Djas Puhr

If you're keeping score, all of the 40 figures pictured on the Hasbro 2002 Star Wars Saga poster are now in stores.  Since out of the last five, there's another Han, another Obi-Wan, and another Chewbacca, most folks are particularly interested in the new Palpatine and a first time alien, Djas Puhr.

Who?  Yes, this is another one of those Cantina aliens who had a brief but memorable shot in the first film.  For those of us that prefer the aliens to the repeated versions of the main characters, this kind of character can be great - or really disappointing.

I picked this guy up, along with the Palpatine, at a local Meijers.  They've been reported at Wal-mart's, TRU's and Targets as well.

Packaging - ***
Okay, we're 40 figures in, and I'm getting bored.  Yes, the packaging is good, but they release soooo many figures that it doesn't take very long to wear thin.  But as long as they don't bring back the Force Files I'll be happy. 

Sculpting - ***
This sculpt really doesn't live up to the other newer sculpts, particularly figures like Palpatine or Chewbacca.  It's not terrible, but there's less detail, and what detail there is, is overpowered by the dark black color.

Paint - **1/2
This was one of the worse paint jobs I've gotten on the new figures, with over spray on the boots and a general sloppiness overall.  Small details are not done well - for example, the emblems painted on the holsters aren't quite the same size and shape.

Accessories - ***
Already they are spoiling us with some of the cool accessories with figures like Vader and Luke.  Here we get two blasters, which are some of the thinnest, tiniest ones they've produced.  They are done well, but it's a little light after some of the other recent figures.

Quality - *
Here's the category that hurts this figure.  First, he's plagued with the soft plastic again in his legs.  He does not stand well on his own, and even heating up his feet to reposition them doesn't do much for the long term - they are so soft that the end up wilting again over time.  He's the first Saga figure I've had to use a stand for.

Also, his waist joint is extremely loose and floppy.  It's almost as though some sort of action feature was planned, but I couldn't figure out from the package if that was the case or not.

Articulation - **1/2
Nothing exciting here, but sufficient.  Thighs, waist, shoulders and neck, pretty standard these days for an average 3 3/4" figure.

Value - ***
Wal-mart is under five bucks for these now, and that's a good deal, even if he's a little light on the accessories and not the best quality compared to some of the other recent figures.

Overall - **1/2
The quality of this particular figure really hurt the score.  He was a lot better in the package than out on the shelf, and that's never a good thing.

If you can get lucky and find one that stands well without a loose Elvis pelvis, you'll be happier than I.

Where to Buy
As I said, these are showing up at all kinds of bricks and mortar stores right now, and you can't beat the prices.  Avoid the on-line dealers unless you really are desperate.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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