Dr. Tongue Zombie - Day of the Dead
By AmokTime

Dr. Tongue zomibe Day of the Dead action figure by Amok Time

AmokTime has just released their second 7" scaled zombie figure, Dr. Tongue from Day of the Dead. This is a follow up to the Bub figure released last fall.

While the third installment in Romero's zombie films didn't reach the cinematic bar set by the first two, it did have some terrific zombies. Obviously, Bub was the center piece, but who could forget Dr. Tongue?

Dr. Tongue is so named since he's missing the majority of his lower jaw, allowing his tongue to loll around loose, all willy nilly. Due to the rather dark nature of the film (and I mean actual lighting, not metaphorical dark), it's really tough to get a great look at him. But what you do see in the film is mighty gruesome.

AmokTime sells him direct for about $18, and there are a number of online retailers that have him for a buck or two cheaper. You might find this guy at a LCS, but odds are you'll end up turning to the interwebs to get your zombie fix.

Packaging - ***
The packaging is a tad less fancy this time around, going with a very plain insert. Of course, it fits with his movie appearance, but I still would have liked something a bit more eye catching.

Amok is sticking with the tried and true clamshells, and I've always been a big fan of this type of packaging.
Dr. Tongue zombie Day of the Dead action figure by Amok Time
Dr. Tongue zombie Day of the Dead action figure by Amok Time
Dr. Tongue zombie Day of the Dead action figure by Amok Time
Dr. Tongue zombie Day of the Dead action figure by Amok Time

Sculpt - ***1/2
We never get a really, really good look at Dr. Tongue in the film, at least not that I recall. It seems like he was back lit, making the darker areas of the face tough to see. Because of that, the interpretation of how much jaw is missing and how much the face is damaged has varied over the years with different masks and collectibles.

I think that Amok has gotten it about right here, certainly close enough for any fan of the film to instantly recognize him. The detailing is great, particularly in the disfigured face, but also in the various folds and wrinkles of the clothing.

My one issue that holds it back a bit is the hair. Yea, it's a tough one to pull off, because the hair is very fine and wispy in the movie, but these strands are more tootsie roll than detailed.

He's done in the same 7" scale as Bub, and should fit in fine with most other figures in that same scale.

Paint - ***
The paint work here is appropriately gross and sloppy, since this is a zombie. He should look like he's covered in dirt and blood, and Amok has done a great job there.

The dirt suit, with the bloodstained shirt and vest, look great, as does the transition from rotting skin to torn flesh on the face. The overall dirt wash might be too heavy for some folks, but I think it looks just about right, considering the context.

However, some of the details are a bit sloppy in ways they shouldn't be. The black pupils in the eyes, looking off to one side, are far from round, and some of the key cut lines - like between the vest and inside of the jacket on the right - are poorly done.

Articulation - **
There's enough here to do some pretty standard zombie poses, but he's about as close to a Nerd Hummel as you can get and still call him an 'action figure'.

There's a cut neck, cut biceps, cut shoulders, cut wrists, and cut waist. The cut biceps were a nice surprise, since I hadn't expected them, and Bub didn't have them. Still, ball jointed shoulders like Bub had would have been nice, and a ball jointed neck that would allow for some tilted poses would have been nice as well.

Accessories - **
He only comes with one, his stand. It's encrusted with various nasty little bits, as well as a branch and manhole cover. The sculpt and paint are nice, and there's pegs for not one but both feet. It works well, but he really could use an extra limb or two for a snack.

Value - **
Sadly, around $16 - $18 seems to be the going rate right now for any specialty market action figure. However, this guy is likely to cost you a tad more than average, and he doesn't add much punch in the accessories department.

Fun Factor - **1/2
If you give this figure to a kid under 12 to play with, then you shouldn't be surprised when they turn 13 and kill you in your sleep.

For older kids and teens who are into the monster genre, it's a bit more appropriate. With the limited articulation, he's not going to do much other than sit on the shelf and creep out Grandma, but that has it's aspects of 'fun'.

Things To Watch Out For
Not a thing. He's quite sturdy, and you should have any issues with breakage or quality.

Overall - **1/2
I love the sculpt, and the paint work is solid. But the lack of articulation and accessories at this price point ends up hurting him. His predecessor was more articulated, had many more accessories, and even cost less. It was just last fall that Bub came out, so it isn't like a lot of time has passed between them.

If you don't have an issue with what you're getting for the price tag though, you should be very pleased with him. He adds another dimension to your 7" scaled zombie shelf, and it's a recognizable zombie to boot.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint -  ***
Articulation - **
Accessories - **
Value - **1/2
Fun Factor - **1/2
Overall - **1/2

Where to Buy -
You have several options:

- Urban Collector has him at $17.

- Corner Store Comics also has him at $17.

- Things From Another World has him at $24.

- you can order direct from Amoktime as well, for $18.

- or you can check ebay.

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Dr. Tongue zombie Day of the Dead action figure by Amok Time

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