it came off while in the package as well. 

Arguably the most important of all of the paint applications is his robotics located on his chest. When I got Faker and took him out of the his package I was very surprised to find out that his mechanism WAS NOT a sticker nor decal like the previous versions of the character, but that it was actually painted on! As you can tell for such a small area there is a lot of detail.

Much can be seen like two round tape spinner devices, several buttons, a light motion tube, among other things. I am quite pleased that this Faker has taken an alternate route with his chest feature and this should last longer than the originals. One side note: there is a code painted on his left foot and no copy right and/or company name like 2009 Mattel inc. nor is it painted or sculpted anywhere on his body. I always like to see the copyright mark on a figure to show its authentic but apparently Mattel didn't think that it was necessary. Really, the paint apps are very good its just that there are some teeny tiny misses here and there but its not that big of a deal at all! I am particularly happy with the colors chosen for Faker and he has never looked better than this!

Articulation - ****
Mattel has never been big on articulation until relatively recently with their DC figures, as they try to compete against other top companies that made their figures with heavy duty articulation such as Marvel Toys (Toy Biz) and Hasbro. These companies would make their figures have twenty-five or even more than thirty points of  compared to Mattel's previous five, ten or fifteen. I remember when Mattel made their first super articulated Superman and Batman and I thought darn, Mattel is doing the articulation good but its a shame they are no longer making He-Man figures. Well, fast forward a few years later and here we are with super articulated He-man figures! When I got King Grayskull he was a treat and then when I got He-Man and Beast Man I knew that Mattel is doing this MOTUC line right when it comes to the articulation. 

Faker is just not a powerhouse in appearance but he is also a powerhouse in articulation. He has twenty-eight points of articulation and here is the break down: Ball jointed neck, hinged ball jointed shoulders, cut biceps, hinged elbows, cut wrists, hinged torso, cut waist, ball jointed upper thighs, cut lower thighs, hinged knees, cut shins at the boot line, hinged rocker joint ankles. 

I didn't have any problem with any of these joints and believe Me, I have had My fair share of articulation fiascoes. All of the movements are not that restricted except the head is somewhat because of the hair and the legs due to the loin cloth but you can move the loin cloth up a bit because it is kind of soft to have a better range of movement in the legs.

There are many fine poses that Faker can accomplish without looking silly. The ball jointed head and hinged chest are convenient and especially the rocker jointed ankles helps a lot is many kinds of poses. If I had a choice to add one more joint to this body or future MOTUC figure it would have to be hinged cut wrists but other than that I'm quite pleased with the articulation. The movements work well without any probs, and I am very pleased!  

Accessories - ***
Faker includes his Skeletor armor, an orange power sword and an orange power sword half. I will explain further about the one half of the power sword in the Special Features section. These swords along with his armor have all been seen before following the classic reuse technique of the MOTU vintage line. His armor has been included previously with Skeletor and his swords has also been seen with Skeletor, He-Man and as well as King Greyskull so yes these are all the same sculpts its just that Faker's is different colors. I am perfectly fine with the reuse of weapons and armor, in fact, ever since I knew about Faker when I was little I have always thought that Skeletor's armor fit Faker quite well! The armor is removable, just lift the straps off the pegs on the back and pop his head off. Read more about that is the Things to watch out for section. The armor comes off to allow the tremendous physique to be seen clearly plus to get a revealing glimpse of Faker's inner chest! Though he has a decent and necessary amount of accessories, I am only giving this category three stars because of the lack of additional weapons such as a battle ax and a shield. NECA's Faker was going to include a power sword and a shield so by seeing and knowing this I wish Mattel had decided to include more weapons with Faker especially since He-Man and King Greyskull came with the same amount of identical weapons. Actually you can have Faker using more arsenal and again, I will explain in the Special Features section about this and more.

Special Feature -
As I have mentioned, Faker has his robotic chest mechanism but unlike his counterparts of years ago his is not a sticker or a decal. It is painted so it won't come off as easy. Like Skeletor, Faker's power sword can easily be placed in the slot located on the back of his armor which this is always a welcomed feature as I like it when a figure can actually store a weapon or two on their armor or clothing. His one half of the power sword can be combined with He-man's half of the power sword. The two halve snaps together with the help of the small pegs on He-man's and both of them stay connected well but you'll have to press them firmly together. These two halves form an orange and gray colored sword, and would rather have it orange and purple to match Faker's color scheme then Faker's sword can be used with
Skeletor's purple half. There are no pegs on either side of his or Skeletor's but what you can do about this is place them together and have him hold it together. Also, since the blue skinned He-Man didn't include any more weapons you could place his sword in one hand and the two halves of the power swords or just one of them of your choosing in the other making him appear like a master swordsman.

Quality - ***1/2
So why three and a half stars? Let Me explain: Faker seems to be made out of a softer possibly flimsier plastic than the other MOTUC figures. His left leg seems a bit weaker than his right at the knee plus at the shin. His boot joint splits where you can see the actual joint and so whenever I pose him I feel that I should be careful about this. I know all figures are made differently especially when you compare companies but Mattel's MOTUC are usually of a great quality. However I did notice that King Grayskull and Skeletor are made out of a harder plastic than the others so Mattel doesn't make each character equally the same. I mean Faker is made very well because he is sturdy with no lose joints. Other than that Faker is made decently.

Fun Factor - ****
No question about it Faker as well as the other MOTUC figures are very fun to pose and to display. If you love Masters of the Universe in the first place then you already know how fun they can be, but if you don't know how the MOTUC are yet in person then you are in for a treat! Even if you are a newcomer to the saga this is a great way to get started and believe Me you'll get hooked on these guys. If you are a fan of sword fighting and barbarian type characters and/or like figures with swords then Faker is your man. He can pose in dozens of ways greatly with his sword and without. You can store his sword within his armor and combine his other sword with He-Man's or Skeletor's and besides he is FAKER! He's not only fun to work with but also he's fun to look at as well with his blue skin, dark red hair, purple clothing, armor of Skeletor and for being what he is and that is an evil He-Man! He-man looks good but gosh Faker looks just totally cool, he is a very exciting figure and arguably the most visually appealing MOTUC figure yet!  

Value - ****
Without a doubt this is a four star figure, bar none! It would have been great had he come with his own orange axe and shield to match He-Man in the accessories departmen, but he is a figure that is exclusively available at MattyCollector and that is something in its self right there. I paid their retail price of $20.00, UPS Shipping of $8.70 so he cost a total of $28.70. This is really not a bad price at all, especially when you consider today's major releases at retail stores, where figures can cost over ten bucks a pop and are reaching the fifteen dollar mark as well. If the known shipping price let's you down don't let it, MattyCollector's shipping department is located in California where the shipping cost is high which should be expected and they put the figures in large packing boxes which is a good thing to do. I am use to these types of shipping costs on the Internet and anyone whom is a veteran at online shopping should be , don't let the shipping cost make you think different of the value of any MOTUC figure and especially Faker! Let's face it, Faker is an extremely underrated and poorly used character in the MOTU storylines but Mattel has brought him back with a vengeance, the Four Horsemen sculpting him in epic stature and painting him not only matching his 80s counterpart but also in bright yet bold colors making him stand out in a superb updated form! He has great articulation, terrific sculpting and paint application, a great homage to his first incarnation in figure form with the robotic feature and his overall appearance.

Things to Watch Out For -
Well, these MOTUC figures are very fun indeed and unlike their vintage counter parts, I am treating these guys a thousand times better and if you did the same as Me years ago then I advise you to do the same today. Now, Faker is very sturdy yes but he isn't indestructible. When posing him I would move his joints slowly and hold his waist while bending his torso up and down and turning back and fourth. Also be careful moving his hands as they are only cut wrists meaning they could snap provided enough pressure is used.


When you want to remove his torso armor, hold his chest while pulling off his head from his ball jointed neck. His sword is not very thick and can be bent. This is just about all. Really, I am quite surprised at the quality that Faker and all of the Masters of the Universe Classics has. In My opinion Faker, along with his buddies, is great quality that we should see more often in action figures especially today. This is what I want My action figures to be like, great looking, very fun and made sturdy! Oh, if you have children, I would only let them see and handle Faker if they know how to take care of small items and know that he is precious to you. If your child is interested in a sword fighting hero and doesn't know anything about He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Faker would be an excellent example for them to get interested in the subject.

Overall - ***1/2
There is absolutely no doubt in My mind that this figure reaches the highest possible score! An excellent appearance that's very colorful, a truly fantastic sculpt, decent paint applications, a great amount of articulation, very sturdy quality, an acceptable amount of accessories, very good packaging with info about him at a good price and besides he is Faker! I just don't think of Faker of being another He-Man version, variant or a repaint, I think of Faker as a totally different character! When you see him on the shelf next to his MOTUC counterparts he not only matches them in scale and style but also in color and when you look at him he just looks so cool and bright. Its so astounding how much he looks like his comic version and though he does resemble his original vintage action figure version, its remarkable how much he has been updated. He has this incredibly different action figure personality presence with or without posing him, weapon in hand or not. Faker is fun to pose and just to look at. So without question, all that I have said makes Me pleased of how great of a figure Faker is and by obtaining this figure of Faker makes Me look at him in a different direction and makes Me think of him as more of a major character than what he has been known for. Even though he has a fantastic appearance and as great as he is I realized that he is much more than he appears, once you own him you'll see what I mean about that. Faker has become My precious! Mattel has given him another run and he has broke the line first showing just how awesome he really is! If you were ever going to buy just one Faker figure, make no mistake about it, this MOTUC Faker is THE one to get a hold of!

Faker's History: Faker's small but interesting history is quite undoubtedly a very poor one. During the year of 1983 he was depicted as a robot which he only appeared in the original comics one time in the story titled "The Search for Keldor" where he is quickly defeated. In the 1983 episode called "The Shaping Staff" of the original animated series he was a magical being that appeared for only a few minutes and when he did appear he didn't look like he did in the comic as he was not blue skinned or anything except his eyes were glowing because Filmation went the cheap way plus he was quickly defeated there as well and never returned in future episodes. In the 2002 animated series he was only hinted at and he was said to be used in the third season but unfortunately somebody just had to make the foolish decision to cancel the series before he could be used properly! Sometimes his name is spelled Fakor and pronounced Fay-Korr or Fayk-Orr instead of the usual spelled name Faker pronounced Fay-Ker or Fayk-Er. So, in My opinion Faker is an extremely poorly used MOTU character and a very underrated one at that! He has had a fair amount of figures though. In 1983 his first Mattel figure was released made with a soft head and an orange power sword and in 1987 he was re-released only with a different but much more solid head, an orange power sword but both had the robot sticker or decal on their chest making him appear to be an android. In 2003, ToyFare magazine had a special offer of ordering a third Mattel Faker figure of the 2002 comeback series that also featured him as a robotic He-man replica with a rotating orange power sword. Faker was going to be in the intense staction form, a mini-statue, action figure hybrid by NECA as an Action Figure Xpress exclusive in 2008 including an orange power sword and an orange & purple colored shield along with Kobra Khan of the ancient Snake Men with a blaster gun but was never released and of course Faker got a special release at the NYCC and thankfully at Mattel's own In opinion whether you prefer Faker or Fakor, robot, magical entity or something else entirely he deserves a much better usage of his role than what he has been given.
My take on Faker: if I would have the opportunity to use Faker in a cartoon I would have Faker to be the way he looks as he does as the MOTUC figure but an extremely powerful villain. An evil entity from an unknown dimension enters Eternia looking to rid the Masters of the planet. He meets up with Skeletor and right away disagrees with each other and Faker defeats him. Ancient King Hiss has also fell in battle to Faker and Hordak knows about Faker and does not want to confront him. Faker meets up with He-Man and He-Man can't defeat Faker because he is as powerful as the most powerful man in the universe! He-Man knows that only his power combined with the help of the powers of the Sorceress and Zodak can stop Faker! Now that is giving Faker a proper character usage especially how great his latest figure is!
Special Note about I thought that I would include a note of the service of since they are relatively a new store and a new place to shop online for the people who is not sure about ordering from them. With their exclusive action figures a date is provided of when they are going to be available and this is good but I would also like to know how many of the figures are in stock on the site to know how much time there could be before the stock status is depleted but if it says sold out then obviously none is in stock. Unfortunately that feature is not set up on their store at this time. I like how they have a preview of upcoming figures. As I speak they have yet to send out any e-mail newsletters but they do have really good customer service. I'm not sure how their e-mail service is but their customer phone service is top notch. When you order what you want you'll receive an order confirmation confirming your order and you can track your order status on your account page, your order will be shipped out within two to three days with an UPS tracking number if you chose UPS or if you choose the non-trackable USPS Economy which you'll be notified about this via e-mail. I recommend choosing UPS for around twenty cents more than USPS because you'll get a tracking number plus you'll receive your order inside a week compared to the several weeks of the USPS Economy! When I ordered Faker on the 16th of March their server was extremely slow as tens of thousands of people were all ordering him at the same time so be prepared for this whenever a new figure event happens especially if you have a slow moving PC! There are many upcoming figure events on, as I have said previously one MOUTC character will be available each month, on April 15th an excellent version of Mer-Man will be released, on May 15th a really cool looking Zodac version and an awesome version of Horak! He-Ro has been revealed to be the SDCC 09 exclusive and will be available at MattyCollector which I suspect will be a huge event and will be sold out as soon as Faker or possibly even faster plus very neat Man-At-Arms and truly fantastic Tri-Klops will be available on MattyCollector in the very near future!  

Again all of these figures are based on their original appearances! If you notice, most of these figures are scheduled to be available on the fifteenth day of each month which is around the middle of these months. Also they have many cool exclusive DC Universe and Disney/Pixar’s CARS items as well. One other VERY important note is that in early February on Mattel revealed that they have acquired the licensed to make twelve inch and six inch figures of the Ghostbusters! Yes, from the great 1984 classic film Ghostbusters so this means that Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spengler, and Winston Zeddemore will finally be made in 1/6 scale! They are also going to be sculpted by the Four Horsemen and they are going to be exclusives on like the MOTUC that is set for an availability in June but the six inchers from the film is said to be a regular release at major retailers plus they are also making characters from the really good "The Real Ghostbusters," animated series to coincide with the movie characters so when I found this out I was very, very thrilled about this huge news as I am a huge fan of the Ghostbusters! is a very good store overall so if you want your MOTUC figures right away and especially since they are coming out with 12 inch figures of the Ghostbusters and don't want to go to eBay then don't be afraid stopping by because they are the place to get the MOTUC as well as other great exclusive action figures!
Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ****
Articulation - ****
Paint - ***1/2
Accessories - ***
Quality - ***1/2
Fun Factor - ****
Value - ****
Overall - ****
Where to buy -
On line: was the choice but Faker has been sold out since the day he was released. Remember that an awesome Mer-Man is coming up next this current month of April then Zodac in May & Hordak in June! Your best option to get Faker is to head over to eBay and see if you can get him there!
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I have been an action figure collector all My life. I currently collect 12" Sideshow figures of Star Wars and other Sideshow stuff. Various Hot Toys figures such as Aliens vs. Predator. Various NECA figures and Masters of the Universe Classics. I also collect Godzilla, Gamera and King Kong stuff as well as comics and movie books. I'm a big fan of Action, Sci-fi, Horror, Monster films and great comedies like from some of the greats the Three Stooges and John Candy. I love Movie Scores & Soundtracks, Classical Music, Rock and Heavy Metal like My all-time favorites Metallica, Oldies and classic 90's R&B. I also love Baseball, Boxing, classic Wrestling, classic and Modern Video Games. I absolutely adore Dinosaurs as well as other Prehistoric and Modern day Animals. I have a passion for Cryptozoology, Mythical Creatures and Mythology, Alienology & Ufology, the Bermuda Triangle, Space, Planets and the Universe, Strange Phenomena, Ghosts etc. And I love Weather! If you have any questions for Me give Me a holler at

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