9" Classic Lost in Space

Yes, there's a face that only a mother could love.  Or a fan of the classic Lost in Space television show.

Remember that God awful film about 3 years ago?  Sure you do, although I bet Heather Graham and William Hurt wish they could forget it.  At that time, Trendmasters produced a ton of toys related to the flick.  They were as bad as the movie, and went right into the toy collectors version of the quarter bin.

But at the same time they released a 9" line of figures based on the far superior classic television show.  Now there's a show I'd love to see on DVD - a set of discs for each season, just like X-files or Sopranos would be an instant buy for me.  I'm not the only one - there are plenty of fans of the original show.

Trendmasters created this line of 9" figures, limited to 12,000 each, and sold them as Target exclusives for about twenty bucks.  They were in scale with the classic talking/moving B-9 Robot they had sold through many retailers.

Most folks passed them up when they first hit stores, but dealers didn't.  They were smart enough to see a popular item for the future, and the figures sold well enough.  But fans of the original show missed out, and the prices on these figures jumped in the months following their release.

Prices have dropped again, and I'd suggest checking them out on the secondary market if you're interested.  You can find most of them for under $25, and only Dr. Smith and Will go higher.  With some patience, you should be able to get a complete set for just a little more than the original retail price.

There were six exclusives produced - Judy and Will Robinson, Dr. Smith, and Don West were the humans, while Tybo the Carrot Man and the Cyclops made up the monsters.  Unfortunately, no Penny, John or Maureen were produced.

Packaging - ***
The humans were packaged in  a curved window box.  They held up fairly well, but the top and bottom were plastic, and you'll find that many have cracked or broken.

The two aliens were boxed, to allow for their larger size.

Sculpting - ***
The sculpting on the monsters is great, but the humans are sub par.  None of them really look like the characters, and are reminiscent of the work by Exclusive Premiere earlier in the 90's.

Articulation - **1/2
Similar to other 9" figures during this same period, like the Star Trek series or all the TV and movie figures done by Exclusive Premiere.  Greater articulation would have helped the line, but considering the license it's not really necessary.

Accessories - **1/2
Each human character came with some sort of weapon or equipment.  The quantity could have been better, but the quality was good.

Uniform - **1/2
All the characters are dressed in the uniforms from the very first show.  The silver uniforms are all the same style, and the boots are not removable.  Dr. Smith comes in his original suit, but with all these characters it would have been better to see them in the later spandex style uniform that was most common.

The boots aren't removable, which is another negative.  And the gloves are all poorly done, and for some unknown reason Judy's gloves don't even match her uniform color.

Value - **
If you can pick these up for less than $25, do it.  But don't go spending $40 or more on one, even Dr. Smith.  Be patient, and you'll prevail.

Overall - **1/2
If you're a big fan of the original show, I'd recommend picking these up.  The only other figures ever produced were made in Japan back in the 70's, and are extremely rare and expensive.  Right now might be the best window to buy these as well - there's still enough on the secondary market to keep the price down.

Patience is key though - some still go for $50 or more, and you will have to be willing to watch and wait to get a good deal.  Often, dealers will sell this as a complete set, and it's rare for those to go more than $130 for the set.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford

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