InToyz 4" SWAT

This is another fine guest review from one of our regulars - Hutt Wigley!  First, a little about Hutt.

Hutt Wigley resides in Eagle, Idaho with his wife and son.  Hutt got his first G.I Joe when he was three years old.  Growing up his father was in the army and it gave him inspiration to create adventures for his own action figures.  Hutt began to seriously collect G.I. Joes when his father gave him the Timeless Collection G.I. Joe and "The Story Behind The Legend" book on his 30th birthday.  Since then his collection has over 150 12" action figures.  As a father himself, he now creates adventures for his son's and his own G.I. Joes.

Now on to the review!

Packaging - ***
It's a bubble card! All the gear and weapons are in plain view!

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting is decent. The gear that is molded to the figures looks JUST like the gear that comes with 21st Century Toys 12" SWAT action figures, only smaller! They have elbow and knee pads molded on their uniforms.

Paint - ***
There is some definite slop in the paintworks! Hair color bleeds over onto necks, ears and foreheads. Some are better than others. If you find them at a brick-n-mortar store, take a look at them before you buy them!

Articulation - ***
These little dudes boast 16 points of bendability!  From the waste up, these figures rock!: Neck rotation, shoulder-arm elevation, bicep rotation, 90 degrees of elbow bend, wrist rotation, and waste rotation. From the waste down: Pelvic elevation, 90 degrees of knee bend, and close to 90 degrees of ankle bend (YES! Ankle bend! These guys can point their toes!)

With all the vertical motion available in their legs, the lack of thigh or ankle rotation is pretty dang obvious.

Accessories- *** 
Each figure comes with a 1/18th scale MP-5, what looks like a Glock 40 pistol, (which fits nicely in the leg holster, BTW!) a helmet, a tactical vest, cloth balaclava and either a pair of goggles, or a gas mask.  And each figure includes a specialist accessory: "Brown" comes with a ballistic shield, "Spencer" brings a battering ram, "Davis" totes what looks like a H&K G-3 sniper rifle, and "Elliot" is armed with a shotgun.  The cloth balaclava is cool, but can't be worn under the helmet. The goggles are in scale and have a REAL elastic strap!  (I broke one of the straps trying to get it out of the package!) The gas mask snaps over the figure's face, and can be worn under the helmet if desired. The tactical vests are made of rubber, and have AWESOME detailing, including various ammo and equipment pouches, a Motorola walkie-talkie and radio handsets.

Value - ** or ****
Depending where you buy them. I got mine from a KB Toys store in a mall for $1.99 each, but I've seen them on KB's website for $5.99 each.

Overall - ***1/2
These will REALLY appeal to anyone who collects the 1/18th scale, or 4" figures. If you can score them at KB for $1.99 each, JUST DO IT!!!

Where to buy -
The best price is at bricks and mortar Kaybee stores, where you can find them for $1.99. On-line options:

- has them but at $5.99 each plus shipping.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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