Marvel Legends 4 

The new Marvel Legends are hitting Toys R Us stores all over the place this week, and Coheteboy checks in with the seconf of his reviews.  Good thing too - I've seen exactly one lonely Beast round here!  Take over, CB!

With an in-depth look at Beast and Gambit out of the way, it is now time to focus on one of my favorite figures of Series IV:  The Punisher, which should be hitting stores soon if not already.  The case assortments seem to favor Punisher and Beast more than the rest so he should be one of the easier ones to find.  Just to recap, Elektra and Giant Man round out the rest of the series.

Packaging - ***1/2
Series IV sticks with the trend and clam shell packages are standard issue for the line.  This is great for carded collectors but doesn't exactly guarantee its safety.  Still, it's sturdy enough to keep the figure well protected. 

There are some new changes to the cardback that is notable and that is the new "Power Grid", displaying vital stats about the character.  The grid harks back to the early Transformer days and really adds a punch to the overall package.  The stats provide insight on Intelligence, Strength, Durability, Energy Protection, and Fighting Skills.

Sculpting - ****
I have absolutely no complaints about Punisher in this area for it is a flawless work of art.  Sure his face sculpt might be questionable to some but it works effectively enough.  Everything about this figure WORKS, right down to the scars on his face and the buckles on his boots.

The work done on the pockets on his pants and along the belt are also very well detailed, it's amazing that Toy Biz can offer this much for so little.

Paint - ****
Expect to find the same quality of paint application in Series IV as you've found in the previous three series, which means that the paint ops are terrific.  The tones on the face, the hair falling over the side of the face, the eyes and eyebrows, the 4 o'clock shadow, lips, boots... EVERYTHING is outstanding.

Articulation - ****
Punisher only features 35 points of articulation but that is STILL an incredible amount.  This Punisher figure almost serves as the G.I.Joe figure that everyone has always wanted.  Meaning that the perfect amount of articulation allows you to pose your solider however which way you desire.  The Punisher has ball jointed neck, lower neck, ball jointed shoulders, biceps, double-jointed elbows, lower arms, wrists, fingers, waist, cut hip with upper and mid thighs, double jointed knees, calves, heels, and toes articulation giving a great deal of fun for those who have this figure.  The hands are articulated to grasp weapons and anything else.

Accessories - ***1/2
Punisher comes with four accessories:  a comic book, a base containing three parts, and two weapons. 

The base is incredible, allowing the option of hanging on the wall or setting it on the table.  Putting it together is a piece of cake, giving Frank Castle a place to stand for targeting his enemies.  The base is well sculpted and well painted, making this one of the better bases of the line. 

This super soldier, unfortunately, only comes with a pistol and a machine gun.  Both are great but it's a shame more weapons were not included.  A figure with this much articulation would be able to handle just about anything provided so it's a shame that Toy Biz didn't offer more than two weapons.  Even still, the weapons we do get are impressive and look great on display.

Value - ****
These figures range from $6.99 to $7.99 retail and for that, there is no better deal for figures with this much articulation, detailed accessories, amazing sculpt, and a comic book!

Overall - ****
Marvel Legends have been solid from the start and it's just getting better.  The Punisher is a prime example of how great the line is.  One can only imagine what will be done in future series.  These are toys that can turn any toy fan into huge comic book fans. The Punisher is a toy that looks amazing displayed and is a fantastic toy at the same time.  That combination is rare these days so do not hesitate when you see this in stores.

Where to Buy - 
These puppies have just been released at Wal-Mart stores and Toys'R'Us stores.  Punisher was found at TRU for $7.99. On-line:

- Entertainment Earth has the set of four, including the short pack Elektra, for $50.


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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