Disney Magical Collection Wave 28
Hamm, Rex and Martians

Coheteboy loves his Disney.  Tonight he tells us all about the 28th wave of the Disney Magical Collection, made of of Toy Story 2 characters.  It's all yours, Coheteboy!

Tomy's most recent set of Disney figures released overseas takes a turn from the traditional animated characters to Pixar's first feature, Toy Story. Several characters from Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have already made it into the line so it's great to see that they're going back to what's already established. 

The 28th Series includes a set of three aliens, The know-it-all piggybank Hamm, and the cowardly t-rex Rex. 

Packaging - ***
With every series of figures that come out, I care less and less about the packaging and more about the toy inside. And as a toy collector, that's the greatest thing. The packaging adequately serves its purpose, and if I could read Japanese, it would probably get a higher score! On the back of each card is a photo still from the film along with a small description (written in Japanese). The front of the card actually made a change from "Disney Magical Collection" to "Disney - Pixar Magical Collection". Not sure how and when that had to come to be enforced but it's interesting to see.

Sculpting - ***1/2
Tomy has rarely disappointed me in this department and they've again done a spectacular job with the Toy Story characters. The aliens, each with a distinct characteristic, look terrific. Hamm, is basically a piggy bank... and is sculpted very accurately. As is Rex! I seriously don't have a single complaint. These figures look as if they were pulled right off of the screen and that's all I need. 

Paint - ***1/2
Very much like the sculpts, paint has always been incredibly consistent in these Disney figures though you might find some bleed on occasion. The color selection are usually quite accurate to the character, and everything looks great here. 

Articulation - Rex ***; Hamm *; Aliens (no stars)
This has always been a questionable category for the Disney figures since you get the most basic of articulation with all of these figures. These figures are basically made for display purposes first and toys second. 

The one exception to the lack of articulation rule is Rex the dinosaur. He actually comes with seven points of articulation, which is pretty darn good for this scale. The articulated points can be found in the jaw, neck, arms, legs, and tail. 

Hamm is a piggy bank, so we're probably lucky to see even one point of articulation in the neck. The Aliens have zero points of articulation but we get three of them... so it's a trade off I suppose.

Accessories - Hamm ***; Rex and Aliens (no stars)
The accessories are surely lacking in this batch of figures but it's no surprise since these characters were strong enough without them. Both Rex and the Aliens came with nothing but there's always the little piggy that could. Hamm is a real working piggy bank! He comes with three plastic coins that fit into his back as well as a removable cork! Now that's pretty darn clever and very cool for an action figure of a piggy bank. 

Value - **1/2
The cost of these figures in import stores have raised from $8 to $10 so it's even less practical to keep collecting, but fans of the Disney characters will appreciate these nonetheless.

Overall - ***1/2
I'm really impressed with these three figures, especially since they fit so nicely with the previous Toy Story figures. Articulation was lacking but it really isn't an issue with these toys since I collect to display mostly. 

Overall, I think these are more collectible than any of the Hasbro toys that have been put out and at least these are to scale with one another. That's always a plus in my book!

Coming up next are Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy. 

Where to Buy - 
Ebay and import shops are all I can think of here as Japan and the rest of Asian toy stores carry these figures. These three figures were purchased at Frank and Son's Collectible Show in California. 


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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