Sideshow Anakin Skywalker


I reviewed this figure earlier this week, but some folks thought I was a tad hard on it - however, to balance things out a bit, here's a guest review from Dan Levine.  Take it away, Dan!

In December of last year, I pre-ordered my first 12” figure: Sideshow Collectibles’ Anakin Skywalker. Nearly seven months later, I received the large box from FedEx...and could not believe my eyes. 
I’d always thought 12” figures looked interesting, but I always put them down. Hasbro’s likenesses left much to be desired, so when Sideshow got the license, I decided that if there was one way to get on the large bandwagon, why not start with them? 

I didn’t like the looks of Luke at first (a decision I know regret) but when I saw the first shots of Anakin, I said I had to get it. So, here it is: in my hands and being reviewed! 

Packaging - ****
The first thing I noticed was the incredible packaging. The picture of the Anakin figure is front and center, with a shot of Anakin in the movie is behind him. On the back, there’s another shot of the figure with several key movie scenes from Revenge of the Sith behind him. 

I love the magnets that keep the box together. It just makes it all the more cooler. The information on the inside about the Order of the Jedi and Anakin is a bit extraneous (if you have no idea who Anakin is, you’re probably not going to buy this) but it’s a nice touch. There’s also a complete list of accessories. I also love how there’s no tape or wires, so the figure and pieces can easily be put back in.

Sculpting - ***1/2
If you’re expecting Hayden Christensen to come out of the box, you might be a little disappointed.

Yes, he looks just like Anakin, but there are some things in the face that just look to me as odd. It might just be simple things, like his nose, which I think should be a little rounder, and his mouth, which looks like it should be longer.

His head size though is perfect. It does not look too big or too small. Anakin’s hair is done very well and flows perfectly, all the way beyond his neck. 

The part of the sculpt that I really like is his hands. The gloved hand is a perfect sculpt and the left hand is great. There are nails and even veins. Both his ‘lightsaber-wielding’ hand and his opened hand are both rubbery, which is very nice as you don’t have to get frustrated by trying to put the hand around the light saber.

Paint - ****
One thing that people are yelling and screaming about is the paint job. A lot of people are saying that the lips are terrible and even going as far as saying that it looks like Anakin is wearing lip stick. 
However, I am not one of those people. I actually have no problem with the lips’ paint. To me, it looks very natural, especially with the glossy paint which looks like Anakin’s lips are always wet, like a real human. 

The eyes and hair are both perfectly colored. All of Anakin’s painted features really stand out and makes the figure look exceptional. 

Articulation - ***
The most problematic feature of the figure will be pretty visible once you start posing it and fooling with his right arm. Due to the fact that he has an interchangeable right arm, the entire arm can easily fall off, with just the slightest tug. In contrast, the left hand stays on no matter what. I’ve switched hands several times, and both stay on the peg as strong as they did the first time I switched them. 
The rest of the articulation is standard (I assume) and the outfit doesn’t get in the way when making extreme poses. 

Accessories - ****
The amount of accessories is just incredible. 

The interchangeable limbs are all great. I actually have my Anakin with the open hand more than the ‘lightsaber-wielding’ hand. The gloveless right arm is a really nice extra. The detail is incredible as you can see all the intricate motors and pieces inside. 

The belt is also amazing. There are three opening pouches, one for each of the three small accessories, small Jedi food capsules and a sturdy lightsaber clip. The small accessories included are a hologram projector (which is glued to the package; the glue is useful as it helps the projector stay on Anakin’s open hand), a commlink which easily fits in either hand) and the Jedi Aquata Breather (as seen in The Phantom Menace and can’t be used in any way). 

The two lightsabers (one with a beam and one without) are great. One feature of the beam I love is how it gets smaller as you get to the tip. The lightsaber without the beam easily clips onto the belt.

Finally, there’s a stand, which is not needed, as he can stand well, but it is a welcome accessory and looks great with Anakin when on display. 

As if that’s not enough, if you were lucky enough to get the exclusive edition, he comes with a miniature holographic Darth Sidious, which is better than any holographic figure Hasbro has ever done.

Outfit - ****
Anakin wears a standard Jedi outfit seen in the Prequels, except it’s all black. 
The tailoring done on his pants and both of his tunics is incredible. My favorite part though, is the fake leather used for the outer part of Anakin’s outfit. 

The boots are well sculpted, so there’s not much to say about them. 

Anakin’s cloak is probably one of the best parts of the figure. Is has a unique wire in the hood that can be used to ‘pose’ it so that it can look as if Anakin is standing in the wind or if he is just standing.  

Fun Factor - ****
By no means, would I let my sisters near this figure. Anakin’s belt is so intricate and since his arm falls off easily, some 5 or 6 year olds might cry. I would definitely not buy this for a kid. (That’s probably why it says on the bottom of the package ‘Collector’s Item; Ages 14+’.)  However, as a collector, I’m having a lot of fun with this and I can’t put him down! 

Value - ****
For both the regular and the exclusive edition, you are definitely getting your $55 worth. Anakin comes with a large amount of accessories, a great outfit and a well-done sculpt. As this is my first, I’m amazed at how much they can give you and still keep it at this reasonable price. 

Things to Watch Out For - 
Unless you’re going to smack people around with it, Anakin is not going to break and his left hands stay on strongly. I would definitely keep the three tiny accessories in the belt pockets, as they can be easily lost. (This happened to me...I lost the Aquata Breather, only to find it stuck in his sleeve.) 

Overall - ***1/2
This figure is incredible, there’s no question about that. He certainly isn’t going to stay on my shelf in the same pose for long. Anakin’s likeness is the most important thing and Sideshow did a good job on it. The packaging, accessories and outfit is all excellent, making this figure worth the cash. 

Sideshow has clearly won me over. I already have Han Solo and Qui-Gon Jinn on pre-order, along with the San Diego exclusive Sith Eyed-Anakin. The Sith Anakin merely has red eyes and a new base, but it looks cool enough to have. 

Score Recap
Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ***1/2
Paint - ****
Articulation - ***
Accessories - ****
Outfit - ****
Value - ****
Fun Factor - ****
Overall - ***1/2

Where to Buy - 
This figure sold out in less than an hour or so on Sideshow’s website and since pre-orders for other e-tailers was so long ago, I would suggest going with EBay or if you’re lucky enough you can find one at a local comic book shop. 


Figure from the collection of Dan Levine.

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