Werewolf Oz

One thing Buffy collectors have gotten accustomed to - variations.  Moore loves producing them, but some are far superior to others.

This time out, we get Oz on his way to all his werewolfy goodness.  Of course, having him completely wolfed out wouldn't have allowed MAC to use the same basic figure, so Oz is only about 30% there.

This figure is a 'Previews' exclusive, which means every comic shop, and stores like Media Play or Software Etc will end up with it.  This type of exclusive is as close to a non-exclusive as you can get.  Expect to pay around $14 or so.

Packaging - ***
The same cardback is used for this figure as the rest of the series.  It's attractive, and at least you get unique pictures of Seth Green rather than something generic.

However, other than the small silver sticker on the bottom left corner of the bubble, there's no indication this is the variant versus the regular Oz.

Sculpting - ***1/2
I really like this sculpt - perhaps even more so than Spike.  Perhaps it's the lack of non-human characters in the BTVS series of figures, but Oz really adds to the line.

The sculpt differences are the head of course, and the furry arms.  This really does look like Seth Green in makeup!

Articulation - ***
Did you buy the first Oz figure?  Or the Entertainment Earth variety?  Then you've seen the articulation on this figure.

While it's certainly an improvement over series 1, many of the joints on these figures are worthless.  At least Oz stands on his own with no trouble, something that can't be said for some of the other series 2 figures.

Accessories - **
If you don't already have an Oz figure, then these accessories are great.  Unfortunately, most people who buy this figure have already bought one of the other versions, and there's nothing new here.

You've also lost accessories, since you no longer get the interchangeable hands.

Paint - ***
The sculpt is great - the paint doesn't really do it justice.  The wash on the face is iffy, and some folks may find it great, while others will feel it's over done.  The extremely plain pants and shirt don't do much for me, but the paint ops on the eyes, teeth and hands is quite good, at least on the one I picked up.  As always, be picky when selecting your figure if possible.

Value - **1/2
The new sculpt is welcome, and helps off set the high cost.  But considering that all the accessories and half the figure are all re-use, the value is not what it could be.

Overall - ***
This is one of the better BTVS variants we've seen, and is certainly a full moon better than the Toyfare Buffy or EE Oz.

More appropriate accessories would have sent this figure over the top, and it's not too much to ask considering the hefty price tag.

Where to Buy - 
Just about any comic shop will have these.  You may also find them at bricks and mortar stores like Media Play, Sam Goody, Suncoast or Software Etc.  On-line, just about every comic site has them:  

- Action Figure Express carries them for $14.95, plus shipping.  (MROTW Affiliate)

- Things from Another World also has them for $14.95 plus shipping.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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