Toys McCoy Indiana Jones

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Guest reviewer Alex Misiti is taking a look back at an oldie but a goodie - the Toys McCoy Indiana Jones. Tell us all about it, Alex!

Toys McCoy Indiana Jones! Considered to be one of the rarest, and most sought after figures ever created. It can fetch up to a thousand dollars sealed in the box. To some, this is the greatest Indy collectible ever made. I’ve wanted to get my hands on one for about 10 years now, and I finally have. Believe me, this is the one of the nicest figures ever made. Let’s get started. 

Packaging - ****
Wow! The figure comes in a fantastic box. Upon getting it in your hands, you will see the famous archeologist on the front. Opening the flap will reveal which number you have. This figure was limited to 3000 pieces world wide and mine is 2837 (I wonder who has number 1?). 

Opening the box further you will find the figure and accessories inside. There are also photos from various scenes of the film. When I got this guy on eBay, he was opened, but complete. The only thing missing was the insert for the accessories, but I have all the accessories. This is one of the coolest boxes I’ve scene and I like it a bit more then the Hot Toys Dark Knight boxes.

Sculpting - ****

This is Harrison Ford! I have yet to see a sculpt this close. He even has the little scar underneath his lips. My only grip is that the sculpt does have a bit of a cartoon quality, but it doesn’t detract from the score. I like this sculpt much better than the Sideshow one.

Paint - ****
Perfection! The paint is great! There’s a microscopic bit of rubbed of paint on the hair, but it’s covered by the hat. Actually, now that I think of it, the lips are a little too pink; but again, it doesn’t detract from my score.

Articulation  - ****
I guess Toys McCoy doesn’t have their own body, so Indy is on a Classic Collection Hasbro GI Joe body, but the hands are not Hasbro. You get two sets of interchangeable hands which I’ll get to in accessories. The leather jacket does limit articulation a bit, but that’s the jackets fault, not Indy’s.

Outfit - ****
I wish I could give this category five stars because it deserves it. Let’s start with the hat. It plastic (not felt like vintage Indy) and it fit’s perfect. It doesn’t look over sized and it doesn’t rub on the paint (like Sideshows Freddy Krueger does). 

Next there’s the shirt. It looks like any other shirt, but what makes it stand out is the pockets and real top button that actually buttons (if you have hands small enough to do it). Then there’s the satchel. It has a real leather strap and the actual bag open’s and closes with the snappy things.

Next we have the jacket. It’s real leather with a lining. There’s an inner pocket inside and the jacket even comes with a functional zipper. It’s a bit over sized, but you’ll never notice it. Going lower we have cloth pants with pockets and two belts. One’s just a cloth belt and the other is a leather belt with a holster and the whip strap.
Going even lower you will find shoes, but upon closer inspection, hidden under the pant legs, you will find socks. Socks! Not too many figures have socks. That’s how good Toys McCoy is. They go that extra mile. The only other company that does things like that is Hot Toys.

Accessories - ****
Indy whips some major butt in this category. He comes with two hands, a revolver, a whip, a sand bag, the idol, a Toys McCoy metal stand (which you probably won’t need, but it’s nice), and I guess you could say the hat too. Oh, and you get an instruction manual and registration card. The manual is nice and has some pictures in it, but it’s about 80% Japanese, which I can’t read.

The two hands can be a real pain to get on. The manual recommends putting the hands in warm water, and believe me, it’s the only way to switch the hands, but it gets scary getting that jacket so close to hot water. 

The revolver is a Smith and Wesson M-1917 caliber 45 pistol. It’s all die-cast and the hammer cocks back (though it’s seems fragile to me) and the cylinder spins. It doesn’t pop out, but that’s a good things because the revolver that came with the Sideshow Indy did and I’d always drop it and lose it in the carpet. The whip a real, hand braided leather. It’s a smidge over sized, but that’s ok. It doesn’t crack, but I’ll admit, it hurts when you whip your arm. 

I read some were long ago that the sand bag had actual sand in it, but it doesn’t. It just has a sort of pillow material in it. It does have a real tie string on it though. Finally there is the idol. It’s metal and to my knowledge, it’s has a real gold shell. I can’t be sure though, but the manual kind of implies it. It fits in Indy’s open hand snuggly, but it does seem under sized. It’s about the size of the Sideshow one that came with the idol stand for Belloq. I like the way it looks in Indy’s hand though. It does have some wait too.

Value - ***1/2
I got really lucky. I picked one up on eBay for around $280. I was willing to pay up to $350. That’s a steal (for me anyway)! That deal may never come up again. I usually see him on eBay from 600 to 1000 dollars. To me, I think he is worth every penny. He is truly an extraordinary toy and he’s now my favorite taking the place of the Hot Toys TDK Original Costume Batman. You have to ask yourself what he’s worth to you. To me, it’s a lot.

Overall - ****
In my opinion, this is one of the greatest figures ever made. I am one of the hugest Indy fans, and this guy is a dream come true to me. I’ve wanted him for so long and now I have one. The Toys McCoy Indiana Jones 12” action figure is truly a remarkable figure. The only other company that does things of this quality and attention to detail is Hot Toys.

Packaging - ****
Sculpt - ****
Paint - ****
Articulation - ****
Accessories - ****
Outfit - ****
Value - ***1/2
Overall - ****

Where to Buy -
There are about two options for this guy.
-    Brian’s Toys has him for $999.99 still in the box.
-    Then there’s your good friend  ebay.

Figures from the collection of Alex Misiti

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