DC Direct Superman Maquette

The third DC Direct maquette based on the hit JLA cartoon just last week. First it was Wonder Woman, then the Martian Manhunter.  The latest is likely to prove one of the most popular - Superman.

Based on the JLA animated design, this maquette is intended to fit in with the rest of the series.  Seven are currently planned.  The run on Superman is the same as Wonder Woman at 3500, but I suspect that you'll want to pick him up fairly soon, as he's likely to go pretty quick compared to the others.

Sculpting - ***1/2
If you like the maquette style, you'll love the look of Superman.  He's very thick, and quite heavy.  His head and shoulders might appear a bit too large at first, but it does match the show well.  He is in the usual stoic pose.

Some folks have had trouble with the scale, however.  Superman is exactly the same height as Wonder Woman, and slightly shorter than Martian Manhunter.  While I haven't watched the show in the last few weeks, it seems to me that MM is the tallest on the cartoon.  Also, because he is so much thicker and larger across than WW, it may make him appear to be shorter than he actually is.  I've included a photo of all three at the bottom for you to compare.  Making him just a smidge taller would have been wise on their part.

Paint - ****
I have absolutely nothing to complain about here.  My Supes has excellent, clean lines, with well painted eyes, and good color separation.  The red of his cape, the blue of his body, and the skin tone of his face are all consistent in tone and shade.

Quality - ***1/2
Similar to MM, Supes has a lot of heft.  His ankles are also quite thicker, making it less likely you'll snap him off at the calves in some unfortunate accident.

Still, you need to be careful with all of these, as they are meant to stay on a shelf with little disruption.

Design - ***1/2
The extreme thickness in the neck and shoulders, along with the width of the shoulders, takes away from the design for me slightly.  I know that it's fairly true to the source material, but it made his head look like it was squatting down on his body a bit too much.

Value - ***
At about $75, these are a decent value.  If you can get these for $60 or less, add some more stars to the value section.

Overall - ***1/2
Superman is another excellent example of what a maquette can look like.  The only real issue here is the slight scale problem, and I do wish they'd made him just a quarter inch taller.

Where to Buy - 
You can find these this week at most comic shops.  You can also find them on-line:

- The best price I've seen is at Convergence Comics - only about $65 plus shipping - for these maquettes.  Tell them I sent you :-)

- I picked mine up from Comics Infinity.  It was about $70 plus shipping.  I've always gotten great service there.  You  can also preorder the others for only about $72 each.  They sold through their shipment of Superman just with preorders, so you might want to consider preordering the upcoming ones.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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