King of Fighters Mia Shiranui

Tonight's guest review is by Tommy Dye - it's the 12" King of Fighters Mia Shiranui.  Take it away Tommy!

Hello everyone my name is Tommy Dye. This is my first online review and I hope you find it of value. I collect mainly 1:18 scale action figures and vehicles (G.I. Joe, Star Wars, XD) and have only started collecting in the 1/6 scale recently. You can check out my web page at for more info on my collection. Please feel free to send any feedback or comments that you have to  I was rather harsh with this review because I was expecting an awesome action figure and wound up with a chunk of plastic (although a very pretty one).

Packaging - ***
A collector friendly plastic semi-circular display, has the same background as the BBI website. The figure is held in place by formed plastic bubbles
and 3 twisty ties that are easily removed. The figure can be removed by removing the tape that holds the top and bottom on and taking the top part of the package off and sliding the base out of the display.  The back of the package shows the entire set of KOF figures. Better artwork and some basic information on the character would have gained this package another star.

Sculpting - ****
Dead on from the pictures I have seen from the game. It's a very attractive sculpt and is anatomically correct.

Paint - ****
Excellent paint application, details are sharp, no slop at all.

Articulation/Construction - *
The articulation consists of neck (cut joint), arms (cut joint), wrists (cut joint), and waist. There is no articulation in the arms or legs cut joints at the hips would have at least allowed for some different poses. The arms on the figure I have are actually stuck in the packed position and I am afraid to move them due to the softness of the plastic. So don't expect to
get her into any action poses from the game.

The plastic is extremely soft and almost pliable and the body is hollow almost like a dollar-store Barbie, I don't think the figure will be able to withstand very much rough handling (i.e. a shelf dive) and I would suggest keeping the figure out of direct sunlight or contact with other plastics. On a positive note the figure can actually stand in the pose that it has.

Accessories - 1/2
A closed fan and that's it. But with the limited articulation that's all it can really use.

Outfit - ***
The outfit consists of a halter type dress/robe, with two tassels one red, which is the back- side of the dress and a white one that ties on and covers the front of the lower body.  Each tassel has a plastic ball attached at the end. And removable red tie-type thong underwear. The shoes sadly are sculpted on the feet. The outfit looks really nice and is constructed pretty well.

Value - *
I'm only going to give it  *  for value as an action figure.  If you only want it as a MIB statue then It gets ***.

Overall - *1/2
I really like how the figure looks, but this is not an action figure it's a statue with clothes. I would suggest only buying this figure if you want to keep it boxed up for display or kit bash the clothing.

Where to Buy
Your local comic shops might be the first place to look, but on-line:

- The best price I could find was at - you can get her for $18 plus shipping.  Search for 'king fighters'.


Figure from the collection of Tommy Dye.

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