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Tonight we have a new guest reviewer, a man known simply as Venom!  He's covering the super cool Magnetic Spidey from the Spider-Man 2 line - it's all yours, Venom!

Hey Michael! Long time, first time and all of that. The other day I picked up a Magnetic Spider-Man figure from what I believe is the second series of Toy Biz's Spider-Man 2 movie line. Now I know that this is an older figure (series 3 is already on the pegs) but because of the abundance thus far of Spider-Man figures in this line, and the massive amounts that stores are getting shipped to them, you should still be able to find him pretty easily. You don't want to miss out on this figure!

I know that people want to read a review, so I'll get the junk about me out of the way on the get-go. When I was a kid (and I'm not saying that I wasn't spoiled half-to-death) I was pretty easily entertained. You could give me some magnets and a bouncy ball, and I'd be set for hours. I always liked magnets. I just thought that they were cool. I remember my very first Spider-Man action figure had these huge suction cups on his hands to allow him to stick to things like windows and "wall-crawl". 

Now while in the early 80's this was pretty keen, I always wondered why they didn't just make a Spidey figure with magnets in his hands and feet. I mean, it's not rocket science, right? Well, it took a while but I finally have the Spidey figure I've always wanted.

Other Spider-Man figures in the recent past have had magnets in their hands or feet, but this is the first one to my knowledge to have both, and with the great amount of articulation (which I am a nut for), you can really use them to full effect to get some great poses out of him.

The super-poseable figure from the first series is great, but just out of pure child-like glee this figure takes his spot on the mountain as my favorite version of the ole webhead.

On to the real review:

Packaging - **1/2
What is there really to say? It's the same packaging that all of the other Spider-Man 2 figures have had and it's adequate. It's not perfect, but it's eye-catching and serves it's purpose. Mine's already in the trash anyway (it's just a box :-p) so this isn't a big whoop to me.

Sculpting - ****
There are a few tweaks to the sculpt since the super-poseable Spidey, and they add up to a better overall flow to the figure. He looks a lot more natural. The wide-open hands may bother some (I thought that they would bother me), but there are a zillion Spidey's who can make the "web" fingers. This is the first one that can literally hang upside-down from my ceiling fan. Take that, web fingers!

Paint - ****
You know, I can't honestly find any painting flaws on mine. I'm a little lucky, because I did see some other ones on the pegs that had marks on the white of their eyes, so watch for that. Mine is great, though. Basically, if you're happy with the paint on the other Spideys in this line, you'll like this one.

Articulation - ***1/2
This one is a little harder for me to judge. YES, it does have less articulation than the super-poseable figure, but it honestly isn't a big deal to me in this case, because the little that they took away doesn't hurt the poseability of the figure at all. The neck is different, taking a more Marvel Legends approach and removing the swivel at the base of the neck. But since the head still swivels, it doesn't hurt. The chest cut is gone, but you get to keep the cool stomach hinge. I actually think that the last point improves the sculpt. The only other joints that I noticed are missing are the articulated fingers, to make room for the magnets. Personally, I'd give the figure 5 out of 5, but some of the missing articulation might bother a few folks.

Accessories - *1/2
I'm not a big accessories nut, at least not with the Spider-Man lines. Spidey comes with a flagpole with a metal cylinder that, when you stick him to it, at the top of the pole, he swings around it on it's way down. Now to me, it just seemed like he was pole dancing. It went in my dresser drawer. Not bad over all though, because when put together, it's quite tall and it doesn't harm the figure.

Fun Factor - ****
Come on, this toy is great! My favorite Spider-Man yet, as it shows off his "powers" better than any before. No one is talking about this figure, but don't miss out on it! It could be a sleeper hit in time.

Value - ****
At less than $7 in many places, how can you go wrong?

Overall - ***1/2
Great figure, OK box, great articulation, but may disappoint the hardcore articulation people (though just a little bit, he's still packed!).

Where to Buy - 
Your best bets right now are Target, Wal-mart or Toys R Us.  I've also seen a lot of the Spider-man product showing up at Media Play this last week.  One thing for sure, there's no shortage of the web-head on the pegs right now!

Figure from the collection of Venom.

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