12" Attar

I've already reviewed some of the smaller figures - now Target is getting in the 12" versions of Attar and Davidson.  There is also Daenna pictured on the back, but she is not currently shipping.  I even asked the Hasbro rep that was unpacking the cases, and she said she had yet to see her.

The figures come packed six to a case, 4 Attar and 2 Davidson.  Target has them for the relatively fair price of $19.99.  I have heard that some Toys R Us stores are also getting these in, but I haven't heard of them hitting any other retailers yet.

Packaging - ***1/2
High marks for Hasbro!  The packaging is very attractive, and shows the other characters in the 12" line on the back of the box, along with decent text on the movie and the particular character.  You can see the figure well, the box is extremely sturdy, and on top of it you can remove the figure and his accessory without any serious damage to the package.  Nice job!

Sculpting - ***
The head and hand sculpts on this figure are very nice.  The head sculpt might appear to elongated in the top picture, but when you see him in relation to the rest of the body and the helmet, it works.

The sculpt on the hands allow them to hold the club, a plus in today's action figure market.  Far too many times we're treated to utterly worthless accessories that can't be held by their owners.

Articulation - *1/2
Well, he has joints.  That's about all I can say for him.  If you've been subjected to the Starting Line Up or Star Wars figures for these past several years, then you've seen this style of Hasbro body before.  And it sucks.  That's a highly technical term.

The uniform doesn't help.  The arms can't rise above his waist, and the legs have very little forward and backward mobility. Considering the quality of the rest of the 12" market, these figures are pathetic.  I realize that Hasbro is trying to save money by reusing the same body over and over and over...and over.  But I'm tired of them passing this body off as a 'special collectors edition'. 

Accessories - **
There's one - a hefty club.

Since I haven't seen the movie yet, I have no idea how true it is to the source material.  I'll assume it is - how hard is it to get a club right.  It fits in his hands, and that's saying something.

However, where's the gun?  I'm sure they have them in the movie, and I have no idea why we got shorted with the figure.

Outfit - **
At first glance, the style of the outfit isn't bad.  The helmet, although soft, fits well and looks great.  The armor pieces are sewn to the body suit, making it difficult to undress this guy.  But at least that way the pieces aren't dropping off every time you turn your back.

His feet are part of the boot sculpt, although he also has feet hidden inside the boots.  The armor does restrict movement quite a bit, particularly in the arms and hips.

The oddest part of this costume is the addition of the 'fur'.  Attar is having a bit of a bad fur day, particularly on his arms.  They've sewn fur to the body suit in places where fur would likely show through.  For example, he's furry around the waist, neck line, and under both the front and back flaps of his, uh, crotch protector.

It actually looks quite good in those areas, slightly hidden and subdued, but it still gives the impression of a gorilla body.  But for some reason, they decided that he needed the heavy fur around his elbows as well, and since there is no armor or gloves anywhere near this to cover up the body stocking, it's quite obvious that this fur is just sewn on, and not really part of the ape.

Overall - **
I thought the smaller figures were disappointing, but at least the sculpting helped overcome the other weaknesses.  Here, the only real plus is the sculpting, and it's just not enough to compensate for the other problems.

You can't help but compare these to the previous figures from Hasbro, and I have to say that I'm not any more impressed.  The style, quality and look are on par with their earlier 'collector series' of Planet of the Apes figures.

Where to Buy - 
In the real world, you can find these at Targets and Toys R Us stores right now.  

I really can't recommend any place on line right now.  Entertainment Earth and Action Figure Express have them in a special 3 pack, but at $90-$100 for the set you'll be paying $30 a pop for figures you should be able to find at Target.  On top of that, I'm unsure how they plan on selling Daenna - will Hasbro release her to all retailers, or will she only end up in these special three packs?  Since she isn't shipping in the regular cases right now, it's hard to say.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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