DC Direct 13" Deluxe

 DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain

The successful DC Direct 13" Deluxe line continues cranking along, with the latest release coming from the Superman universe - Bizarro.  You can bet Jerry Seinfield owns one.

This guy hit last week, and we just got word this week that the DCD 13" Batman and Joker based on the new Dark Knight movie have been moved up from a July release to June 11th.  That means you'll be getting hit with quite a Deluxe bill in just a few weeks span!

Bizarro is Superman's doppelganger, from a place where everything is opposite of Earth.  He's been around since 1958, and was made even more famous by the terrific Seinfield episode "The Bizarro Jerry". 

Packaging - ***
The box is attractive, with some great graphic design.  I particularly like the cube Htrae in the background, and the use of the special font.

There's still 5 or 6 twisties, which should be complete dumped in a high end, expensive collectible like this.  They can't compete with the big boys in this market with their packaging yet, but it's decent work.

DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain

DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain
DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain
DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain
DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain
DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain
DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain
DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain

Sculpting - ***1/2
One of the areas that has improved with the more recent releases in this series has been the head sculpts.  Like the Green Arrow before him, the Bizarro head sculpt is a nice, sharp, clean, well defined comic book look.

There's nothing soft about this sculpt, and the hair has some excellent detail.  The face is craggy and rough, with very lifelike eyes and teeth.

The fisted hands look great, although they are made from a very hard plastic this time.  They stay on tightly, in fact too tightly.  I couldn't remove the right hand without damaging the peg.  The stupid bendy hands are one of the better sculpts in a long line of stupid bendy hands, and are a bit less bulky and fat fingered than past attempts.

The bendy hands are also less of an issue here because he doesn't have any accessories which require a tight grip.

This figure has the same issue they all do - it's too damn big.  Oddly enough, the other problem is that Bizarro really isn't big enough.  Because they've used the same 13" super sized body for all the adult males so far, Bizarro is no bigger than Flash, for example, and that doesn't look right on the shelf.

But since there's now so many figures in the overall line, I can certainly live with the fact that these are generally larger than other sixth scale figures.

Paint - ***
The skin tone has that sort of deathly, sickly look that has always been a trademark, and they did a good job matching it between the head, neck and hands.  The wash they used to bring out the details is a little heavy for my tastes, making it look a little more sloppy in this scale than it should. This is particularly true on the hands, but it's also a bit overdone on the face.  The detail work on the eyes and teeth is great though, and I love the strong blue color of the pupils.  There's even a little gloss on the eyes, giving them that lifelike wet appearance.

Articulation - ***
If you've bought a 13" Deluxe figure before, then this body will hold no real surprises for you. All the joints you're used to are here, and they work at least in a similar fashion.

The ball jointed neck is a big plus this time, however. All the figures have it, but many of them have very restricted movement. Not so this time, and Bizarro's head can tilt and lean in all sorts of ways. I will always contend (at least for today) that this single joint is the most important once you get past the basic articulation of a figure. It makes it possible to give the figure so much more life than the static cut joint.

He also has ball jointed shoulders and hips, the usual cuts at the biceps and thighs, double pin elbows, pin knees, pin/post ankles with a cut joint just above, cut wrists, cut waist and a pin (ab crunch) chest joint.

The outfit is a bit thicker than usual (more on that in the Outfit section), which does help hide the cut thighs and biceps a bit more than usual. But the body has some of the same articulation issues as always, particularly with those damn cut wrist joints. I think I've made my hate for the bendy hands and cut wrists well known, but just in case you've been ignoring me - I hate them.

Accessories - **
When you drop this kind of cash, you expect a few extras with a figure. Unfortunately, you won't be getting them with Bizarro.

There's the extra set of hands, and as I admitted in the sculpt section, they don't look quite as bad as usual. Oh, they still pose terribly, fall off every time you touch them, and can't hold anything, but at least the sculpts look better.

There's also the usual black display base, and it has the reverse S emblem, just as you'd expect.

The only unique accessory he has is his stone 'necklace', with Bizarro #1 on it. It does have a nice sculpt, and the rope has a very realistic look, but it tends to lay a bit too high on his chest because the rope is a bit too short, making it stick out at an odd angle. It's a decent accessory on it's own, but not enough to boost this Accessory score very high.

Outfit - ***
Another area that's seen real improvement over the course of the series is the outfits. Bizarro's continues that trend in a couple key ways.

The outfit isn't particularly complex, but the quality of stitching and material is great. The outfit seems a little thicker to me, which hides the cut thighs and biceps better as well as simply feeling higher quality in your hands.

The cape is short, and the way it's sewn into the neck allows it to lay completely flat across the shoulders, or you can fold it over a bit on one or both sides. It has the reverse S on the back as well.

That's one area that still lacks a bit - the iron on emblems. They feel a bit cheap, and haven't changed much over the course of the series. Fortunately, they are applied nice and straight.

Bizarro's boots are a material that's similar to Green Arrow's, only thicker. This faux leather makes a MUCH better looking boot than the silly vinyl material, and I'm much happier with it. It's a little thick here, as they used a double layer, but I can live with that.

He still has the same goofy zippers on both the boots and the costume, and I don't expect we'll see that change any time soon.

His shorts and belt round out the costume. The shorts look pretty good, but they tend to ride low in back and high in front, giving them an odd angle downward along his side. But you'll only notice it from specific angles, and you can fidget it around to look decent most of the time.

The belt was my biggest issue, and probably what held the overall outfit back from a half star higher score. The buckle would not stay buckled, especially over time. It popped loose right out of the package, and as I popped it back together time after time, it became less and less interested in staying closed. Hopefully you won't have the same issue.

Value - **1/2
I'm usually harder on these figures in this category, and this guy isn't worth the SRP.  But you should be able to pick this guy up for under $60, and these figures are getting more expensive from here on out.  When you see the price tag on the Dark Knight figures in a couple weeks, you'll be wishing they were this cheap.

Fun Factor - ***
Yea, these aren't really kid's toys, but you know what?  They could be.  They are fairly well built, and could hold up reasonably well to play.  Kid's couldn't handle swapping the hands though, and let's face it - you probably can't afford to give them $60 toys for the sand box.

Things to Watch Out For - 
The big one is those hard, tight hands.  I almost broke the peg on the left hand, and I highly suggest using some hot water on the hands before trying to remove them.

Overall - ***
Bizarro exhibits some fine improvements: better neck articulation, better boots, great sculpt, better bendy hands (although I still hate them). However, there are still a handful of issues that kept the overall from reaching another half star higher. For me, the issues around the swappable hands (the fists are almost impossible to get off, while the soft rubber bendy hands fall off every time you touch them), the belt not staying closed, and the general lack of accessories at this price point hold the poor guy down.

Still, there is definite improvement here, and I could imagine a time when these were getting consistently higher scores with just a few minor improvements. In just a couple weeks I'll be getting the Dark Knight Batman and Joker, and I really am looking forward to seeing what they do with that pair.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - ***
Accessories - **
Fun Factor - ***
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
If your LCS didn't pick him up (or are charging an arm and a leg), try these online sponsors:

- Amazing Toyz has him at $54.99.

- CornerStoreComics has him for $54.99.

- Alter Ego has him for $59.49.

- Things from Another World has him at $63.

- YouBuyNow has him at $66.49.

- or you can search ebay using

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DC Direct Deluxe Bizarro action figure superman villain

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