Revenge of the Penguin 

Another animated series of repaints is already at Toys R Us.  Hot on the heels of the Shadows of Gotham set, many TRU's are getting the Revenge of the Penguin set this week.  Another four pack, we get the usual Batman and Robin figures, along with a Catwoman and Penguin.

These are selling for the expected $19.99, and you can find them at as well.

Packaging - ***
I can't complain too much.  The boxes are collector friendly, and again they come  with the insert of bats flying around a yellow and black background.

They added an instruction sheet this time as well, which is the first time I remember seeing something like that in the four packs.

Sculpting - ***
The Batman is one of the goofy variations, rather than just a repaint of one of the standard figures.  That hurts his score a bit, since I'm not a big fan of the weirder variations.

Robin is also one of the less stellar sculpts, being the first version that used the body from the Batman Returns line.  At least the colors are good, but we'll get to that in the next category.

Catwoman is exactly the same figure we've seen twice before, at least in terms of sculpting.  Penguin is also ALMOST identical to the original sculpt.  While some folks have claimed the head is different, I certainly can't see it.  In fact, the only change I could find was in the right hand, where there was some very basic alteration to the sculpt to make it easier for him to hold the umbrella accessory.

The problem with both Catwoman and Penguin is that the sculpts seem soft, almost as if there is either a problem with the molds, or new molds were created from original figures.

Paint - *
The color choices are fine, and actually both the Batman and Robin I got were certainly decent on the paint ops.

But Catwoman is terrible, and I had to look through 6 or 7 boxed sets to find one even worth bringing home.  Most had smudged faces, or awful lips.  Even the one I picked out is sloppy and inconsistent.

Articulation - **
Same Hasbro BTAS articulation you've come to expect.

Accessories - **1/2
Batman and Robin come with some more of their goofy crap, including that damn 'nose' launcher that we've gotten in the last couple sets.

The Penguin has just a new umbrella, which does look decent and fits nicely in his hand.

Catwoman comes with a mix of stuff - the snap on cat claws and the small black cat from the large Arkham boxed set, and the whip from the original carded BTAS Catwoman.  Her accessories are particularly soft, and for a minute I thought the cat was a gummi bear.

Quality - *1/2
Again we are seeing much softer plastics in some places.  Penguin is just as tough as ever, but Catwoman's arms and legs are far too soft, and Robins legs are so weak that the package deformed his feet.  I couldn't get him to stand out of the box, and will have to heat him up to reposition them.

I'm not buying the safety excuse - that's a rationalization to get the buyers to accept a cheaper product.

Value - *
This set is not worth the twenty bucks of other recent four packs.  With no new figures at all, and just simple repaints, these figures aren't worth five dollars a piece.  Collectors have been clamoring for the Penguin for years - I suspect they'll complain when they get this one.

Overall - *1/2
The overall score gets seriously hurt by two things - no originality in this set at all (other than Penguin's umbrella), and the sloppy paint work on Catwoman.  That makes them a bad value, and really takes a toll on the overall score.  The release of the last couple 4 packs hurts this too - they were so good, this one had a lot to live up to.

Where to Buy - 
Toys R Us or are your best bets.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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