Night of the Living Dead Zombie
Bill Heinzman

Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure

"They're coming to get you, Barbra." With that line, we were introduced to the first modern zombie, known merely as 'cemetery guy'. Shortly after he uttered that line, Barbra's brother learned a valuable lesson - never joke around with a zombie.

Amok Time is producing this classic character as part of their new 12" action figure line, and just released it a couple weeks ago. They are following it up with Judith Odea as Barbra, Kyra Schon as Karen Cooper, and Duane Jones as Ben.

Each of the figures run about $50 each, and can be had either through Amok Time direct, or from one of several online retailers. I have several suggestions of sponsors that carry the figures.

Packaging - ***
The box is the now standard fifth panel style, first popularized by Sideshow. They've went with a shot right from the film for the cover, a gutsy move. Why is that a gutsy move? Because it means every buyer can simply check out the likeness for themselves, and don't have to rely on memory.

There's a few twisties, which I can do without, but there's only a few. There is one across the waist though that wrinkles the jacket, which I find deeply annoying. The package is otherwise very collector friendly.

Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure

Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure
Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure
Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure
Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure
Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure
Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure

Sculpting - ***1/2
I don't know who did the specific work on this figure for Amok, but they die a very nice job capturing the look.

I'm sure that serious fans of the movie, those that have researched it and read about it and have a zombie survival kit in their closet at home, can tell you all about whether there was any actual make up or prosthetics involved, but I'm betting no. Oh, they messed up his teeth a bit, but the bizarre facial contortion was probably Bill's invention.

The head sculpt captures the psychotic zombie appearance from those early scenes, particularly as he looked up from the body of Barbra's brother.

There is a second head sculpt included, done in a non-zombified style. It looks much like you'd expect the character to look if he wasn't risen from the dead.

The hands are sculpted in general poses, and I suspect (although I'm not positive) that we've seen these on some past figure from some company. But they look fine and work alright with this application.

Paint - ***
There are two paint schemes here - black and white and color.

The packaged head - the zombie version - as well as the packaged hands are done in black and white, just like the film. The work is good, with clean lines and a good use of shading. Mine has a slight rub mark on the nose, but other than that the paint is reasonably good.

They went with the wonky eyes, looking out of the corners, and while they aren't quite lined up for a 'normal' person, they work well for a zombie, where everything seems a bit off.

There's a second zombie head added as an accessory that's painted in color. Well, sort of. It's clear that's what they MEANT to do, but not quite what happened. He has gray eyebrows. Oops!

The regular head also is painted in black and white and color, and there are no real issues here.

Articulation - **1/2
The bodies that Amok is using are decent enough, but they aren't exactly cutting edge. The articulation is reasonable for these types of characters, especially zombies - they aren't exactly agile.

But as they move toward other licenses, where having a body hang natural becomes more critical, they're going to need to find one that's a bit more modern.

This body does have the ability to swap both heads and hands though, and it works pretty well. The hands pop off up on the forearms, which means that in situations where the visible arm needs to change too (like here, where the skin needs to be ashen for the black and white), and then skin tone for the color head), this particular body works well.

Accessories - ***
The accessories are many, but a bit weird. He comes with 3 additional swappable heads - a zombie version in both black and white and color, and a non-zombie version in black and white.

I say this is weird not because of the black and white vs color choices, as that's a great idea. Having both versions gives you flexibility on how you want to display the zombie, depending perhaps on the figures around him. They also supply an extra set of hands that are in flesh tone, to go with the flesh tone heads.

No, I say weird because I'm not sure why there is a pair of non-zombie heads. Not that Mr. Heinzman isn't a great guy, but as we never saw him on screen as anything but a zombie, I doubt too many folks will be displaying him that way.

I already ragged on the messed up eyebrows of the color version of the zombie head, so I'll let that slide here.

Oh, and let's not forget the required display stand, which looks good, but which I won't be using, even with the weird shoes. More on that in the next section.

Outfit - ***
He's wearing his suit and tie, just like in the film. There's not much exceptional about the usual suit, but Amok found a couple ways to make it better than the average.

First, there is the color. Rather than just go with a black shirt and tie with a white shirt, they gave the shirt a grayish, ashen look, similar to what a white shirt looks like in a black and white film. That's a nice touch, and makes the figure look even better with the black and white head and hands.

The suit, shirt and tie are all well tailored, and the scale is generally good. The collar on the shirt is a bit over sized though, the only real issue with an otherwise well fitted outfit.

The outfit is fairly complete, with a suit coat, pants, shirt, tie, socks and shoes. There's belt loops on the pants, but no belt.

The two issues that pull down the overall score for me is the shoes, which have the same issue that we saw with Rondo. The bottoms are a bit rounded, making it tough for him to stand.

The other issue is the gray lining on the pockets. The problem is that the lining shows around the edge of the pockets, looking like sort of a piping. It is a bit distracting, and calls too much attention to the pockets.

Value - **1/2
Sideshow has departed the $50 sixth scale market, and Hasbro has stuck with the lower end. That leaves a niche gap, and Amok is posed to be a player there. The price is about right, with quality work all around, but they do need to up the accessory count in general. With this figure it's fine, but with others (like Rondo), they really need a few extra goodies.

Things To Watch Out For
Not much. My first figure had a detached shoulder, but that wasn't something you could see in advance, or do anything other than contact Amok Time after the fact for a replacement. They were great about it, and got my new figure out to me zippy fast.

Overall - ***
I'm really enjoying the releases from Amok Time so far, including this figure. Put this guy with the Barbra figure on your shelf, and you'll have a classic scene from a classic film.

It's amazing that 5 years ago you couldn't find a zombie figure to save your brains, and now they're every where. Hey, I'm all for it - let's add to that zombie shelf!

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpting - ***1/2
Paint - ***
Articulation - **1/2
Accessories - ***
Outfit - ***
Value - **1/2
Overall - ***

Where to Buy -
As I mentioned earlier, you can pick these up directly from Amok for $50, or:

- Corner Store Comics has him for $47,

- Alter Ego Comics has this guy for $48.

- Time and Space Toys has him at $50.

- Urban Collectors has him for $55.70.

- Things From Another World hs him for $67.50.

- or you can search ebay using the sponsor MyAuctionLinks.

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Amok Time Bill Heinzman Night of the Living Dead Zombie action figure

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