Glow in the Dark Flesh Eating Zombies

I'm not quite sure where my fascination with zombies came from. Perhaps it was seeing Night of the Living Dead in all it's black and white glory, or perhaps it was simply that zombies are just too cool for anyone to resist. Either way, if it's a zombie, I tend to buy it.

Awhile back, Accoutrement (makers of such fine action figures as the Cat Lady and Albert Einstien) released a set of PVC B-Movie victims. I reviewed them right here, and they were fun if nothing else. I'm betting they also sold pretty well, because now Accoutrement is following them up with a set of zombies, done in the same style and scale.

These zombies also have a cool glow in the dark (GITD) feature, and there are nine of them. That means you can actually have one zombie terrorizing each of the previous nine victims!

These run $15, and Archie Mcphee, purveyors of all things weird, is your best bet to pick them up.

Packaging - ***
These come in a nice long card/backer package with some nifty graphics and text. It's not exactly the kind of thing a MOCer would love, but since these aren't exactly high end collectibles, it does it's job.

Sculpting - **
There is a nice variety in the characters here, spanning ages and sex. Hell, even species! There's the completely bald guy, a basic woman in a tank top and a basic buy in jeans and a t-shirt, your business man on the go complete with briefcase, and even the fat shirtless zombie that looks like he belongs on Cops.

There is also one crawling up out of the ground, complete with tombstone behind her, and a zombie dog. The dog is carrying the lower half of an arm, which matches up almost perfectly with the missing arm from one of the male zombies. Perhaps they're having a zombie game of fetch?

But my favorite of the bunch is the housewife, complete with her fuzzy slippers and holding in her right hand what appears to be brains. How cool is that?

Okay, these aren't going to blow your socks off with detail. They are roughly sculpted, and will remind you of those goofy PVC's you had as a kid - army men, farm animals, historic warriors, that sort of thing. They have some nice heft to them though, with the tallest standing around 3 inches tall. There's some nice variation in scale too, and the dog is even done at about the right size to look appropriate with the humans.

Since these are molded with the grass bases (with the exception of the dog, who merely stands on four legs), they all stand just fine. There is the one zombie without feet, who is laying down of course, but that's what he's supposed to do. Standing isn't really much of an option when you don't have feet, but that won't keep a good zombie down.

Some of the internal proportions are a little wonky, with big or small heads, weird arm lengths, that sort of thing. Because they're zombies you're more likely to cut them some slack, since zombies tend to have some pretty weird proportions and angles to their stances anyway.

The best news is that these fit in perfectly scale-wise with the previously released B-Movie Victims. Now you don't need giant monsters to attack your victims, you have zombies!

Paint - **
Okay, the paint ops aren't going to slap you silly either, but that's probably not a surprise. The broad colors are done pretty well, and the cuts here are a bit cleaner than the victims set. There aren't any small details outside of some of the usual facial areas - eyes, eyebrows, etc - and these tend to be cartoonish and sloppy.

The GITD feature works quite well, and is a nice addition. All of the figures have some amount of GITD, from just a bit to practically the whole figure. Now, I have no idea why zombies would glow in the dark...perhaps they've become zombies through some sort of nuclear waste accident.

Articulation - Bupkis
These are PVC's, but I still like to include this category since there are PVC's out there with a point or two of articulation. These aren't them though, but it won't go against their overall score. Think of it as FYI.

Accessories - Bupkis
And this one is FYI too, since Accessories with PVC's aren't that uncommon. Again, none here, and the figures are molded attached to the grass bases.

Value - **1/2
I'd grade this a little better if I hadn't just picked up the Ratatouille PVC set for the same money. The quality here is obviously much lower, but the production run size is going to be much lower too.

Fun Factor - ***
Little zombies that can terrorize your other figures? How much fun is that? These get even more fun when you own the victims set, since they go together quite nicely. These can also make for a nifty Halloween display, and I bet you can find some little tombstones in about the same scale as these figures to create a great cemetery coming to life display for the holiday.

Things to Watch Out For - 
As long as you don't irradiate them and bring them to undead life to eat your face off while you sleep, you should be good.

Overall - **
You aren't buying these because they're the best zombie's ever produced. You aren't buying them for perfect sculpts or paint. You're buying these because they're fun and silly, and your co-workers will think they're hilarious. You're buying them for the kid in you, not the collector, and you might even be buying them for a kid you know that happens to love monsters.

So while they might not score particularly well in the usual categories, that doesn't mean that I don't recommend picking them up. If you're looking for something fun, and you aren't expecting perfection, these might just be what you're looking for.

Score Recap:
Packaging - ***
Sculpt -  **
Paint - **
Articulation - Bupkis
Accessories - Bupkis
Fun Factor - ***
Value -  **1/2
Overall - **

Where to Buy -
As I mentioned, Archie Mcphee is the one place I know you can pick them up.

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Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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