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Coheteboy brings us a guest review of a pretty spiffy vinyl figure - Two Gun Mickey!  It's all yours, Coheteboy...

Many collectors know Medicom as the toy company behind the Kubricks, Planet of the Apes and Real Action Heroes, but I personally know them as the company that constantly churns out amazing Disney product. The line is called Disney Vinyl Collectible Dolls and it stretches through various Disney properties. Don't let the name fool you, these aren't real dolls... these are just vinyl statues that look better than ANYTHING that Disney ever releases in the states. And these don't break as easily as porcelain or glass either. There have already been a nice handful of Disney characters that made the cut into Medicom's vinyl form, and I'm a fool for not reviewing these earlier for you guys. 

Medicom has created some great large size figurines across the Disney spectrum, from Pinocchio to Aladdin. From Nightmare Before Christmas to Toy Story. Today we will take a look at the recently released Two-Gun Mickey as seen in the 1934 Mickey Mouse cartoon of the same name. 

Packaging - ***
The packaging is on the incredibly plain side of things, but it definitely protects the toy inside with a clear plastic tray. One window on the front allows you to see what you're getting and the rest of the box tells you what other related figures you might want to look into. Although the box is pretty plain, each one is unique to the figure you're getting so it does the trick. These are also very easily replaced back into the box so I think that's certainly a plus. 

Sculpting - ****
I have about twenty of these vinyl dolls and I have yet to be disappointed with a single one. You just can't ask for anything better. This is the embodiment of Mickey Mouse from the cartoon. All the details that you saw in the cartoon are all here in excruciating detail. This is the definition of three-dimensional art. 

Two-Gun Mickey is sculpted in the pose where he's firing his pistols up into the air like a true cowboy. It could not look any better in my opinion. 

Paint - ***1/2
The paint ops are generally excellent on these figures. Everything is painted with cleanliness and accuracy, and the colors are well selected as well. For a Mickey Mouse toy based on a black & white cartoon, they certainly found a way to make the figure dynamic enough. 

Articulation - n/a
While some vinyl dolls have limited points of articulation, Two-Gun Mickey has none. Completely meant for display purposes only.

Value - ** 1/2
Being an item imported from Japan, the cost of this item already soars just a tad, but it's worth it to me being the Disney fanatic that I am. It's also comforting that I know that these aren't going to be released cheaper in the states either... although I wish everyone who wanted these would be able to get them as easily. The price on Mickey here was $38, which is pretty close to most busts these days, but it is a bit costly for a vinyl figure. 

Overall - ***1/2
It's true, it's quite a price to pay just to get decent Mickey merchandise. Last year was Mickey's 75h anniversary and before the Disneyland merchandise was rolled out, I had the opportunity to chat with the gal in charge of creating the exclusive birthday merchandise. She showed me what she had planned for the event and absolutely NONE of the t-shirts and hats went beyond what we have seen time and time again. It was always Steamboat Willie, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Brave Little Tailor or Mickey and the Beanstalk, etc etc... all while the other Mickey Mouse cartoons were left ignored. I asked her "Did you have the freedom to use EVERYTHING in the vaults?" She replied confidently "Everything in the vaults." And I asked "So why didn't use anything that the public doesn't already know about? It's Mickey's 75th... that's quite a lot of great cartoons under his belt. Use the demented Mickey from Runaway Brain! Use Two-Gun Mickey! ANYthing else!" She replied again "I wanted to do something that people would recognize." I ended the conversation in disgust. Apparently the people working Disneyland Merchandise have NO idea what they're doing nor do they even care. So it really is unfortunate when the best Mickey merchandise comes from Japan and not in the land where it all began. 

Anyway... there's also a Two-Gun Mickey version of Minnie Mouse available as well. And if you're a Mickey fanatic, there's several other dolls that have already been released: Plane Crazy, The Mail Pilot, Mickey's Rival, and Fantasia. 

Where to Buy - 
Ebay and import stores are the places to hunt if you're not in Asia... 


Figures from the collection of Coheteboy.

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