Matrix Trinity

I've had quite a number of requests for a review of the Trinity and Neo figures from Mcfarlane's Matrix line.  I've already reviewed all the 'Matrix Reloaded' based figures - Morpheus and the Twins, and the Château play set - but had put these two on the back burner.

I've never picked up Neo, so I wouldn't expect to see a review of him any time soon.  I'm betting he'll be on clearance before I finally get around to buying him.  But I did get a Trinity figure awhile back.  I simply hadn't reviewed it because every week there are so many new toys coming out, that it's tough to keep up with everything, and she wasn't a top priority.

But when I get requests - especially this many! - I listen.  I can't always get to every request, but I'll do my best.

Trinity is based not on the new film, but on the original Matrix movie.  This particular version is based on the big lobby fight scene, in which everything and anything is blasted to itsy pieces, except Neo and Trinity of course.

You can expect her to run around $10 at most stores, and Toys R Us is probably your best bet price-wise for bricks and mortar stores.  I have some on-line options at the end of the review.

Packaging - ***1/2
I'm been mentioning for some time that I like the clamshell packaging, and that hasn't changed.  We still lack the amount of text I'd like to see on the insert, and the Matrix colors and graphics are fairly dull, but that's not Mcfarlane's fault.

If you're a MOCer, these will store away nicely and are likely to stay in great shape.  If you're not - they open just as easily as anything else. 

Sculpting - **1/2
This is a very low score for a McToys figure, and is surprising considering the quality of the other figures, particularly Morpheus and the Twins.

Chop of Trinity's head, and this score would jump to ***1/2 stars.  The work on the body is great, with every detail in the clothing and coat, and the holstered guns look excellent.  My only complaint below the neck is that her right hand sculpt isn't quite right to hold the extra machine gun.   It's not awful mind you, but the gun doesn't fit as tightly or neatly as it should.

If I was only going by the head though - and let's be honest, in a licensed property the accuracy of the head sculpt outweighs all else - this figure would have a tough time managing ** stars.  While I think Trinity is a babe, I'm quite aware she's not model-pretty.  Still, this version is a far less attractive woman than the one Carrie-Anne Moss portrays in the films.  The Neo sculpts are no great shakes, but the lack of resemblance on the Trinity sculpt is a greater offense.

Paint - ***
The paint application is adequate for a McToys figure, but not up to the usual intricacy that you might expect.  That's partially due to the lack of paint detail necessitated by the license, and you can't fault them for the general lack of color.  But there was some gloppiness to the skin tones, and the lines between the glasses and face, and hair and face, weren't clean or neat enough to generate a higher score.

I am happy to note that the blacks used on the clothing are varied, giving the outfit more visual attractiveness than a single black would have.

Articulation - **
I'm actually giving her a slightly better score than Morpheus and the Twins, although she really is just a statue as well.  There's a little more articulation here though, and for most people a low score in this category isn't going to be a factor.  If you're expecting a statue with a few posing possibilities, you won't be disappointed.

Trinity had neck, shoulders, right bicep, wrists and thighs.  There's not much you'll be able to do with these, but at least the right bicep joint is somewhat useful.

Accessories - ***1/2
There are technically four accessories, although you might want to leave two of them in the holsters.  Yes, the guns on her belt ARE removable, but it's pretty easy to damage the straps holding them in.

There is also an automatic pistol that fits in her right hand, although as I mentioned earlier, the fit isn't stupendous.  The big accessory is the base.

The base consists of two sections that don't connect.  There's the floor/wall combo that Trinity is using to start her acrobatic leap, and there's a lobby column.  Both are shot up quite nicely, with plenty of rubble and debris, including spent shell casings on the floor.  Some of the bullet holes also have debris blasting out of them, as though it's the moment of bullet impact.  This concrete debris is done using a very soft plastic in thin spiral lines.  While it's a good idea in theory, it ended up looking an awful lot like some sort of funky aquarium plant growing on the wall.  The base looks good overall though, and is certainly more interesting than the ones included with Morpheus and the Twins.

Value - ***
If you pay $10 for her, since a decent value.  It's nothing to make you swing a muskrat over your head repeatedly, but it's decent.  Pay more than that - like at Gamestop for example - and take off some points.

Overall - **1/2
N2 Toys did Matrix toys the first time around.  These figures blow those out of the water, no doubt about it.  Of course, that was a couple years ago, and N2 was also picked with great regularity as worst company in the People's Choice Awards.  For McToys to have done worse than that would have taken considerable effort on their part.

All the figures give you very dynamic statues, with interesting poses, and decent display pizzazz.  But comparing Trinity to the rest of the line, her shortcomings become much more apparent.  She was a borderline *** for me, but considering the head sculpt, I just couldn't give her the edge.

Where to Buy - 
I bought them at Gamestop, but at $13 a pop, I don't recommend it. Here's a couple on-line suggestions - 

- Killer Toys has a great pre-order deal up right now - you can pre-order each of the individual Revolutions figures for $9.95 each.  Twin 1 has been a big issue for folks to find in the Reloaded release due to McToys packing ratios, but you can order each of the figures individually this way and save yourself that fear.  They also still have Trinity (and Neo) for $10 each.

- Aisle Sniper has Neo and Trinity as a pair for $22 plus shipping.

- Beans Toys is sold out of the Trinity, but have a great price on the Chateau (at just $23) if you're looking for that one.

- and if you're looking for the N2 versions, Time and Space Toys still has some of those available for around ten bucks each.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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