Gamma Punch Hulk

Coheteboy continues his series on the latest Hulk line, this time covering the Gamma Punch Hulk.  Take it away!

Toy Biz doesn't hold back the punches when it comes to new versions of the Hulk. This time, it's called "GAMMA PUNCH" and comes with an additional Bruce Banner figure. Does this Hulk pack enough power to add to the collection? Is having a Bruce Banner figure worth the purchase? Let's find out!

Not to forget, Gamma Punch Hulk is also part of the wave that includes Absorbing Man, War Hulk, and Mecha Hulk. 

Packaging - **1/2
The card is exactly the same as series 1 and is pretty much your standard blister card and bubble combination. The bubble is enormous to contain the heavy figure inside so ripping open this toy won't be difficult.. it comes right off the card. The back of the card gives you details on how to apply the many accessories, and it also shows a few sketches by Arthur Adams. I can't really complain too much about the packaging since here's a line where I care more about the toy than anything else. I think these Hulk figures would do well in a box though.

Sculpting - **1/2
When I reviewed the War Hulk last time, I gave it nothing but praise. I'm afraid that isn't the case here. This Hulk here looks as if he has some bowel problems. Even with that said, it isn't horrible. This is just a far angrier Hulk than the Savage version was, and depending on how you like your Hulks, this may or may not work for you. The figure itself is well sculpted with the usual details that you have come to expect, so if you like an angrier Hulk, this is your ticket.

The Bruce Banner figure is a tad disappointing as well. Either he's completely out of scale with the rest of the Marvel Legends figures, or he was made incredibly scrawny on purpose. I always saw The Punisher or Namor as your superheroes with standard height, but they tower over Bruce. The rest of Bruce is a bit disappointing as well, as he looks very much out of proportion and very plain. I know Toy Biz could do a lot better with normal characters. 

Paint - Hulk ***; Bruce Banner **
The paint on Gamma Punch Hulk here is pretty standard. It's not lousy but not too stellar either. It's exactly what you'd expect from what you've seen so far. The green skin has different shades of green to add depth to the figure and it looks good. 

Bruce on the other hand is as plain as plain can be. The colors are pretty flat but I don't notice any bleed, so that's a good thing. It just could be a little more than it is. 

Articulation - Hulk ****; Bruce Banner: ** 1/2
The card states that Gamma Punch Hulk has 34 points of articulation, and while some other Hulk figures may have 46 points of articulation, that's going way above the call of duty and even a measly 34 points deserves four stars. The points of articulation resemble more the modern-day Marvel Legends types using ball-jointed hip sockets. The extra few points of articulation in the hands are also pretty impressive.

Bruce is pretty much an add-on figure or an accessory so I can't be too hard on him... but compared to modern Marvel Legends, it would be great to have the same level of articulation. Bruce has 14 points of articulation which isn't bad at all for a freebie figure, but I would have traded the heel articulation to have elbow articulation any day. Bruce has articulation in the neck, ball jointed shoulders, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and heels. 

Accessories - ***
If Bruce is counted as an accessory, then of course, having an extra figure is better than a metal garter or nothing at all.  

Action Feature - **1/2
The action gimmicks never end, and Gamma Punch Hulk has the power to punch... hence the title "gamma punch". Pull back either of Hulk's arms and he takes a swing. The feature works well but the drawback is that you can never pose this Hulk with his arms out to his side.

Value - ***
I picked this sucker up at KB for $7.99, but if you're lucky enough to find it at Target, it should fall in the $6.99 range. 

Overall - **1/2
For $7 or $8, you get a big Hulk figure with 34 points of articulation and a Bruce Banner figure with 14 points of articulation. That's actually quite a bargain if you think about it... but I somehow can't help but be disappointed. Bruce Banner's scale is an issue for me as he looks too small next to just about every other Legend. He should be taller than Wolverine but they're about the same height. The Gamma Punch Hulk is a great toy but if you have Savage Hulk, this one really isn't necessary. If you're short on cash and already have the Savage Hulk, I'd say pass on this one. But if you absolutely must have a Bruce Banner figure, you already know you're going to get it. I personally would rather buy an individually carded Bruce if it were better sculpted and articulated... and in proper scale. 

Where to Buy - 
I picked this guy up at KB toys and I've only heard reports of it appearing at Target as well. Good luck! 


Figure from the collection of Coheteboy.

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