Ray Harryhausen vinyl figures from X-Plus USA

Brandon is back tonight with a review of the very cool vinyl figures of the great Harryhausen characters.  Take it away!

I want to thank Michael for letting me guest review once again on his great web site. It is one action figure site that I visit quite often! 

Before there was Stan Winston, Carlo Rambaldi, Patrick Tatopoulos, Rick Baker, and Tom Woodruff Jr. there was Ray Harryhausen, a master of creature special effects of yesteryear, who created many monsters for many films, three of which are the classic Sinbad fantasy films. His creations are in my opinion, still as realistic today as they were back then. Finally a great company named X-Plus USA, that maybe unknown to some collectors, got their paws on the license from Columbia Pictures and made several figures in different scales from many films. The scale is four inch mini statue chess pieces, twelve inch statues, eight inch vinyl, and twelve inch vinyl. What I am about to review here is all eight of the vinyl figures in the eight inch scale. This collection consists of The Cyclops and The Dragon from The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Centaur, The Griffin, and Kali from The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The Minoton from Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger, Talos from Jason and the Argonauts, and Ymir from 20 Million Miles to Earth! Below is the review you've been waiting for!

Packaging - *1/2
The packaging is not the greatest. Each figure is in a large clear plastic bag and some of them are not even sealed. I dislike talking bad about them, but I hate it when figures are brand new but are exposed. These are like the imported Japanese figures so if you are familiar with Bandai's Godzilla and Gamera packaging then you have it. 

Sculpting - ****
What makes this series shine bright is.... You guessed it! The Sculpting! I am very, very impressed with the work that went into these guys! Everything is accurate on each figure. The Centaurian's hair, hooves, teeth, nose and upper body looks real. The feathers of the legendary Griffin are individually sculpted! The beak of the creature is so realistic. Ymir has an awesome sculpt with his flappy cheeks, menacing claws and threatening tail. The living statues Kail and Talos look extremely authentic. I think it was wise to pose Kali the way they did instead of her with the swords as I love her pose! Talos' sword is sculpted to his right hand which was the right thing to do. The Cyclops' eye, mouth, upper torso and the lower half looks exactly like it did in the film. The body has bumps and everything! Wonderful detail on this astounding piece! Minoton is a pure golden sculpt! He looks awesome! The Dragon is arguably the greatest looking figure of them all! His horns, mouth, legs, and the entire body looks outstanding! The sculpting here is just radical! 

Paint - ****
The paint jobs here are just like the sculpts! INCREDIBLE! There is no mess of any kind. The paint of the nails is great looking! There is a coincidence that most of the creatures' eyes are brown. Great painting here! 

Articulation - ****
There is very few points of movement here with each figure but I think this is better with this type of action figures. Centaur moves at the shoulders, waist, and left front leg. Kali moves only at the waist, The Griffin's only articulation is his back legs. Ymir's articulation is the neck, jaw, cut biceps, waist, hips, and ankles. The articulation for Minoton and Talos are at the neck, shoulders, and waist. Cyclops moves at the neck, jaw, shoulders, hips, and ankles and the Dragon has several joints which are at the neck, shoulders, hips, all four ankles, and the lower portion of his tail. 

The articulation points may not be a very high number for these figures and maybe odd but the joints are cleverly hidden and if there would have been more joints I believe it would have harmed the sculpts. One thing about the figures that are bipedal is that the figures are a bit off balance to stand but they do stand very good on their own. 

Accessories - **1/2
Like the monster figures by Bandai these figures by X-Plus all have the tag stuck on the body. The tags are thick and colorful. The tags have pictures of the character on the front but no information about the character and very little about the film. I like the tags, it's just that this here would get a higher rating if it had bios of the creatures. The Minoton comes with a removable spear. As I mentioned above Talos' sword is sculpted to his hand and I feel this was a smart choice on the part of X-Plus. 

Fun Factor - ***1/2
If you grew up with the Sinbad films or other films that Harryhausen created monsters for, and always wanted accurate figures of some of the creatures, then its great because that dream has finally come true! These figures are simply amazing and even though they may lack points of articulation you can still have a dandy of a time just adoring them on your shelf! 

Value - ***1/2
I bought Mine from for $3.99 to $4.99 each! The retail is much higher at over ten bucks a pop in the wind. The price I got them for was a cool and sweet one but honestly the retail price isn't to bad. It does add up a lot though if you want the entire set. That's why this category doesn't get the four stars.

Overall - ****
I think what I said in the whole section of the fun factor plays a big part in this group. The sculpting is just flawless here which you can't get any better than this. Iin my book, X-Plus USA has excellent sculpting which can give the best action figure sculpting companies such as Sideshow, Hasbro, Toy Biz, McFarlane, Mattel, and Neca a big time run for their mullah! I am so glad that X-Plus received the license because they made these figures with wit, smarts, and technique. If someone would ask me which scale to collect, I would immediately say the 8" scale just not because I prefer it because they are not to big or not too small but because they look like they just leaped off from the screen! If you are a serious fan of Ray Harryhausen, especially of these particular characters, then waste precious time no more because they are here! Thanks for reading!

Where to Buy - 
These figures are hard to find but there are some choices out there for the collector. - This is where I bought My figure set from $3.99 and $4.99 a piece. This is the greatest and lowest price that I have seen. This price point is the best overall plus the store has good customer service! 

X-Plus USA - The official site of the maker. They have all of the figures for $11.99 each. They also have many incredible Godzilla and Gamera items as well as pre-orderes for their new Alien and Universal Monsters items!

Figure from the collection of Brandon Miller.

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