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It's another terrific Hot Toys guest review from Jeff tonight, as he hits up a early review of another great figure - take it away, Jeff!

A big thank you to Mike as always.

This is going to have to be concise and as brie as I can make it. Time is tight and but not quite as tight as Ambers outfit.

Just a few weeks ago I received the first figure from this movie in the form of Babydoll, and I was quite frankly amazed at how knocked out I was by a figure from a movie I wasn’t actually that into. So, can Hot Toys pull off a double whammy, can Amber the second heroin from Zack Snyder’s overblown homage to hot chicks, robots, dragons and nazi’s also hit the nail on the head… well, lets find out.

Packaging - ****
I loved the first bit of packaging, and this one is following all the cute design cues laid down by that box. So, you can expect a gimmicky bit of design with real elastic suspenders and some nice typography, all courtesy of Dixon Chan and Monster Jr. The only real difference is that Babydolls box had a blue outer slipcase whereas Ambers is a dark military olive green to reflect their respective outfits. But as a great man once said, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it… classic!

Sculpting - ****
The outstanding sculpt of Emily Browning as Babydoll was by Yulli and it captured almost perfectly her fragile innocence, so I hoped that this sculpt by Song Hye Hyun would manage to do the same for Jamie Chung as Amber… would she be worthy of standing next to her comrade. Well yes she does, the portrait is unmistakably Ms Chung, but whilst it is very strong it doesn’t quite have the gentle subtlety of Yulli’s work on Ms Browning. Perhaps this is more down to the ambiguity of Babydoll’s character. Amber certainly came across as a more self-assured ballsy character in the dream sequences of the movie that she briefly appeared in, and that cockiness is exhibited in her slight smile/smirk and the inclusion of her lollipop holding hand. I guess that feature alone shows that this is a gal who try’s not to take things too seriously.

The trouble is, that even though I do admit to favouring the Babydoll sculpt, there is very little here to actually complain about here. The features are well captured, the fine detailing of the skin texture is expertly applied, and even though Amber has sculpted hair, it works just as well Babydoll’s rooted hair when you consider the style it is intended to replicate. So of the two I guess I’m saying that Babydoll steals the princess tiara award, but Amber is only a gnats whisker behind her in terms of quality… and I bet even this might be open to debate in some quarters.

She also comes with a selection of fingerless gloved hands (meaning the gloves have no fingers, she displays a full set of ten digits), all are expertly crafted and where necessary interact with her weapons and accessories well. The most notable being the lollipop holding hand, because of its unique design. The full selection includes-

1 right gun grip
1 left knife grip
1 right with lollipop in hand
2 relaxed

Paint - ****
Yet another home run! The outstanding subtle work on the skin tones and make-up help the beauty of the sculpt shine through. As well as attracting regular collectors, there have been folks exclusively into hot fem figures for quite some time. It seems to have its own niche market with whole online forums dedicated to their appeal. And some companies have managed to produce some truly outstanding figures. But I think it’s fair to say that over the last few months with the release of Babydoll and the recently unveiled pics of the forthcoming Black Widow from The Avengers that the ante has been seriously upped.

And as per usual the resident 1/6 paint control artist in residence, Mr JC Hong has delivered the goods for Hot Toys. The actual paint job is every bit as good as Babydolls, but because she had a more subtle make-up application and paler eyes in the movie, it again means that Ambers paint is left just a miniscule hairs breadth behind in the visible fine tuning stakes. Still fully deserving of a full score and it has to be said that Ambers warmer flesh tones are handled exquisitely. And of course it goes without saying that the uber accurate glossy eyes are the perfect finishing touch.

Articulation - ***3/4
The base body appears to be the same as the one utilised on Babydoll, so you’ll have to forgive my laziness but may I be so bold as to recommend reading my low-down for that figure here.

But a brief summary is to say it shows a great range, however the cool new ankle design is abandoned because of her ankle boots, but the problem with knees being ‘unusual’ looking when bent acutely is less of a problem here because of Ambers tight pants… every cloud has a silver lining.

Accessories - ***1/2
Amber’s haul isn’t quite as outstanding as Babydoll’s, but the bits and pieces she does have a very well put together on the whole.
Her full inventory consists of-

- Five interchangeable hands with fingerless gloves (and lollipop attached to one)
- One Glock 19 automatic pistol
- One Zippo lighter with dragon motif
- One kitchen knife
- Two spare magazines
- One set of aviator earphones with mic
- One hat/cap
- Spare wrist pegs
- Figure stand with movie logo

As always with Hot Toys the pistol features articulated elements and a removable magazine, the knife is a simple sculpted piece (I kind of hoped it might me metal after seeing the Katana that Babydoll came with… but secretly suspected it wouldn’t be).

The gold Zippo lighter (like the knife) is one of the ‘real world’ items that the girls need to locate to aid in their escape. I was also hoping this item might flip open, and maybe even have a small rotating flint. But sadly it is just a single moulded item, don’t get me wrong it looks great, but knowing just how detailed Hot Toys can get it does seem a little simple.

By far her coolest item is the pair of earphones with the attached mic. The detailing here is of the highest standard with many pieces able to swivel and move, it takes some gentle futzing to find the optimum position over the cap, but with a little perseverance you will get it looking just right.

Lastly we have the classic black oval figure stand, not an item I like to use too often, but due to the solid boots it might prove to be quite handy on this occaision.

Outfit - ****
Like with Babydoll, Ambers outfit is far more concerned with looking sassy than with being usable in the field of combat… but an outfit this hot would fell you at 40 paces anyway. It consists of moulded upper shin height black lace up ankle boots. Military styled trousers that seem to be a foxy variation on a pilots G-suit like those seen here, here and indeed here, so they are at least based on something from the real world. However, instead of being worn over a flight suit, Amber here sports a pair of black fishnet pantyhose paired with white trimmed black panties… as you would. The side panels on the trousers have some beautifully observed detailing on the two-tone panels, and lace up seams that all work fantastically at this scale!

To hold the trousers up she wears a wide pleather double buckled belt that is attached to a black pleather harness for her pistol and spare magazine holsters. Her upper half is clad in a short bolero style military jacket, tailored and fabricated in the same fashion to compliment the trousers as a suit.

It has the same criss-cross lace up panels running up the sides of the arms and also incorporates working zips at the cuffs, up the front and two at the rear of the collar running down over the rear of the shoulders.  Under this she wears a rather fetching French-maid style bustier with another zip up the front and a crossed back strap that runs around her neck acting as a choker.

Lastly is her military/air stewardess style cap (think Gerry Anderson’s Thunderbirds but sexy!) This is sculpted and held in place by means of a concealed magnet in the hat and also within the head, it’s a feature that works surprisingly well.

In terms of aesthetic the whole outfit comes together beautifully, the only disadvantage over Babydoll’s outfit is the moulded footwear. Sadly the cool new design of ankle is rendered useless here because of the solid boots… what Hot Toys giveth with one hand they taketh away with the other!

Value - **3/4
Same story as it was for Babydoll I’m afraid. It’s basically an outstanding figure, but not quite $170 of outstanding!

If we knew we were going to get the rest of the line up from the movie then Amber might seem a little more essential, but with only her leggy blonde bombshell of a group leader available to stand beside her, she might prove to be something of a hard sell. Which is a shame because as I said she really is great looking bit of kit. But whilst talking of kit, she is slightly let down by the amount of extras she has, which again doesn’t quite measure up to Babydoll’s superior haul.

Fun Factor - ***1/2
For me this figure doesn’t have quite the punch of Babydoll, I think because the earlier figures outfit was more iconic and because she was pretty much the team leader it makes Amber feel more like foot soldier (OK, I admit, an exceptionally hot foot soldier, but a foot soldier nonetheless).

However, in terms of actual play value she seems pretty solid, she poses well and has an exquisitely tailored outfit. It’s just simply down to the individual in terms of how much fun you can have with her… and that question might be best avoided… there are some weird folks out there!

Overall- *** 1/2
She is definitely a stunning and beautiful figure, and the amazing detail observed on her outfit s up their with the best, however Amber comes in with a final score just a fraction under Babydoll’s. This is down to the lost articulation at the ankle and the smaller selection of accessories.

But in all other respects this is a very nicely put together figure, and even though the movie didn’t turn out to be the blockbuster that Zack Snyder and perhaps even more importantly Warner Bros hoped it would be, it hasn’t stopped Hot Toys from delivering two fantastic figures from the story. If you are one of that rare breed that happens to be an avid fan of the film, or if you are just a collector of female figures in general, you can’t go too wrong with these!

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