Marvel Legends 4 
Gambit and Beast

The new Marvel Legends are hitting Toys R Us stores all over the place this week, and Coheteboy checks in with the first of several reviews.  Take it away!

Toy Biz continues to pump out amazing product with their most recent release of everyone's favorite: Marvel Legends.  It seems that the line just gets better and better and Series IV is no exception! 

There are five new figures in this assortment:  Gambit, Beast, Punisher, Elektra, and the chase figure Giant Man.  Because each of these figures are works of art in their own right, I felt the need (and desire) to break these reviews down into separate reviews.  So today we'll take a look at the two X-Men of the group:  Beast and Gambit.

Sculpting - ****
Beast:  I've had my doubts originally about Beast since sculpted fur never came out beautifully in my opinion, but seeing the figure in person really changed all that.  It is simply awe-inspiring.  The fashion in which Beast is sculpted shows not a weak creature but a ferocious.... beast!  Serious time and effort went into this figure and it shows from every angle.  The face is also done brilliantly, looking great even with the mouth open.  Some might say that the sculpt is not as great due to all the articulation, and there are a few places where it really shows, but it doesn't bother me all that much. 

Gambit:  In contrast, Gambit is half the figure that the Beast is, but that's what's great about it.  There's nothing worse than to have different sized characters be identical in height in toy form.  The sculpt for Gambit is simply awesome.  There is no sleeker Legend figure made, so fans of Gambit, rejoice!  The hair, the facial expression, the hands... all are so well defined, it's near impossible not to dig this figure.

Paint - ***1/2
Expect to find the same quality of paint application in Series IV as you've found in the previous three series.  Everything is as what they should be.  The colors are vibrant and applied with great attention to even the smallest detail.  Gambit's paint job is especially stellar in the facial area.  The eyebrows could have been a horrible uni-brow on a different toy line but it's a smashing success here. 

Since Beast is basically a blue character, Toy Biz could have gotten away with giving us a painfully dull figure with one standard color.  But they take the very appreciated next step and gave us all depth where there needs and several strokes of black to add just a little bit extra.  Even the finger/toe nails are painted!  That's the type of attention I expect from every toy line and it's great seeing that high level of detail become a tradition with the Legends.

Packaging - ***1/2
Series IV sticks with the trend and clam shell packages are standard issue for the toy line.  This is great for carded collectors but doesn't guarantee its safety. 

There are some new changes to the card back that is worth noting, and that is the new "Power Grid", displaying vital stats about the character.  The grid harks back to Generation One Transformer days and really adds to the total package.  The stats provide insight on Intelligence, Strength, Durability, Energy Protection, and Fighting Skills.  What a nifty idea!  Now if a kid is using Beast to reflect the Punisher's deadly bullets, you can show him the power grid.  "See, Beast has no Energy Protection!  ....stupid."

Articulation - ****
There are toy collectors that shoot for the perfect sculpt and don't care much about articulation... and I'm not one of those people.  I want to see my toys armed to the teeth with articulation!  I want my toys to be able to stand, kneel, crouch, run, punch, kick, do push-ups, and a whole lot more.  Thankfully, Toy Biz delivers generously in this department.  Series IV is espesially strong with Gambit's 38 points of articulation and Beast's whopping-huge 39 points. 

Beast's legs feature a similar type of articulation as the movie Hulk figure, being able to do the splits with ease.  With 39 points, it would take too much space to list them all, but here's a few highlights:  three points in the neck alone, jaw opens and closes, three seperate points for the fingers in each hand, toes, double jointed knees, and more.  Simply amazing.

Gambit proves to be a powerful punch as well, with his mega 38 points.  Again, there are far too many points to list, but there's about 8 points in each leg if you want to get a general idea.  That's a lot of movement!
Accessories (Beast)- **
Seeing as how large Beast is (not that large but large enough), it seems as the base should be large enough to hold the figure.  Not the case really, as Beast's exercise bar is made ONLY to hang on the wall.  This base cannot stand on its own which really is too bad, for the best bases are those that can be used both ways.  Beast also comes with the standard 32 page comic book. 

Accessories (Gambit)- *** 1/2
Gambit fares much better as his base is huge.... REALLY HUGE!  Not only is it big, but it is beautifully sculpted with awesome paint applications as well. 

THEN there's the staff, a cloth trenchcoat, and an energy effect (similar to Star Wars' force powers).  The trenchcoat here is among the best ideas ever.  It started with The Thing and really is perfected here.  Never before has an action figure fit so well into cloth threads as Gambit is seen here.  The material used is perfect for easy poseability as well as looking great!    The cloth works so well, it's a shame that the previous lines of capes weren't done with similar treatment.

The blast effect, however, is cool but I'm having problems getting "Remy" here to hold it properly.  Overall, Gambit boasts a nice set of stuff that makes this a perfect package. 

Let's also not forget the comic book too!

Value - ****
These figures range from $6.99 to $7.99 retail and for that, there is no better deal for figures with this much articulation, detailed accessories, amazing sculpt, and a comic book! 

Overall - ****
I don't want to sound like a broken record, but wait... actually when it comes to awesome, amazing, astonishing toys, I REALLY want to sound like a broken record.  Get these now!  What are you waiting for?  Marvel Legends have been solid from the start and it's just getting better.  These are toys that can make any toy fan into the comic book property that it represents.  Yes, the Beast lacks a great base, but it's an incredible figure regardless.  Gambit is smaller but definitely makes up for it in accessories (cloth trenchcoat, people!).  If you're a fan of the X-MEN, this is definitely your bag, baby. 

Where to Buy - 
These puppies have just been released at Wal-Mart stores and Toys"R"Us stores.  These two samples were found at TRU for $7.99 a piece.

Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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