Teemto Pagalies

It's only July, and we're already past the first 40 figures for the Saga line!  Wow, time flies, and product ships.

The latest two figures to slip out are Teemto Pagalies (reviewed here) and another Ki Adi Mundi.  I don't really need another Mundi, but I can always use another Pod Racer.  This is the fifth racer - fifrth if you include the racer version of Anakin.  He may not have had a big part, but he's a fairly nifty little alien.

I picked him up at a Wal-mart, and I've also seen him since at Meijers.  I'm betting Target and TRU are right behind them in putting them on the shelves.  If you can find them at Wal-mart, you'll get the best deal, since they are down to $4.77 each.

Packaging - ***
Packaging is still fine, and this one gives you a peek at the next fan favorite figure, Ephant Mon.  I'm betting he'll be pretty damn popular.

And while the packaging is fine, I'm officially bored describing it. 

Sculpting - ***1/2
The sculpt is very solid, with great small details and attention to the little touches.  He stands fine on his own, and he has no funky arm poses or action feature to screw up the nice sculpt.

Uh, he also has what can only be described as a ball sack.  It's hanging from his belt.  I'll let you make your own immature and juvenile jokes.

Paint - ***
There's plenty of details here, but the paint ops are a little sloppy.  It's nothing too terrible, but the teeth and eyes are slightly messy.

The skin tone is good though, with a dirty wash on his tunic that looks great.  While not perfect, the paint ops are solid.

Accessories - ****
I paid five bucks and got not one but TWO big accessories?  And then there's a third small accessory thrown in just for good measure?  The people who are complaining about the new Saga line simply aren't taking enough time to pay attention.  When they were paying $7 for a figure with maybe, MAYBE a blaster, now their getting figures with excellent extras.

Teemto has a hunk of his pod racer, along with a working droid that can carry it away.  Pushing a button on the top opens the legs slightly, and although the legs are thin, letting them close over the hunk of junk just right will allow you to carry it away.

Both of these large accessories are well sculpted and look terrific.  The third accessory is the very tiny pair of goggles, and the fit perfectly on his head.

Quality - ***
The quality on both the figure and accessories is quite a bit better than some of the other recent releases.  The plastic used on his arms and legs doesn't seem nearly as soft, and of course both large accessories are very solid.

The only complaint would be that the legs on the droid - which is supposed to fly in reality of course - are too spindly to hold it upright.  But that's a fairly minor nit, and I was quite surprised at how well the goggles fit.

Articulation - ***1/2
Although he only has seven points - neck, shoulders, waist, hips and tail - he doesn't need much more.  The sculpt was well designed to allow some decent poses with just these joints, although adding cut wrists always helps.

Value - ****
Some of the Saga figures - those with the outstanding accessories - are the best value on the action figure pegs right now.  Spending less than five bucks and getting more for your money than two years ago is pretty unheard of.

Overall - ***1/2
This is another really solid Star Wars figure.  Out of the last five or six figures I've picked up, I've only been disappointed once, which is saying a tremendous amount.

Of course, I'm not reviewing the awful Han, or redundant Mundi, thus saving Hasbro a verbal thrashing about the face and head.  Still, there's quite a bit more to be pleased with now than 12 months ago.

Where to Buy
You should be able to find these at your local Wal-mart, Meijers, Target or TRU.  Be patient, as they'll slowly start showing up more and more.

Figure from the collection of Michael Crawford.

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