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King Randor is back tonight with a guest review of the highly anticipated Jason Todd figure from the Batman: Hush line.  Take it away, your majesty!

Fans of the immensely popular Batman "Hush" miniseries are now being treated to some amazingly sculpted action figures. The figures have not yet hit retail, but Wizard has apparently already started shipping the Jason Todd "Hush" figure. I received mine quite recently. Now, I never read the comic, but Iím assuming based on what Iíve seen that Jason Todd is the villain in this storyline- I bought the figure based on how blown away I was from the advertisement for it in ToyFare. So, did the figure meet my expectations?

Packaging - *
It serves its purpose, but is, IMO, quite possibly the blandest packaging I have ever seen for pretty much anything. Maybe Iíve come to expect more from ToyFare and DC Direct, but this, to me, is just downright lame.

Sculpting - ****
Absolutely GORGEOUS. Iím literally blown away by it- it IS a stunning piece. From his head, to his trench coat, to the "Robin" suit- mind blowing. Itís also worth mentioning that his trench coat is made of a nice, flexible, plastic. It just adds to that "trench coat" feel, which is a nice touch. My only issue with it, however, was that due to the advertisement I saw for it in ToyFare, I expected him to be a bit huskier- his skinniness actually let me down a bit. For some reason, when I got him, and saw him, I just wasnít as excited for him as I was when I ordered him. 

Paint - ****
The paint ops chosen for this piece were phenomenal, and it all works together so well. One minor thing- while they went for a "solid" look to the top and bottom half of the figure, for some reason, they decided to paint his kneepads a very glossy black, and it really doesnít seem fit in too well, but Iíll overlook it cause it kinda looks cool, IMO. I almost forgot to mention- my particular piece had some very noticeable paint bleed on it. I thought this was the best piece of all the ones Iíd gotten, so I assumed they just messed upÖit turned out I just managed to open the one WITH the paint bleed- the other two I got, for my friend, were perfect. So if possible, be a bit choosy about WHICH Jason Todd Hush figure you buy.

Accessories - **1/2
Ok, the guns CAN be considered accessories, but based on the fact that theyíre sculpted into the figureís hands, your opinion can go either way on that. They are, however, sculpted quite nicely for their scale. The only ACTUAL accessory is a base with pegs. Itís nice, but nothing to write home about.

Overall - ***1/2
It IS a great figure, this is a stunning piece, and truly worth it. I must admit- I wasnĎt as thrilled with it when I first got it, but it HAS grown on me. I just wish he couldíve been a bit huskier, and the packaging couldíve been better, but otherwise, fully worth it.

Where to Buy - 
If youíre lucky, Wizard online will still have a few of these in stock. If not, your best bets are comic shops, or eBay.

Figures from the collection of King Randor.

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