Cloud City Escape Chewbacca 


"I'm not falling for that again"

With all the other toy releases hitting right now, it might be easy to forget Star Wars.  Okay, so it' s not possible to forget Star Wars.  But the flood of figures has certainly slowed slightly in the last month.

The entire first 40 new Saga figures are now available at a wide variety of stores.  For me, the last one to finish off the 'poster' set was Cloud City Capture Chewbacca, or Quad C as his homies like to call him.

I found mine at a local Wal-marts, but I've seen them since at Meijers and Toys R Us.  They are shipping with the new Obi-Wan and Han Solo figures.

Packaging - ***
The packaging looks fine, and it's still too early in the line change.  I just start getting bored quick.

The graphics are solid, and the text interesting.  For Hasbro, this is a nice job.  They also managed to design the bubble to hold the figure and the blaster in a great pose without the need for rubber bands or twisty ties.

Sculpting - ***1/2
This is easily the finest Chewbacca we've been treated to so far.  Okay, there's been a couple very nice versions in recent history, but this one really is sharp.

The work on the head, fur, and accessories sculpting is just terrific, and the level of detail and quality is really surprising.  While Hasbro hasn't done great on all the new stuff, this is an example where they hit one out of the park.

My only nit to pick is that the forehead seems a bit too big.  It makes his head look large, or extended.  But it's a minor nit on an otherwise great sculpt.

Paint - ****
The paint work is clean and solid, a great job for Hasbro.  I've had hit or miss luck with various figures in the new line, but this one is clearly a hit.  The detail work on the eyes, nose and teeth is especially well done.

The wash on 3PO works as well, and he has an excellent weathered appearance.

Articulation - ****
The articulation couldn't be better on this figure.  Well, maybe slightly, but I'm giving them credit for stepping outside their usual zone of comfort on this figure.

Chewie has neck, ball jointed shoulders, cut elbows, cut wrists and hips.  That's 11 points, if you count the shoulders as two each.  Pretty amazing for a Star Wars figure!  The wrists are particularly useful, and the sculpting on the hands and fur make it possible to pose the hands in any pose and not mess up the overall look of the figure.

The neck joint is truly unique.  It bends way back, to allow Chewie to do his 'scream' pose.  It's a great touch, and one that sets this Chewbacca version above the others. 

Accessories - ****
There's really 5 accessories here.  Yes, you read that right - 5 accessories!  Not just a little blaster or a bow here.

There's a blaster of course, and it fits into his right hand perfectly.  There's a pile of C-3PO's parts, all wielded together, along with two more separate pieces of the droid - his torso and head.  The head fits into the neck of the torso, and pushing down on the head lights up the eyes.  On a regular Star Wars figure!  Can you believe it!

There's also a bag to hold the 3PO parts, that can be slung over his shoulder.  I couldn't get it to ride quite as high as in the pictures on the package, but it does fit well and Chewbacca can stand with just a little lean while carrying it.

Value - ****
I paid $4.77 for all this at Wal-mart.  I haven't gotten that good a toy value in years.  If we can get this much on a regular basis, Hasbro will have me singing their praises.

Overall - ****
I'm tremendously impressed with some of the new Star Wars figures.  No, not all of them are this good - figures like Puhr disappointed me, and others have been far too pre-posed.  But there have been four or five now that simply are outstanding, and that's pretty impressive for Hasbro.

Where to Buy
I found mine at Wal-mart, but they are showing up at Toys R Us and Target as well.

On-line, I struck out.  Lots of places had them listed, but are currently out of stock.

Figures from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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